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More Farmville frustrations


It’s been some time since I wrote a FarmVille post. The original game was good, but it’s designer has left Zynga and the game is unrecognisable now and quite complicated. I have Home Farm, with an extension called Sunflower Meadow. (more…)

Farmville – you cant win

Farmville Wonderland

I haven’t posted a FarmVille blog for a while. As you can see from the picture, I have 1,046,044,929 coins and I have 4 farms that I’m using. I gave up on the one with coconuts and that weird one; Jade Falls. Haunted Hollow? No, didn’t bother with that either.  I’m on level 1160 and so I must be doing something right.


A week of photos and Farmville

Woden Road S. Wednesbury

It stopped raining this week and so I actually managed to get out and take a few photographs. Things look a little different when the sun shines and I do pick my shots when I take photos. The ducks in this photo give the picture a little depth. I also played FarmVille…


FarmVille Frustrations

Farmville Billionaire

It’s been a while since I have written a FarmVille blog. I have come close to giving it up all together, it is so frustrating. They have one aim at Zynga and that is to sell you FV cash. As you can see from the picture, I have over a billion coins and another billion in cows! Fuel is very important in FarmVille and if you don’t have enough you end up harvesting one plot at a time. I was doing that on the Hawaiian Paradise farm. That was slow! I put the damn thing on pause and left it to rot. I still have four farms. Home Farm, English Countryside, Winter Wonderland and this one; Lighthouse Cove. It takes ages to load each farm and so travelling between them is frustrating. (more…)

Farmville Paradise?


I don’t like the FarmVille Hawaiian paradise, it’s hard to plow and I have over 900 million coins so I’m not keen on buying stuff using coconuts!  They are planning FarmVille 2 now, but it won’t be any better unless they listen to players; like me! I have The Home Farm, Lighthouse Cove, the English Farm, the Winter Wonderland and now Hawaiian Paradise. I would like one that works well and makes sense. The change to widescreen doesn’t work too well some of it isn’t wide screen and doesn’t fit. (more…)

Oh no it’s Farmville

Oh No Farmville

FarmVille on Facebook

All my friends got this message from Farmville the other day. Errors aren’t unusual and the guys at Zynga don’t seem to care. The game refreshes quite a lot and now many of us have 5 farms, moving between farms takes too long. Perhaps Zynga should try to get the game to work better and forget additional farms and quests? I think the players would like that! (more…)

FarmVille | The Quest for level 1000


Level 900

OK, I was on level 900 and I had bought a few belted cows. In case you haven’t figured this trick out yet. I take the ‘move’ tool and move one of those ‘ready’ belted cows into my dairy and then it become ‘ready to harvest’. If I have 39 cows in the dairy and add one to harvest it; that’s 40 and I get 3000 coins for each one. That is 120,000 coins for each harvest (harvest with the multi tool). Now you know why I have a billion coins!

Smile with tongue out


Farmville | Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

It’s been a while since I wrote a Farmville blog, it gets more complicated and time consuming. If you still have your dairies then you can make lots of coins and level up easily. I’m on level 685 and one of my neighbours is on level 750, maybe higher now! (more…)

Farmville | Goods and Crafts

Lighthouse Cove


I have a winery on my Home farm and a bakery; on the Lighthouse Cove one a restaurant and on the English Countryside a pub! I am stocking up on goods and converting them into fuel and as you see I have over 19,000 lots of fuel now. I think Zynga might make it harder to get fuel and so I keep stocking up. They introduced the pasture for cows to replace the dairies and I have one on my Home Farm but kept the dairies on Lighthouse Cove and the English farm. (more…)

Farmville | level 600

Farmville level 600

They changed Facebook and Farmville this week! The main change to Farmville was to offer cow pasture in exchange for dairies. This means the belted cow trick won’t work any more! Whoops! (more…)

Farmville | Level 500

Level 500

Farmville level 500

Yes, I’m on level 500! I did it with the belted cows! You can buy belted cows for 1,000,000 coins when you get to level 75. You can see some of mine on the picture. There are more in the dairies and on my English Countryside farm. I have about 30 in those dairies that I use (the ones near the cows). (more…)

Farmville | Update 1

Farmville avatar


You can see my Farmville avatar in this screen picture and my avatar is trapped by hay bales. This stops the avatar from walking to where I am harvesting and it saves time. You can just use the move tool to move it to the middle of a square of hay bales. (more…)

Farmville for Beginners | Update 3

home farm

I have given you a picture of my farm this week. I’m on level 350 and have 80 FV cash. I still have my billion coins and over 70 million I have added in the past few days. At this level it takes 10 million coins to get 100,000 XP and go up a level. I went up 18 levels last weekend and now my neighbour and I are both on level 350 and happy to be equal I think!

