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Farmville Millions Update, 28th May 2011

I may change my castle this week - looks cool though!

You can see from the picture that I still have my billion coins! :)

I added 124,000,000 coins this week and only completed one of the quests associated with Gagaville! I found this week that I had run out of red wine. I have 3 now on level 99. That will sell for 10,800 coins (level 99 X 100 + 900) less the 20% Farmville takes. My neighbours always select the most expensive one because that can be exchanged for more fuel.

Coins for XP

 To exchange your coins for XP you simply spend them. You get 1 XP for every 100 coins spent. I could get 10,000,000 XP for my billion coins. I could for example buy 200 mansions for 5,000,000 coins each and then sell them again for 250,000 each and get 5,000,000 coins back! I need 100,000 XP to go up a level and so I would go up 100 levels to around level 380! I have of course gone over the billion now and have 124,000,000 to spend this weekend. My neighbours aren’t spending either; maybe they are waiting to see what I do! I can see neighbours catching me and my lead is narrowing; I was passed last weekend but took the lead again.  I don’t really care if I am leading or not; I just want time to build castles! :)

The English farm

I haven’t changed my English Farm much this week and so haven’t done a screen shot. I made the castle a little smaller and stored away some decoration. I also stored cottages away to make more room. The pub is fully upgraded but I can’t buy a mansion and the new farm expansion costs 100 XP! I only have 80 because I bought a bakery and buying Farmville cash is strictly against my religion! :)

Farmville improvements

 If you have suggestions for how Farmville should be improved, please comment. I think gifts should be altered; I can’t find neighbour requests amongst all the gifts; I must have a 100 to accept and never enough time. We appear to have to double click and waste time when we do everything. Pop ups drive everyone crazy. I have started breeding pigs but that isn’t very interesting. I have seen my neighbours are doing well on multi coloured pigs and some are buying a lot of belted cows to get lots of coins!

Please share the link to my blog with your friends and take a look around, you may like some of the other blogs. You can click Home for a list of blogs. If you have a question, just ask In the comment box at the bottom of the page (press end).

Happy Farming :)


Farmville update, Friday, 20 May 2011

Help I’m going Gaga! 

Farmville Home farm showing my castle

My first picture is of my Home farm. I have my billion coins and another 100 million to spend. I have bought some castle ruins and they add something to my castle. To build your own castle you can do buttressed walls. These are walls that single thickness and then an extra layer of stone buttresses the walls; I put another castle tower with 4 windows in between. They look like windows anyway! I have added Scotland flags because I couldn’t get England flags! :(

The castle ruins are limited edition and so if you like the castles buy some and then store them in your cellar. I’ll store them and spend the 100,000,000 coins I have in spare change on mansions or something to go up 10 levels this weekend to level 270 or maybe higher. I have sold some cows since last week; I think there are around 100 now and maybe 50 on the English farm. I do have a neighbour catching up quickly and now only 100 levels behind. He needs to spend a billion coins to catch up and has a lot of cows! If he does catch up I can go 100 levels in front again by spending my billion; who knows what I’ll do? I can make 40 million coins a day; but don’t really have the time and so I am probably making about 20 million a day.  It is possible to make more than that obviously, but who wants to play Farmville all day?

Farmville English farm - another castle

This picture is my other castle on my English farm. I need a bigger English farm and more things to buy for it! I’ve done a buttressed wall again and a moat of sorts. I didn’t have room to do the moat properly. I may add some Scottish flags! :)

Buy Castle Towers and build a big castle!

My final picture shows the farm with some hay bales added and you can see the buttressed walls more clearly. My pub is fully upgraded but I need to fully upgrade the bakery.

I suppose I have to mention the Lady Gaga stuff; I can’t get very interested; maybe I wasn’t born that way! :) Thank God! :)

If this is the first time you have read my blogs, scroll down for more information. The dairy trick is the best trick and will give you 120,000 coins when you harvest your dairy with a huge dairy full of belted cows. If you have 50 cows you get 6 million coins. You can do a similar trick with horses and stable for 3,360 coins each harvest.

You will do better if you share the link to this blog with your neighbours. I have lots of neighbours who are well over level 100 now. I share and I’m still winning!

You may like to read some other blogs; the thrifty and frugal pages are popular. I also wrote a Neodigital Art Update Six, a mid-week ramble, the wise ones, too scared to live and Windows Live this week. I know I have been busy! :)


Farmville Billionaire Update, Friday, 13 May 2011

Farmville Castle - build it with castle towers and princess towers

My first screen shot is of my Home Farm and I’ve built a castle! It’s not really finished but the castle towers end soon and so I bought a few… :)

You can see that I also used the princess towers too and put most of them at the back for a 3D multilevel effect. There was good news last week when I got a load of Farmville cash and bought a bakery. The bad news this week is that they stop giving you FV cash for going up a level when you reach level 250. :(

I went into the lead at around level 250 too; I was going up levels to try to get a load of FV cash! My friend disappeared off my screen for a while; I assume it was because we were both on the same level. You may notice one Union flag and lot of Scottish flags. Why have I got Scottish flags on my castle? There are no England flags! :(

The Farmville English farm with my castle.

I have a castle on my English Countryside Farm too.  I had to get rid of a lot of things to get room for it. I know some of you are curious about the moat. I was curious too, but it takes up too much space. I thought you put it together like a jigsaw puzzle; not true apparently. If I wanted a moat in front of my castle; I choose a straight piece and keep on laying them in a straight line to form a moat in front of the castle and then add corners and even rotate a straight piece; it all takes up too much space. The corners don’t appear to fit; you rotate them. The moat could have been done better and we need a bigger farm and less pop ups; it’s too time consuming.

Farmville Home farm - I wanted England flags!

On my final screen shot you can see my whole farm (home farm) and you see the position of the dairies. You can see about 160 belted cows and 21 bulls, each of which will give me a harvested dairy. I move the dairies around because it’s easier to take a cow from the front and place it somewhere else. I need to be quick with that many cows and another 50 or so; on the English farm. It is better to move the dairies to the cows rather than 50 cows to a dairy! I heard of someone on a level over 400; it is possible. I could sell some land and buildings and remove the cows from 3 dairies. This would give me 39 X 3 cows = 117 extra belted cows. That would allow me to harvest about 300 diaries a day for 36 million coins a day and then more for the English farm! It takes too much time and I will sell a lot of the ones I have soon. You can have 1,000 belted cows if you want to; but it will cost a billion coins. Do you really want to make 120 million coins a day? You would be playing all day and it would drive you nuts.

