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Cabbages and Cameras

Cabbages and Cameras

Value Added Tax went up in the UK this week and my friend was going to buy a camera before the tax went up. A lot of financial journalists were advising buying before the price went up; were they right? No, they are the dreamless ones. Think like a businessman and not a journalist. You own a camera shop and you’re in competition with the local supermarket that also sells digital cameras. You buy in compact cameras wholesale and pay wholesale price plus VAT (input tax) and then you add your profit (adding value) then you add VAT and display the cameras at £99.99. It’s January; you had a bad December because of the snow and the supermarket is cutting prices. You could put the price of the cameras up to £102.99 or leave them at £99.99 and make a smaller profit. The supermarket can afford to make a smaller profit and weather the snow! You could try to sell more cameras and even cut the price. I checked the prices of lots of consumer goods; retailers are leaving prices as they are or where the product is about to be replaced; cutting prices and even cutting out their profit margin to get rid of old stock. You would probably decide to leave the price at £99.99 and would probably be at the mercy of the weather; you would sell more if people came out to shop and less if it snowed again.

You decide after a week of trading to go to the supermarket and decide to fill the car up with petrol; the price of petrol has gone up from £1.10 to £1.25; how do they work that out? The VAT increase was added this week and the duty went up too. You just got screwed by the dreamless ones in government; twice. You are doing the shopping and the price of cabbages has gone from 79p to 99p; that can’t be right! They were affected by the weather; it’s been snowing. Then they cost more to transport to the supermarket and the cost of petrol and diesel has gone up with the duty and VAT increase. This can’t be right, there is no VAT on cabbages; they are food, the VAT increase is on luxury goods like cameras!


This tax increase was introduced by the Oxbridge educated dreamless ones; it appears to be a tax on luxuries but is really a tax on the poor; sick, elderly and disabled. The Oxbridge ‘Old boys’ network is an exclusive ‘tribe’; you are not a member.


When I think of ‘tribes’; I think of native American Indians, but there are lots of ‘tribes’. They aren’t always obvious and the ‘old boys’ of Oxbridge have control of government in the UK. The President of the United States went to Harvard and so is a member of a very different elite tribe; but still a ‘tribe’. He is not just a member of that ‘tribe’ however but several and the Democratic Party itself is a ‘tribe’. Another member of the Harvard ‘tribe‘ is the CEO of Goldman Sachs; Lloyd Craig Blankfein. As head of Goldman Sachs he has recently asked members of his ‘tribe’ to invest a minimum of $3,000,000 in Facebook. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, he too is a member of the Harvard ‘tribe’. Peter Andreas Thiel; co-founded PayPal and is a member of the same ‘tribe’ and an early investor in Facebook; an investment that is now worth over $1 billion. No; he didn’t go to Harvard; he went to Stanford. Oxford or Cambridge, it makes no difference; same ‘tribe’. They went to Harvard, Stanford or Yale; all the same ‘tribe’. I have made some connections; now where does this guy in Russia fit in who is investing in Goldman Sachs?

Tribes’ are based on common interests and that interest usually involves money and power. It can also involve sexuality; it can pay to be gay or religious. Become a Catholic like Tony Blair did or join the Society of Jesus; you may have to go through some training and initiation though. Members of Opus Dei; apparently do all kinds of weird things like beating themselves; but it’s better than the initiation for becoming gay; I think. Then of course there are the Freemasons and the Grand Order of Buffalos.

Then you have ‘secret societies’. Yale university has lots; three just for ‘seniors’. There is the ‘skull and bones’, ‘scroll and key’ and ‘wolf’s head’; these are societies where students sit around reading poetry and planning the takeover of the world.

Today’s subject in case you missed it was the influence of the dreamless ones and their ‘tribes’.

Peter Thiel is actually on the board of Facebook; regulators are looking at the Goldman Sachs investment.

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