Smile (more…)

Farmville for beginners | Update 2

Farmville Winery

I’ve used a picture from my winery today to show crafts. I also have a bakery and of course a pub on the English countryside farm! You can see in this picture that I am making 3 lots of wine and the blackberry wine is on level 43. It is a good idea to get one craft item on a high level; I have red wine on level 110. (more…)

The Secrets of Success

Success means following many small steps. One step at a time.

The secrets of success

“Be a dreamer; for a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight and then see the dawn before the rest of the world.”- Oscar Wilde

I would like to thank Robin and Judy for bringing that quote to my attention. They started following me on Twitter today; I have no idea who they are; but they must be smart! :) (more…)

The Dreamless Ones

It's not that time really - we are now on dreamless time...

The Dreamless Ones

One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas I’ll never know: Groucho Marx. :)

Which do you think is the predator and which the prey, the man or the elephant with its great strength and huge brain. (more…)

Farmville Millions: Part Three

Farmville millions

Make 100,000,000 coins at Farmville

Farmville Millions – Part Three

If you check out the screen shot you will see I now have over 110,000,000 coins. If I spend these I get 1,100,000 XP! That will instantly put me in second place.

Notice that lonely horse next to the stables? I will harvest the stables and then use the MOVE tool to put that horse into the stables when it is on 100% and ready to harvest and then the stable will be on 100% just like the cow sheds do.

I think I’ll buy some pigs! The Strawberry pigs are worth the most but you can’t buy them but get them occasionally in exchange for truffles. The saddleback pigs cost 300,000 and give a good return and so I’ll sell the ordinary pigs and replace them all with saddleback pigs.

I still make wine of course but I have started growing daffodils, many flowers are locked and you have to start growing daffodils and then unlock the next one up and so on. I will try to unlock them all but there is no hurry.

I also intend to buy more belted cows and would like to replace all my cows with belted cows. I have 2 dairies in the centre; one has 39 belted cows in there and the others none. I can put 39 belted cows in the dairy to the right and it will be a little more organised. I can put bulls in there and harvest and cows in the other one and harvest. I’ll slowly replace all the cows with belted cows and have less. I may try to become the first Farmville Billionaire with a billion coins!

What else can I spend that 100 million on? A mansion perhaps but that would cut down my land a little, but I can have some fun. I did buy a pheasant but they are a bad investment unless you just want to spend money on something small to get the XP; they sell for 100,000 coins and cost 2,000,000.

If you have ideas for what I can spend those 100,000,000 coins on please comment and I write other blogs; yesterday was the A to Z of frugality! Please click Home and read all my blogs and if you like them follow me on Twitter; there is a link on my About Me page and if I remember; I’ll place a link here too!

Happy Farming and make millions…

Part One of Farmville Millions is here: Part One

Part Two of Farmville Millions (Dairy farming for millions) is here: Part Two

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Farmville Millions – Part Two.

Farmville Millions – Part Two

If you haven’t read part one of Farmville Millions you may find that useful because it has the basic information of how to play Farmville. Today, I am going to tell you how to make millions of coins from Dairy farming and how to get past level 100! This isn’t easy to understand so read carefully…

This shows the Move tool and multi tool

Check out the screen shot, I’m on level 107 and there are lots of cows and about a dozen bulls. You can also see the multi tool and move tool; using these tools is important. You can also see a dairy is ready to harvest, it has that pink thing over it and many cows are ready to harvest.

You can get bulls by going to friends pages and seeing if they have a stray bull; when they give you gifts go then – they are playing; get as many bulls as possible.