You may also be interested to know that your computer makes a difference playing Farmville. The faster the computer, the quicker it deals with flash graphics. Ideally have a desktop with quad core CPU, a fast CPU and enough memory; I have a dual core CPU and 4 GB of memory in this laptop; I have no idea what the graphics are. This is also 64 bit running Windows 7; it’s garbage! :(

You may also like to read my recent blogs; I have updated the Thrifty Thursday blog, the Frugal Friday and recently wrote an updated blog for Neodigital Art. There is also the Oiks and Toffs blog that was popular or maybe the secrets of success? .

Today’s blog isn’t very exciting. I have upgraded my pub now and am trying to finish the new craft shop. If you want to see more Farmville blogs and info on how to build a castle; then please subscribe or follow me on Twitter. It also helps if you share the link to this blog with your friends and Farmville neighbours. You can also scroll down the page and see links to the first blogs (Farmville Millions, part two has details of the dairy trick) and please comment at the bottom of the page too. I nearly forgot, buy limited edition stuff and drag and drop it into your cellar or shed on the English farm. You will soon be able to store animals and trees…

Happy farming… :)


You can make a mansion look like a castle with the castle towers...

Farmville Billionaire – update

My blog last week was a little boring because Farmville was boring. This week has been better! :)

I have been getting 1 FV cash when I go up a level, but over level 100 Zynga has been taking it back. :(  They have fixed that problem and I got a load of FV cash the other day! :) We also have new collections. I did fairly well at the cow collection this morning. If you use the dairy trick to keep harvesting dairies then you get a load of things for the cow collection like cow bells.

Some people are still confused about the belted cow trick in dairies. You don’t have to use belted cows; but you get more coins if you buy belted cows. The belted cows become available on level 75. You can just keep upgrading your dairy to huge and then it will hold 40 cows. Then just put cows in and wait until you have a cow ready to harvest and then move a ready to harvest cow into the dairy; it makes the whole dairy ready to harvest. Harvest using the multi-tool. Then you get lots of coins. After level 75 you can have belted cows, they cost 1,000,000 coins but when you harvest they give 3,000 coins. If you have 39 in a huge dairy and move another belted cow in; then harvest – you get 120,000 coins; every time! :)

You can make a small castle using a mansion, castle towers and walls.

I still haven’t made enough goods to fully upgrade my pub on the English Farm and there isn’t much to buy on the English farm like a mansion. I have been buying castle towers to make my farm look like a castle. These are English Countryside items but you can buy them for you Home Farm too.  In the next picture you can see how I did a little castle using those; a mansion and some castle wall! :) It only cost about 9,000,000 coins…

We now have levels in collections and they can be traded.

My final screenshot is the collections and I have done a few cow collections this morning. You can see I am getting the rare cows bells, but not the buckets of milk. I haven’t completed any other collections yet. I nearly forgot; I bought a bakery with the Farmville cash that I got! :) I’ve made one item in it so far! I’ll let you know next week if it’s worth having a bakery and a winery! :) There are ‘levels’ in collections now so you can quickly go up the levels of the cow collection and even trade them with you friends! :)

Happy Farming… :)   I just found this blog – it has info about the English countryside – here.

You may like to read some other blogs, like the Thrifty Thursday Blog or Frugal Friday blog; the secrets of success are still popular too. I’ll write more this week; I have been a little busy. A Neodigital Art one would be good!


I'm on level 222 now

Farmville update, 30th April 2011

If you take a look at the screen shot, I have increased my coins this week and gone up 2 level to level 222. It’s not very exciting but I’m getting closer to getting my billion coins again!

Someone asked if playing Farmville can make your computer overheat; the answer is yes! Some CPU’s have a thermal cut-out and so it makes the computer keep cutting out. I had a new laptop last year and this got quite warm earlier when I began to change from home farm to English Farm and the CPUs were on 90%; this is dual core and so if you have a slow single core – it would probably get warm. I have also had problems on web pages that have flash adverts. This laptop is quite fast but may have to be returned for a new fan to keep the CPU and memory cool. Flash graphics isn’t the only way to do online games and I really dislike the way all games now use flash. The older computer had slow CPU’s and much less memory and so programmers had to do fairly tight code and be quite ingenious when it came to games. I remember one guy doing a website in flash when it first came out and he had to re-write the whole lot because 90% of the users could use flash! We are getting to a similar situation with Zynga games; I had one neighbour give up on Farmville this week. I am also sick of pop-ups and the never ending attempts to persuade me to buy Farmville cash!

The new English Countryside farm only has room for 100 bushels stored unless we get more when the pub is a 5 star; I still have a 4 star pub. I can of course ‘buy’ an upgrade with FV cash – not a hope in hell. There isn’t much to buy on the English Farm with coins either.

We had the Royal Wedding here in England yesterday; wasn’t that exciting? Zynga have added it to Farmville. I am not having a party; it will be another con to buy FV cash! :(

I forgot about Farmville today and all my crafts were finished! I also joined a co-op, they can be worth joining even if they are finishing if you happen to have a crop growing that is needed. I had black and white grapes growing and the job was red wine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you what’s needed until after you join the job. It needed black grapes and I had mostly white. I contributed some black grapes but not enough to finish the job for bronze. If the other player finishes it I still get a bonus through. If you are using crops that are already growing you must use the combine harvester and plant the same crop that is being harvested for my little trick to work. I obviously harvested black grapes and planted black grapes and should get a bonus later. I usually get gold on co-op and can’t remember what you get for bronze! :)

I’m now in second place amongst my neighbour and don’t expect anyone to pass me on level 222. I’ll go up a few levels over the next week and try to get my billion coins again! Someone asked what is the highest level? I’ll tell you when I get there! :)

I posted my Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday blogs as usual this week and the social media blog is still popular.


Farmville update, Saturday, 23 April 2011

Farmville: I added some stuff in the garden like Stonehenge

Farmville: I added some stuff in the garden; like Stonehenge...

