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Farmville – you cant win

Farmville Wonderland

I haven’t posted a FarmVille blog for a while. As you can see from the picture, I have 1,046,044,929 coins and I have 4 farms that I’m using. I gave up on the one with coconuts and that weird one; Jade Falls. Haunted Hollow? No, didn’t bother with that either.  I’m on level 1160 and so I must be doing something right.


FarmVille Frustrations

Farmville Billionaire

It’s been a while since I have written a FarmVille blog. I have come close to giving it up all together, it is so frustrating. They have one aim at Zynga and that is to sell you FV cash. As you can see from the picture, I have over a billion coins and another billion in cows! Fuel is very important in FarmVille and if you don’t have enough you end up harvesting one plot at a time. I was doing that on the Hawaiian Paradise farm. That was slow! I put the damn thing on pause and left it to rot. I still have four farms. Home Farm, English Countryside, Winter Wonderland and this one; Lighthouse Cove. It takes ages to load each farm and so travelling between them is frustrating. (more…)

FarmVille | The Quest for level 1000


Level 900

OK, I was on level 900 and I had bought a few belted cows. In case you haven’t figured this trick out yet. I take the ‘move’ tool and move one of those ‘ready’ belted cows into my dairy and then it become ‘ready to harvest’. If I have 39 cows in the dairy and add one to harvest it; that’s 40 and I get 3000 coins for each one. That is 120,000 coins for each harvest (harvest with the multi tool). Now you know why I have a billion coins!

Smile with tongue out


Farmville Millions: Part Three

Farmville millions

Make 100,000,000 coins at Farmville

Farmville Millions – Part Three

If you check out the screen shot you will see I now have over 110,000,000 coins. If I spend these I get 1,100,000 XP! That will instantly put me in second place.

Notice that lonely horse next to the stables? I will harvest the stables and then use the MOVE tool to put that horse into the stables when it is on 100% and ready to harvest and then the stable will be on 100% just like the cow sheds do.

I think I’ll buy some pigs! The Strawberry pigs are worth the most but you can’t buy them but get them occasionally in exchange for truffles. The saddleback pigs cost 300,000 and give a good return and so I’ll sell the ordinary pigs and replace them all with saddleback pigs.

I still make wine of course but I have started growing daffodils, many flowers are locked and you have to start growing daffodils and then unlock the next one up and so on. I will try to unlock them all but there is no hurry.

I also intend to buy more belted cows and would like to replace all my cows with belted cows. I have 2 dairies in the centre; one has 39 belted cows in there and the others none. I can put 39 belted cows in the dairy to the right and it will be a little more organised. I can put bulls in there and harvest and cows in the other one and harvest. I’ll slowly replace all the cows with belted cows and have less. I may try to become the first Farmville Billionaire with a billion coins!

What else can I spend that 100 million on? A mansion perhaps but that would cut down my land a little, but I can have some fun. I did buy a pheasant but they are a bad investment unless you just want to spend money on something small to get the XP; they sell for 100,000 coins and cost 2,000,000.

If you have ideas for what I can spend those 100,000,000 coins on please comment and I write other blogs; yesterday was the A to Z of frugality! Please click Home and read all my blogs and if you like them follow me on Twitter; there is a link on my About Me page and if I remember; I’ll place a link here too!

Happy Farming and make millions…

Part One of Farmville Millions is here: Part One

Part Two of Farmville Millions (Dairy farming for millions) is here: Part Two

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