Now empty all your dairies! Yes, empty them! Use the delete tool to make room for the cows. I have no villa because I don’t need one; I can afford lots of them!

Now you need cows in just one dairy, select brown cows or any cow that has a better value than ordinary cows; if you have a million coins buy a belted cow and put that in. Fill it with ordinary cows if you don’t have enough.

It isn’t ready to harvest; no worries, we have a trick. Watch the bulls and cows that are outside your dairy. Don’t fill your dairy; you need room to place a bull or cow in there.

Do you have lots of bulls and cows ready to harvest? Yes? Now you can begin. You use the Move tool to move a bull into the dairy. Now change to the multi tool; click the dairy and jackpot; it harvests! Now remove the bull with the multi tool. Now you can harvest it again; just put in a bull that is ready to harvest using the move tool. Do not click bulls or cows that are outside the dairy with the multi tool – you will harvest them.

When you have run out of bulls that are ready to harvest; leave a bull in your dairy and using the move tool; put a cow in. The cow must be ready to harvest and have a pink thing over it. Use the move tool to put the cow in the dairy; then harvest the dairy by clicking it with the multi tool. Then use the multi tool to take a cow out of the dairy and just keep putting in ready to harvest cows and harvesting that dairy.

Belted cow

Buy lots of these belted cows at 1,000,000 coins each

When you have 1,000,000 coins buy a belted cow from the market. Remove one of the cows with the multi tool and replace it with the belted cow. You are now on your way to making millions! Harvest the dairy as described earlier either with a bull or a cow and watch your score go up; it will increase by 3,000 for every harvest. When you get to 1,000,000 coins; remove a cow and buy another belted cow and place that in the dairy. Now you harvests will go to 6,000 coins. I have 140 bulls and cows and so can do 140 harvests. I get 3,000 coins for each belted cow in the dairy. I started on Monday, 7 days ago and now have 39 belted cows! 39 X 140 X 3,000 = 16,380,000 coins in a day; in theory! In practice I would need all belted cows and I have 38 in the (huge) dairy plus the bull and I put in an ordinary cow to harvest. I’ll make nearly 16 million coins today. Try to get your friends to help you upgrade your dairy to large and then to huge so it holds 39 cows and a bull.  Keep spending your cash on belted cows and then when you are super rich; you can make your farm look pretty with all kinds of stuff!

Please don’t fill your whole farm full of cows; people will think you are nuts! :)

Please comment; follow me on Twitter where I put links to my blogs and share this link on Facebook. You need your friends to give you bulls and cows; they will also help you upgrade your dairies if you share this awesome trick with them! I will do more Farmville blogs. Pigs next probably…

Happy Farming…

I got over 15,000,000 today:

My farm

My farm by 4:30pm. I made 15,000,000 coins

Farmville Millions – Part One.

This is my farm now, notice the fuel and I'm on level 107!

Farmville Millions

Most Farmville books like ‘Farmville Secrets’ promise to help get you to level 70 and make a few million coins in a day. I can do better! I can get you past level 100 and you can make a million coins every day! In this series of blogs, I will tell you my secrets for FREE!

First take a look at the screen shot; I have a large farm. You get a large farm by making friends and then going to the market and buying a bigger farm. Plough (plow) your farm as much as you can; if you have just started click one plot at a time and of course don’t leave spaces between plots. Then start seeding them. You want a good ROI (return on investment) and so pick your crops carefully. I began by growing a lot of soya beans! It may be better to grow fruit to make wine now, if you can afford to get a winery.  The winery costs 100,000 coins; I deleted mine by mistake! That was no problem until I realised I had lost my huge stock of wine! No worries, I can make another huge stock.


The thing like a globe at the top of your screen is for notifications and should notify you when you have a present. You click that and go to the page where the presents are. This is my first Farmville secret for you! Don’t click on the present, click the name of the person giving it to you and it will take you to their ‘wall’. I did this earlier and found on the ‘wall’ a free can of fuel, I claimed that! Then I clicked back and went back to the wall twice and claimed a couple of other things. Then back to the gifts page to collect that important gift. It gets better though; watch out for cows like the long horned cow or Groovy cow, grab those. The thing you really need though is bulls and lots of them. I will explain in Advanced Farmville how to make millions of coins in just one day using your dairies. For now just save up your cash because you need to invest later and so don’t waste it on cottages or stuff to make you farm look good. I don’t even have a house; I sold my million coin villa to buy something with a ROI (return on investment).