I’ve added a few things to my Home Farm this week; including a version of Stonehenge in the garden! That’s a landmark in England, in case you’re not familiar with it. It’s a circle of stones used by early astronomers. I was on level 160 about midnight last night and tried to get to level 200; this meant spending 400,000,000 coins! I got to level 200 and was still in second place and things went strange. Zynga appeared to not be charging me for anything. I had bought 80 mansions and I still had 1,300,000,000 coins and FV cash! I was still in second place and after level 100 you can’t see what level other people are on or their XP. I went on for a while up to level 220! I had to refresh the page… :(

Make nails out of rice and grapes? Spooky...

Yes, after I refreshed the page, Zynga caught up and took the FV cash I had made and it took 500,000,000 coins! :(  I still have 780,000,000… No worries… :)

Things got spookier when I found I could make nails from rice and grapes! I haven’t made any yet but I’ll try it later – I hope they don’t bend! :)

I have spent a little time in pubs - I can do this...

Meanwhile, at my English farm I was nearly up to a level 4 pub. I should be good at doing a pub; I have spent enough time in pubs! :) The guys at Zynga should have hired me as a consultant; I know all the beers! I’m also English which would have helped. I would have wanted real cash though; no dodgy FV cash! :)

I bought a few cottages for the peasants... No free beer!

I bought a few limited edition things on the English farm; a few cottages for the peasants to live in! :) I haven’t figured out how to put all the parts of the moat together yet; that might look good. I did have a quick look at this weeks winning farm in the screenshot competition; it was cool this week, the guy used blue hay bales to do the sea around an island. Britain is an island and so it was sort of symbolic.

This is a good question; which has the longest coastline; England or Scotland?

You may like to read my Thrifty Thursday update or the Frugal Friday and save a little real money. I also wrote an update to my Zopa blog about peer to peer lending this week. If all else fails, read my Secrets of Success blog!


I keep getting mastery and upgrading the pub and buying limited items

The Farmville Billionaire – Update 3

Most of the Farmville tricks are in previous blogs; including the one for making a billion coins from the dairy and  one with the stables. I make 120,000 coin harvesting the dairies and 3,360 coins when I harvest the stables with those bonuses like farm hands, arborists and free 100XP. His week I have added some belted cows to the English farm as you can see in the screen shot and tried to upgrade the pub by making beer and crafts. It still isn’t fully upgraded and there aren’t many things to buy on the English farm. It will get more interesting when I can use more land for buildings; but for now I want mastery of barley, hops and those crops particular to the English farm and so I keep as much land as possible. I did get rid of some of those weird trees they don’t return much; they were a limited item and so I can’t get more of them. They are the best tree for a return. I got some fruit trees, the most expensive ones just to complete a “Quest” – there are more “Quests” to come and so it may help to have mastery in crops. That “Quest” was to get an orchard and buy trees. I already had the orchard full of trees and so just bought 10 trees and the “Quest” was complete.

Home Farm

On my first screen shot of Home farm you can see I have moved things around and made a little Stonehenge in my garden! :) I added an orchard too; I must remember to fill that with trees! I have been having a ‘freebie’ hour when I do the stable trick; that gives arborists and free XP etc for me but I was doing it so my neighbours get the freebies. It is too time consuming especially using the free XP from my gift box that is fast filling up to the maximum of 500 gifts. I have been giving away gifts and whatever I can to reduce the number of gifts!

On Hme farm I moved things around, bought a few cows and put cows close to dairies

Levelling Up  I was on level 170 when I did that screen shot with 73,000,000 over my billion!  Decided to do some spending! I can level up with 100,000 XP and so have to spend 10 million coins. I spent 70,000,000 this morning and so levelled up 7 times to level 177! :) If you scroll down to last weeks blog you will see I was on level 156 and so that is 21 levels in 7 days – I have averaged 3 levels a day; I know, it’s ridiculous! We can’t see what level other neighbours are on now; they all read level 100 but I went into second place levelling up to level 177. I can see that all my neighbours are showing level 100 and I intend to be the first to level 200! :) To get to level 200 now I would have to spend 230,000,000 to go 23 levels. I now have 6 neighbours who are past level 100 and so a little cooperation does help! :) I am of course just starting off on the English Farm and have to get the pub upgraded and get mastery of some crops. I am getting a lot of goods though on both farms; I just buy the most expensive and keep stocking up on fuel.

I spent 70,000,000 coins today to level up 7 levels to level 177

If this is the first time you have read my blog you can find Farmville millions part one, part two and part three by clicking the links. Part two has the dairy trick; ignore the stuff about needing a bull, it works without one! You may like to read my other blogs; Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday are helpful. I also wrote Social Media – career enhancement which may help you get a better job. There was also The secrets of success (I use them) and a update to my Neodigital Art blogs——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

The ‘Farmville Billionaire’ Update 2

Each of those belted cows can be MOVED into the dairy to get me 120,000 coins

Dairy Trick

My Farmville adventure was a little boring this week. I have once again gone up a few levels. I’m not leading my neighbours but could go way past level 200 if I spent all my coins. I am still trying to upgrade the pub on the English farm but we can now have both farms running at the same time. I check the English farm once in the morning and again later after about 12 hours to harvest barley or hops. The dairy trick for lots of coins works on the English farm too. I have bought some belted cows and have just one dairy (that’s all you need) upgraded to 40 cows. I may get more dairies and upgrade them later.

Placing dairies

I have the dairies placed strategically on my Home Farm so I don’t have to move the cows or bulls too far to the dairy. I have the cows and bulls grouped. In the screen shot you can see three groups of cows, there are 50 cows in each group and I have 21 bulls on the home farm. I deleted all the ordinary cows and just have belted cows now. The dairies are all upgraded using barn raising and each hold 40 cows. I can get 40 X 3,000 coins on each harvest now; so I get 120,000 coins on each harvest and I can harvest 150 times and the harvest with the bulls. That’s 18,000,000 coins and 117,000 X 21 for the bulls. I get over 20,000,000 coins in a day and so I can go up 2 levels. I have done 14 levels in the past week. It appears all levels are now 100,000 XP each. I have started sheep breeding on the English farm but so far haven’t found a trick to make more coins except that the dairy trick works on the English Farm too.


I joined a red wine co-op because I already had grapes growing. I used the combine and so got some grapes towards the co-op straight away; unfortunately I forgot I was in the co-op and didn’t plant grapes today! I shall make up for it. I have time to plant and harvest white grapes to help get gold by tomorrow morning. To make wine, you buy a winery for 100,000 coins. You can buy a winery, spa or bakery. I’m not sure what level you have to be on to get into crafts.

Use the combine harvester for harvesting crops for the co-op and plant in advance


It invites you to give gifts to other players when you start; you can skip that and click the thingy on the left of the screen and just give gifts to people who have actually played. I have 69 neighbours but not all are playing; I have some friends who are playing but who aren’t neighbours (I’m too good for them). It seems better to give gifts to actual players rather than choose who to give gifts to. I hope you have another week of happy farming and trying out my tricks. Remember there is lots of advice if you scroll down the page to previous blogs or check out Farmville Million part two for the dairy trick.  You might like to check out blogs from earlier this week too. There was a close encounters blog about astrology, the year of the Ox was about Chinese astrology and then I did a Neodigital Art update. There were also updates to my Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Fridayblogs.

Buy limited items and keep upgrading all the building. The dairy trick works!


The ‘Farmville Billionaire’ Update 1

Farmville English Farm - keep updating your pub, garage and everything

As you can see from my first screenshot I still have my billion coins! :) The English farm is a little boring though and I spent most of my time this week on the home farm. I had my dairies ready to harvest late last night and didn’t want to do it and so just switched to my English farm overnight and my barley and hops was ready to harvest this morning. I managed to upgrade my pub one level. You my notice on the English farm I have bought a lot of pin wheels – you perhaps can’t see those! That was because they were available for a limited period and they look good. When I get the farm more established I can put those around my farm or store them for a while when I get a decent sized cellar! :)People have been asking me to add them just so they can see the farms for themselves! I send out as many gifts as I can with limited time; too. That is part of the success, making friends and helping people. My friend who currently leads sent me a message saying she doesn’t mind me taking the lead again. I did have the lead and was the first one to level 100 and the first to 1,000,000 XP! When you get past level 100 you no longer get that FV cash for going up a level. If you look at the next screen shot where I went to level 142 it has given me 1 FV cash – but it will take it back; the rotten sods! :(

Farmville: You need to get 100,000XP to go up a level now!

Level Up

You can see on this screen shot that my coins have dropped by 10,000,000. You get 1 XP for every 100 coins you spend and I needed 100,000 XP to go up a level to level 142; so I spent 10,000,000! I bought a few cows… :) If you need the dairy trick it is in my Farmville Millions part two; you don’t need a bull! You can just move a ready to harvest cow into a dairy and harvest it with the multi tool. I put a ready to harvestbelted cow in with 39 other belted cows in a huge dairy and harvest it to make 120,000 each time… :)

Farmville - Home Farm with over a 1,000,000,000 coins

Home Farm

You can see in the above picture that my home farm hasn’t changed very much since last week. I still have 3 mansions and lots of princess towers. I have done as close up this week but the grapes are still planted to say LOL :) You can store lots of thing in the cellar- up to 500 in mine and so if I want to grow more crops I can store all that stuff in the cellar.


It was April fool’s day on Friday and after I had posted my Thrifty Thursday blog I posted a fun Frugal Friday update and then another April fool blog ‘My Exhibition’ that was read by people who clicked a link from the Wall Street Journal; the pink arts centre in that blog really does exist! The pink café does too! You can’t make this stuff up… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Farmville - I made my first Billion! Im a Billionaire!

The Farmville Billionaire, Saturday, 26 March 2011

You can see form my screen shot that I have made my first 1,000,000,000 coins at Farmville and did it mainly using the dairy farm trick. I did find out this week you don’t actually need a bull for that trick and so everyone can do it. I am doing even better now with a huge dairy. I have 39 belted cows in a dairy and if I move a belted cow in that is ready to harvest then I have 40 belted cows in and the harvest gives 3,000 coins for each and so a nice return of 120,000 coins. I was also asked about the co-ops. I think these will be less popular with the English Countryside – we won’t have time to do them because time stops on the Home Farm when you go to the English farm. I usually do red wine and the black grapes take 23 hours and white 12 hours. I start by planting every plot with black grapes 24 hours in advance. You normally need to start the coop and then seed; it only recognises crops deeded after the co-op has started. The trick is easy. You plant in advance and then start the co-op and harvest with the combine harvester. It will harvest the first few and seed; then it will go on to seed and harvest and you’ll see your co-op harvest start to go up. You can get a head start by seeding the black grapes or whatever 24 hours in advance of starting the co-op. It was an interesting week, I bought a few things including three mansions, princess tower, silo homes, library, shop, post office and the antiques shop is a limited item and so I got one for each farm! The English Countryside is confusing; it said something about surveying before I could upgrade but I have upgraded the farm today. I also got the pub because that is part of crafting and planted barley and hope to make beer. I think the barley was 12 hours and the hops 10 hours. I allowed them to grow for 30 minutes perhaps. The trees were the most expensive ones and I planted those down a strip of land left after I had ploughed. I just bought as many as possible and I’ll see what the return is on those. I need to upgrade just about everything and collecting nails, planks and bricks is easier on home farm. It is easier to make coins on home farm too so I returned home!

Farmville MY English Farm - I have a pub!

My diary cows were on 60% (I harvested some this morning) because I stayed on my English farm overnight and that messed up the timing. That was around 10am and so they were due about 7pm tonight. I spent about 1 hour on the English farm and so put that harvest back an hour to around 8pm. The main problem with running two farms is the timing. It may be better to switch crops so I use crops that take 4 hours and stop them growing by switching to my English farm overnight. I will experiment and report next week! In the meantime you may like to read some of the other blogs I have written this week; there was one on social media and my usual Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday blogs. My most popular blog yet was ‘It’s Daylight Robbery!

With a 1,000,000,000 coins you can buy a few things...

I’ll get me a mansion for my English farm – I lived in a tent last time… :)


Farmville Millions

Ill be a Farmville Billionaire this time next week!!!

Farmville Update, Saturday, 19 March 2011


Help! I can’t harvest my dairies! I had Windows 7 crash this week and spent all morning restoring my hard drive and re-imaging and harvesting of my dairies didn’t get done until lunchtime. A day in Farmville is 23 hours though because harvesting takes time. I will be ready to harvest an hour earlier than yesterday and if I can harvest my dairies in less than an hour I will slowly bring the time forward each day I harvest. I like to do it early about 9 and it’s nearly 11 o’clock and there is still an hour to go before I can harvest my dairies! I can’t get my screen shot to use with this blog either. I am still getting 3,000 coins for each belted cow in the dairy and so that is 117,000 coins with 39 cows in a huge dairy. I have upgraded some dairies this week to huge and only have one left to do. I am well on my way to becoming a Farmville Billionaire. It is unfortunate that there are no bulls or stallions wandering around. If you have a bull or stallion read my other blogs for the tricks to get lots of coins. Farmville Millions 2 tells you about the dairy trick. You need to be on level 75 to buy belted cows but there are lots more tips in my blogs on this page and Farmville Millions 1has some basic hints.