If you have a winery, then try to run a co-op or join one, you get a bonus the equivalent of three lots of wine. There is a Farmville secret for co-ops too of course. Let us say you are making red wine and that is from black grapes and white grapes. You have to start the co-op then seed the grapes and then harvest the grapes in that order. You want to know the ‘cheat’?  First seed all your plots with black grapes because these take 24 hours to grow. I usually seed 600 plots. Then when they are ready to harvest, harvest 16 plots; just 16! Now start you co-op! Next; plough those 16 plots and plant with black grapes. Now harvest 16 plots, the computer can’t tell one grape from another and you have seeded 16 plots and harvested 16 plots and so the game starts to add those to the co-op. Then continue like that plough again and seed another 16 then harvest 16 again and keep doing that until you have harvested all 600. You won’t be allowed the first 16 but will have harvested 584 plots and you still have over 3 days to go to get gold! Do the same thing 24 hours later and when have harvested all the black grapes start planting white ones and do the same thing. When the thing goes from the co-op page about inviting friends to help; just harvest the lot; there is no need then to do them 16 at a time. I have had over 600 plots and could just about do a co-op alone; but usually people join – they know I cheat!


Trees aren’t great for ROI but they can be better than you think. Click on a tree and look at the price it will sell for. If it’s not much like a cherry tree and you’re short on space, sell it. You can then specialise in high value, high ROI trees only and make sure all the trees in you orchard are high value ones. I have a row of trees on the opposite side of my farm because the strip of land there was too narrow to plough, but I am making them as high value as I can.


You can increase your ROI from the pigpen by enlarging it but coloured pigs are worth more than ordinary pigs and so try to get lots of those and fill your pigpen with them. You can sometimes exchange truffles for pigs; if it’s a coloured pig, keep it. To value a pig, outside of the pigpen; click on it and click sell and then cancel the sale if it’s a valuable one.

General Strategy

Before I began to write this I was harvesting and ran out of room to store bushels; I had 100.  I stopped harvesting and had to wait for 6 batches of wine to finish and then I used 48 bushels to make another 6 batches of wine; freeing up storage space. Then I could harvest my strawberries and blue berries! You need either 8 bushels or 7 bushels to make a batch of wine; I chose those that needed 8 bushels; although I prefer to make the red wine if I can and I have that up to level 62. If you multiple the level by 100 and add 900 that is how many coins it will sell for usually. So my red wine will sell for 7,100 less 20% Farmville takes off.  I have planted more black grapes for tomorrow and about 150 plots of raspberries because I’m running out of raspberries and need those in 6 hours to make more wine!

Dairy Farming to make millions

In the next blog I will cover dairy farming to make millions, so get some cows and bulls and a million coins to invest in dairy farming. Belted cows cost 1,000,000 coins and you will have to buy some of those; well one to start with. You can find bulls on your friends ‘walls’ when you check out presents and will often be gifted cows. You also need a dairy; the maximum is 5 and if you can extend them up to huge dairy, so they hold 40 cows.  This strategy is awesome and will make you millions of coins. Comment, come back to read how to make millions of coins and get to level 100+ or better still; follow me on Twitter and I’ll Tweet the link to the next blog!

PS:    It is now Saturday and I’m preparing to post this and write part two about dairy farming. My dairy farm has made 37,000,000 million coins since Monday. I spent them and got 370,000 XP! Interested? I’m not quite finished I want more! I will try to post the dairy blog tomorrow.

A Monday morning ramble.

Monday, 08 November 2010,



Farmville I was told changed at the weekend, I can’t see any changes. There is a new spirit of cooperation though as a result. I am even in a co-op with my closest rival. She doesn’t appear to sleep and caught me up nearly at the weekend, but as usual I stayed ahead of the game. I made a mistake this morning; I have made mistakes all weekend. I planted the wrong coloured grapes this morning, I should have planted black grapes and that would have given me a slight advantage with the co-op. I planted white – whoops…  :) (more…)


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