Farmhands will harvest animals for you but this is not a good thing if you have bulls on 100% and they need to be moved into the dairy. The farm hands will harvest them and you won’t get 117,000 coins!


The horses too are on a 23 hour day. I get 100 XP or maybe arborists as a bonus when harvesting the stable. I share the gifts with my neighbours, usually adding a message asking them to click to upgrade my dairy to huge! I have added a few jokes this week too. I liked the one about how you tell a male sheep from a female sheep. You shout ‘hey ewe’ and see which ones turn around! You really need to harvest the stable in less than an hour but that is fairly easy even giving away gifts.


I have sold a lot of trees and kept the high value ones. I have Jackfruit trees that give a return of 140 coins when I harvest them and Olive trees give a return of 112 coins. I don’t think you can harvest Jacaranda trees; I have to figure out what to do with those, but they sell for 250 coins each and so the option to just sell them is good.  I also need to sort out my two orchards and only have high value and return trees in the orchards.

Time management

Farmville is time consuming and I just play when I have time. It is research for this blog so I have put in some more time; but once I reach 1,000,000,000 coins the belted cows will go in those huge dairies and I can buy lots of goodies and try to an awesome screen shot of a farm with a few interesting features. I will have a mansion of course; but I have bought other things that are limited like the princess towers and put those in storage. You can store anything except trees and animals. You can’t store trees and animals; they would die! :) I have a belted cow on 99%. Remember that 10% is less than 2 and a half hour (about 200 minutes) and so 1% is 20 minutes; so I have 20 minutes to wait at the most. It is important to start harvesting as soon as they are ready and if I can get it done in less than an hour then tomorrows harvest will be earlier. You may like to save some money by reading my Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday Blogs. I also have a lot of interest in my Neodigital Art and so I did an updatethis week. I finally harvested my diaries and got my Farmville Millions up to 913,000,000 coins and a little change… :) I’ll be a Billionaire this time next week. :) Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll bookmark this page and maybe subscribe or follow me on Twitter! Happy farming! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Im getting closer to 1 billion coins!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Farmville Update

I don’t really have any new tricks for Farmville this week; but people are asking how I get 100 XP harvesting my stables. I simply have 39 horses in my stable and about 20 outside. I wait until the horses outside are on over 33% of ready to harvest and then use the move tool to move them into the stable. I then harvest the stable by clicking on it with the multi-tool. I then get a pop-up saying I have got 3660 coins or a bonus. The bonus can be farmhands, arborists or 100 XP and I share those with my neighbours. I often add a comment to that share which adds a little communication and the odd joke. Your neighbours also get 100 XP if they are quick! :) If you have a stallion put that in the stable; just one. You get more coins when you harvest; I don’t have one. :( I have also been asked about the combine harvester. I bought the chassis for 500,000 coins and then got lots of vehicle parts and upgraded and upgraded again. The last upgrade needed about 40 parts. It is easier and quicker to harvest now and if you grow a crop for a coop in advance; like I grow black grapes in advance to make red wine then you harvest with the combine and you get ahead of the coop a little. How do you get a mansion? Silly question; but I’ll still answer – buy one for 5,000,000 coins! :) The other question was about not wasting land. You have to plough without gaps and it’s best to begin on the side nearest you; the small gap that is left is just big enough to plant trees. If you are a low level and want to level up fast don’t buy buildings except maybe a garage. I didn’t have a house until I got past level 100; well I did and then sold it to get more land! I have the princess tower thingies, mainly because they are a limited edition and so I bought them while they were going, a mansion and some silo homes because they look cool. When I started I planted lots of soya beans to level up. It cost 15 coins to plough and 15 coins for the soya beans and you sell them for 66 coins; that is a return on each plot of 36 coins. You can work out easily the return on any crop but make sure you count the 15 coins for ploughing. If you plant peas, it costs 190 coins +15 for ploughing and they sell for 381 plus 3XP. You make 175 coins on each plot; a good return. You get 1 XP for ploughing, 3 XP for planting peas and 1 XP bonus if you click use by going to a stall and looking inside, then click use bushels and use peas; assuming you have any. That makes 175 coins and 5 XP a plot, but peas a locked on the lower levels. Its level 30 + when they unlock probably level 35. I am on course to become a Farmville Billionaire and have lots of stuff. I want to see the new English Countryside farm before I start spending. I can turn this farm into a leisure centre and grow stuff on my English farm; cool! I can shout mint sauce at the sheep and worry them! :) I had the vet out to my horses, he gave them shots; they’re stable now… :) How do you milk an Aussie cow? You have to go down under… I popped to the shops the other day for half a dozen eggs and forgot to check my chicken coop… :) I have some dairies to harvest now; I have 13 bulls ready to harvest. I’ll move those into the dairy one by one and click with the multi tool and make 117,000 coins each time. That’s another one and a half million… :) if you like this blog read the rest below and “Daylight robbery” if you like satire and my very Frugal and Thrifty art blog that allows you to become an artist; Neodigital Art.  Some of my older but equally satirical blogs are “The emperor’s New clothes”  and “Great Expectations.” If you want to write a blog, then a “Good style” may help. ———————————————————————————————————————

Farmville Millions Update

5th March 2011


Im now over 600 millions coins - soon to be a Farmville Billionaire

Saturday, 05 March 2011, Farmville Update It seems there are no lost bulls wandering about now and so maybe Zinga have stopped the trick that gets us millions of coins; they do after all sell coins for real money. I would watch out for a bull though, they may bring them back and you need at least one for that trick; details of the dairy trick are in Farmville Millions part two. This week I tried a trick that I think is in the eBook – Farmville Secrets. I plowed land and planted soya beans, this cost 15 coins for the plowing and the soya beans cost 15 but gives 2 XP when planted plus 1 XP for plowing. They take 24 hours to grow, but you can plant and then delete with the recycle tool and this costs 30 coins to get 3 XP and so 10 coins for each XP. This may be worth doing if you have coins and need to level up fast. You can get 1 XP for 15 coins by just plowing and then deleting the plots. This trick is better than the gold coloured hay bales that give 5 XP when you spend 100 coins. The hay bales trick is quicker to do though. You can see from this weeks screen shot I’m now have well over 600 million coins and well on my way to being a Farmville Billionaire! I mainly made this by using the Dairy harvesting trick and I’ll start some serious spending when I get to a billion. It is time consuming and so I’ll sell a lot of those cows and store others when I have hit that target. If you’re not yet on level 75 and can’t buy belted cows yet to do that trick, try harvesting horses for a reasonable amount of coins. You get 3,660 per harvest if you have 40 horses in the stable. Move a horse into the stable when it is on 33% or better; just hover you mouse over it to check what it’s on. We now have straspberries and other exotic things from the greenhouse now. Straspberries give 2 XP in 2 hours and so with the 1 XP for plowing can help you level up fast. I also managed to get enough neighbours this week (79) to get the 28 X 28 farm and so have more land to play with. We also have the ‘English countryside farm’ coming soon which should be interesting. I found according to Google maps I am a 59 minute drive from Shakespeare’s birth place in Stratford upon Avon and so I should be in my element with that farm! While you are here take a look at my other blogs, this week I did a Thrifty Thursday blog and a Frugal Friday blog which have been very popular. If you want to save money or pay off your debts they may be worth reading. If you control your finances; you control your destiny.


Farmville Millions Update

Farmville co-op

Plant in advance and harvest with a combine.

Saturday, 26 February 2011 Farmville Millions Update This week I have a new trick for all you Farmville players. You will see from the screenshot that my Farmville millions now stand at over 491 millions of coins and so I’m on target for a billion! I have done a screen shot of the co-op I started for red wine because that is this weeks Farmville trick! I started planting for the co-op on Thursday morning 24 hours in advance of actually starting the co-op. I planted black grapes because they take the longest to grow; 24 hours. On Friday morning they were ready to harvest. The co-op expects me to plow, seed and harvest and won’t accept these grapes because I have to start the co-op before I seed. Now for the trick; I harvest with combine harvester, set to seed even more black grapes. I have now seeded black grapes, how many depends on how upgraded your combine is. I seeded 8 plots. I can now harvest 8 plots and they count towards my co-op and so I go on and harvest and seed another 8 plots! I did nearly 400 but made a mistake by using the harvester; I was in a hurry, but would have done 400 without that mistake. This gave me a head start with over 3 days to go to get the gold award which gives enough bushels to make 3 lots of wine. I got ahead and although none of my neighbours have been doing co-ops they joined this one; they know I have a trick to get ahead. You can do this even better if a neighbour is a good friend and you agree in advance to do a co-op and both plant black grapes (or whatever) in advance and then use the combine to harvest. That is this weeks cool Farmville millions trick; it’s better than Farmville secrets that costs $27 and only offers to make you enough coins to buy a villa and get you to level 70! I’m on level 124 and will soon level up to 125; I am going for the Farmville Billionaire status so I can do spooky stuff and make my farm look really good. I may even enter the contest for best screen shot; there 100 FV cash as a prize. If you check how much Farmville coins cost to buy with real money it is quite a lot for 1,000,000,000 coins! Happy Farming and check out my website and maybe follow me on Twitter. You can also comment; especially if you have a question. Share my blog with your neighbours; it is all about social networking and co-operation. You help your neighbours and they will help you. I’m in 3rd place but when I spend a billion coins and I get 10,000,000 XP! That would put me in the lead, but I’ll wait a while. Check back next week for the latest news. I’m English and we have the English countryside farms coming soon… I hope I can spend my billion coins on that! Get Follow Me Buttons——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Farmville Millions


Note the horse on 33% near the stable

Farmville Tips, Saturday, 19 February 2011 I have covered a lot of tips in previous blogs and the best one is harvesting the dairy over and over to get millions of coins. This works with brown cows and the various cows that are worth a little more; but it works best with belted cows that give a return of 3,000 coins each in the dairy. I have 39 in my huge dairy and so get a return of 117,000 coins if I move a bull in there. You can read part two of ‘Farmville Millions’ to get more details of that. You can’t buy belted cows until you reach level 75 though and then you can make millions; so today I’ll do tips for lower levels. In the screen shot you will see I have a horse on 33% and not yet ready to harvest. There is a trick! I hovered over the horses with the MOVE tool and found one on 33%; I then moved that into the stables and harvested the stables with the multi-tool; cool! :) You will see in the second screen shot a pop up that shows I got 3,360 coins for that. That is with a stable that can hold 40 horses and when I moved the horse in that made 40 horses in the stable. If you haven’t upgraded the stable or don’t have 40 horses; try the trick anyway. It will harvest whatever horses you have in the stable. I put half of my horse inside and half outside when I only had a few and the trick worked. Farmville Secrets? Farmville Millions is better and free! :) You need to grow crops and that can be difficult if you are short of time or can only get on once a day. I grew peas when I was in the lower levels because they took 24 hours to grow and give 3 XP; plus one XP bonus if you click USE in one of the stalls on peas. Then you get 1 XP for plowing. That is 5 XP a day and if you have 400 plots that is reasonable. You can’t grow anything in buildings so save buying buildings until you get to level 75! You need to make the most of space too. I have the most expensive trees like olive trees growing down the edge of my farm; I sold the cheap ones like cherry trees; they take up too much space. Gold Hay bales :) When you spend money you get 1 XP for every 100 coins you spend. That is 1%, if you aren’t good at maths, drop 2 zeros from the number of coins and that’s the XP. If you spend 1,000,000 coins (drop 2 zeros) you get 10,000 XP. I am aiming to get 1,000,000,000 coins and when I spend that I’ll get 10,000,000 XP! That should take me into the lead and I’ll get a good screen shot too; with a lot of mansions! I got to level 100 without my dairy trick though and I mainly did it early on with gold coloured hay bales. They cost 100 coins, but give 5XP when you buy each one. You can try doing a square of gold hay bales perhaps 20 bales by 20 bales; that is 400 bales and takes a while. It costs 40,000 coins but instead of giving you a return of 400 XP; you get a return of 2,000 XP! That will help you get to level 75 faster, but it is a little time consuming. When you place the hay bales it is automated which makes it easier. Then you have to delete them and you can turn on recycle and again that speeds things up. Straspberry The Straspberry is a recent innovation and gives 2XP in 2 hours plus the bonus 1 XP if you use USE and 1 XP for plowing; this makes 4 XP in 2 hours; 2 XP an hour is good.  I have around 400 plots now and so I can make 400XP and hour growing those. You do have to produce the seeds in the greenhouse and the coins are a poor return. Saddleback pigsSaddleback pigs can be bought when you reach level 35 for 300,000 coins; they aren’t as good as Strawberry pigs; but give around 1,000 coins every time you harvest (every 2 days). Happy farming and please comment if you have a tip or trick – comment if you like these blogs and of course read the others; the frugal ones will save you real money.


The stable will give coins on every harvest and sometimes a bonus of 100 XP

Get Follow Me Buttons Farmville Millions Extra

Bulls and cows outside the dairy

Farmville Millions update Two, Friday, 11 February 2011 A number of people still seem confused about how to make millions of coins from dairy farming. I will explain simply and there is a screen shot. You will see that I am on nearly 198,000,000 coins and level 121. You can see the belted cows on the left and lots of them have the pink thing over the top and so are ready to harvest. On the right, I have bulls ready to harvest!  I have 2 dairies in that picture; another three can’t be seen. I have upgraded those dairies to huge so they hold 39 cows and a bull. You need at least one bull for this trick! I have 39 cows in the dairy. I have bulls’ ready to harvest and so I simply use the MOVE tool to move a bull into the dairy. You must use the MOVE tool. Next, click on the multi-tool and click the dairy and that will harvest it. You get 3,000 coins for each belted cow in the dairy and so you can start off with just one and all the others, use whatever you have. I had brown cows and allsorts when I started. Now I have 39 belted cows and I get 3,000 coins from each one; so 117,000 coins for each harvest! Cool! When you have harvested your dairy remove the bull with the multi-tool and then place another bull in the dairy with the MOVE tool and harvest again with the multi-tool! I hope you are now getting the idea of how to keep harvesting a dairy with bulls; that are ready to harvest. You put the bull in the dairy with the MOVE and the whole dairy becomes ready to harvest! You want Farmville Secrets? This is just a little trick! When you have no more bulls that are ready to harvest you can leave a bull in the dairy and remove a belted cow (remove an ordinary one if there is one in there). Then, you use the MOVE tool to put a belted cow (that is ready to harvest) in the dairy and then click on the dairy using the multi-tool. You make another 117,000 coins! You can see I have 10 bulls ready to harvest and so that will make over 1,000,000 coins.  Also have 45 belted cows ready to harvest and each will make me 117,000 coins when I use them to harvest a dairy. When you have used all the bulls and belted cows; then you can use the ordinary cows; wait until they are ready to harvest before moving them with the MOVE tool. When you MOVE an ordinary cow into the dairy and harvest, you only have 38 belted cows in there and get 38 times 3,000 coins; and so get 114,000 coins instead of 117,000 with a belted cow! In the second screen shot you can see the screen later in the day. I used more bulls and the ordinary cows in the afternoon and I also bought a belted cow. I went from level 121 to 122 and added 15,000,000 to my coins. I am in 3rd place amongst my neighbours, but obviously if I spend 200,000,000; I get 2,000,000 XP and would go into the lead. You can have fun with the money though. I have already spent around 140,000,000 on belted cows, 5,000,000 on a mansion and 1,000,000 each on three Silo homes. This is better than ‘Farmville Secrets’…:) You can also harvest your stable and then put a horse in that is ready to harvest (with the move tool) and harvest again. I am told that is better if you have a stallion but I haven’t got one yet. It seems more difficult to get stallions and I haven’t seen any bulls for a week or so. I also bought saddleback pigs for 300,000 to increase the coins when I harvest the pig sty. The strawberry pigs are better though; get those in exchange for truffles. I’ll post more updates and so come back and see how I am progressing towards becoming a Farmville Billionaire! :) Happy Farming…

Farmville Millions at level 122

Get Follow Me Buttons Farmville Update One Farmville Farmville Update Saturday, 05 February 2011 I have been increasing my Farmville millions this week as usual; but I have had problems including a computer crash. I am late harvesting everything today and my main trick; harvesting the dairies is only just beginning today! I am up to 135,000,000 at the time of writing. The details of the dairy harvesting are in part two of ‘Farmville Millions’. You can also do the same thing with the tables and horses. I have noticed that stallions and bulls appear to have disappeared over the past few days though. I have also sold a lot of trees this week and now concentrate on the trees with a better return like olive trees; to check the trees out click sell a tree and that gives you an indication of how much the tree will return when you harvest the tree. I am collecting the more expensive trees now to get a better return when I harvest. The same goes for pigs, I have bought a lot of saddleback pigs for 300,000 coins to get a better return but the best ones are strawberry pigs that you get in exchange for truffles. I have 40 pigs and if I get more strawberry pigs I will sell saddleback pigs. I bought  a lot of belted cows for 1,000,000 coins each because then I can have 39 cows in a dairy and a bull to give a return of 117,000 coins each time I put in a bull wit the move tool or a belted cow again with the move tool and then harvest with the multi tool. I harvest 9 times and I have another millions coins! I decided to buy a few things to make the farm look good! A mansion of course but I bought three silo houses too; the round ones… I did the nursery barn too and cupid’s castle. I may do another orchard, if I can find some room. I have cut plots from 600 to around 400 now and so grow fewer grapes for wine. I have 39 belted cows in two dairies now and so they cost 78,000,000 and about another 50 of them lurking outside one dairy. I have spent quite a lot this week and built up my coins too. What next? I want to do something really weird with the farm but first try to become a ‘Farmville Billionaire’. It will take a while; I’m making about 17,000,000 coins a day and so it could take nearly two months. I could buy more belted cows in the meantime? I could end up with mansions joined together and of course if I spend 1,000,000,000 coins, I would get 10,000,000 XP; that may put me in the lead? My neighbour leading now has over 5,000,000 XP and I have 3,340,000; but I’m not bothered about winning now. I could go into second place now amongst my neighbours, but I’m not bothered… Click the links below to read Part One, Part Two and Part Three. You can of course click the link and follow me on Twitter and tweet the update links! Cool… Farmville Millions Part One: Farmville Millions Part Two: Farmville Millions Part Three: Get Follow Me Buttons

25 responses

  1. Grannelle

    Great strategies, Mike. Well stated.

    19, February 2011 at 6:34 pm

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  4. Sheryl

    Yippee, thanks to some of your tricks and tips, I reached level 75 from around 60 in about a week and a half. I bought my first 2 belted cows and will probably have enough with some reserve for another.

    Congrats on reaching your billion mark.

    Again thank you.

    26, March 2011 at 5:36 pm

    • Great, keeping buying the belted cows! No bull necessary after all! You get 3,000 coins for each belted cow in the dairy and so try upgrading one to HUGE and you can have 40 in and harvest giving 120,000 coins a harvest!

      26, March 2011 at 6:24 pm

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  6. I love your blog, it definitely has some great tips and I will be sure to come back and bookmark your site. Have You Heard About The Ultimate FarmVille Guru Shares the Secret Tactic You Can Use Legally and Dominate Your Way

    4, April 2011 at 10:43 pm

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  10. Ashley

    How do you harvest a dairy barn more than once per day??

    5, May 2011 at 11:59 pm

    • Hi Ashley,

      Use the Move tool to move a cow or bull into the dairy that is ready to harvest. That makes the whole dairy ready to harvest and then you click on it with the multi tool and it harvests. Remove the cow or bull with the multi-tool and move another bull or cow in and harvest again! Simple. Update to a huge dairy and you can make 120,000 coins each harvest using belted cows. I made over 20,000,000 coins before lunch today and went up 2 levels and got 2 FV cash! cool! :)

      6, May 2011 at 1:57 pm

  11. Pingback: Oiks and Toffs « Mike10613's Blog

  12. Sheryl

    So I have 5 huge barns of 39 belted cows each and have about 50-60 belted cows sitting outside the barns. So how do I keep adding XP without buying more belted cows? One can only buy so many buildings etc. to add XP.

    Oh and my pigpen is maxed out with saddleback pigs.

    I think I missed something in one of your blogs. So sorry to bother you.

    25, May 2011 at 1:59 pm

    • It’s no bother. You have 39 belted cows in a dairy. When one outside of the dairy is ready to harvest. Then use the MOVE tool to MOVE it into the dairy. Swap the MOVE tool for the MULTI-TOOL and click the dairy to harvest it. Now take the belted cow out of the dairy with the MULTI-TOOL. MOVE another ready to harvest belted cow into the dairy with the MOVE tool and harvest again with the MULTI-TOOL and keep doing that. You get 120,000 coins for each harvest and so with 50 belted cows outside of the dairy; you can make 6,000,000 coins a day. If you wait until a convenient time of day and take some belted cows out of another dairy then 24 hours later they will be ready to harvest and you could have 100 belted cows to put in a day making 12,000,000 coins a day. Pigs don’t make so much cash. The same trick works with horses for 2,660 coins on each harvest but I gave up on that because for the coins it took too much time. The horses only need to be 33% ready (or more) and you move them into the stable.

      25, May 2011 at 6:03 pm

      • Sheryl

        Thank you for replying. I did understand that much. My question is once you have 100 or so belted cows, how do you keep getting more XP to move up your Farmville level. I moved up quickly because I was buying belted cows. But I don’t want to keep buying them to get XP. Harvesting the cows, horses and pigs doesn’t add XP, only coins.

        25, May 2011 at 6:24 pm

  13. Ah, I see. I simply buy a few mansions and then sell them again. Buy for 5,000,000 and sell for 250,000 and I do that twice at the level I’m on and go up a level. I did build a castle too. It is 100,000 XP to go up a level where I am and I need to spend 100X that in coins and so 10 million. You can buy things like limited edition stuff and store it in your cellar or on the English farm – move it and drag and drop it in the shed! Just spend all the money! I did save to get a 1,000,000,000 though! :)

    25, May 2011 at 8:42 pm

  14. sheri

    Hi…….a friend of mine is using a program that gets the belted cows in and out of the dairy farm ……….and they are ready to harvest and does this over and over again ..the thing is she will not tell me anything about it……..I have been going nuts trying to find it ……..this way you don’t have to have any extra cows on your farm and the program will do the job for you ….any info ???? please emial me

    25, June 2011 at 1:33 am

  15. Hi Sheri,

    I have heard about that. I think you do have to have the extra cows but don’t have to do all the boring moving cows! It is probably a macro that moves the mouse pointer and I would imagine it moves the cows from one place into the dairy and out again. It might be possible to write a program in visual basic; but I won’t attempt it. I don’t know anyone who has this and people do get banned from Farmville for using bots. One guy used a bot to get 2 billion coins and crashed Farmville and the coin counter went negative! :)

    Keep trying! :P

    25, June 2011 at 11:48 am

  16. kishori

    can u get coins by following the procedures of dairy with cow pastures?? cos i sold my diary!!! help

    24, October 2011 at 5:39 pm

    • Hi Kishori,

      If you have placed your pasture on and have no dairy, you can’t do that trick! I did that on Home farm but have my dairies on the English farm and Lighthouse Cove. I can still do the trick. On Home Farm now I have over 100 belted cows and so I harvest with a farmhand and get 3,000 coins per cow – 300,000 coins each day! Buy something with those and you get 15,000 XP; better than nothing! I have to get 100,000 XP to level up now!

      Thanks for visiting, hope this info helps! :)

      24, October 2011 at 6:18 pm

  17. Hi, I just read your post “Farmville Millions Update, 28th May 2011″. In my opinion the best way to spend millions of coins in Farmville is buying belted cows, since they help you make more and more millions quickly. I have explained this in more detail in my game guide in the section on animals, check it out if you’re interested in this and more hints:

    18, July 2013 at 11:28 am

    • Hi

      Yes. I own quite a lot of belted cows. I don’t have room for more. I should really write another Farmville blog. It’s not quite as good as it used to be though.
      Thanks for the comment

      18, July 2013 at 2:18 pm

  18. Hi there! How do I take a screenshot of my ENTIRE farm? I ‘m using windows 7. I know how to do it in paint but I can’t shrink my farm to get the entire farm? Thank you in advance!

    20, January 2014 at 3:10 pm

    • Hi Teresa,

      I can’t get a screen shot of the entire farm. You can click the camera on the Farmville game or use the ‘snipping’ tool in Windows 7. You can also do a prn screen on my laptop too. I usually use the snipping tool now though.

      I hope that helps… Thanks for the comment.

      20, January 2014 at 4:36 pm

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