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Thrifty Thursday: Shopping for bargains

A picture of an Aldi store


The Aldi super-six this week are radishes (300g), button mushrooms (200g), snack pack grapes (170g), carrots (1 Kg), Jersey Royal new potatoes (450g) and cherry tomatoes (300g). They are all 49p and the offer lasts until Wednesday 2nd July. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday: good food and style on a budget

I haven’t done my shopping yet this week, I’ll take a look to see what they have in Aldi later. I’m thinking about cooking a stir fry, so some diced pork would be good for that. You can do stir fry with mince, its a bit harder to eat with chopsticks though…. (more…)

Living life in a balanced way

Loxdale bridge 2

The present and the future are connected to the past and partly determined by it. If we have prepared for the future, we will have a better future. That might mean guarding against the bad things that might happen in the future by driving carefully, taking precautions and saving for the future. We just have to find a good balance between our present and future needs, so we can enjoy both. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday: Value for money

The Aldi super-six until the 15th of January are little gem lettuce (2), cucumber, savoy cabbage, garlic (4), spring onions and celery. They are all 39p each. They are now doing super six meat offers too, click that link to see those. (more…)

Thrifty shopping to save money

Money - Seeing the future

This week’s Super-Six  at Aldi are oranges (6), apples (6), pineapple, plums (500g), conference pears (6) and kiwis (8), all at 69p each. They have lots of special buys for today and Sunday too. We have to shop around and try to save a few quid.


There is more money, but are you getting your fair share?

Money - Seeing the future

News from over the pond in the USA this week was that the rich have increased their wealth by around 15% in the past year. That doesn’t surprise me, the rich are getting richer all over the world. Governments print more money and it disappears. Are you getting your share? Or are you even worse off?


Thrifty Thursday | Rising prices


The reason for todays picture is I’m thinking about transport. When the government in the UK does quantitative easing (printing money) commodity prices like oil go up. Oil is used for transport and gas is used for heating and making electricity; so all our basic costs go up. Prices on the stock markets have been taking a battering in the past few weeks and the Eurozone crisis has deepened; we just have to be thrifty and frugal and try to weather the storm. (more…)

Thrifty | Food and essentials


I read about the Black Country Food Bank this morning that distributes food to people who are referred by doctors or various agencies. Food banks get the food from the stock piles of the European Union and also donations. They have food stamps in the US too and I have a particular dislike for schemes that treat our citizens as charitable cases. They are necessary but in wealthy countries they make us realise  that there is a deep divide between rich and poor. Many people need this food because they have to pay exorbitant council tax, television licence and even rents for social housing is taking up a large chunk of many people’s income. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Fresh, frozen or tinned?

Money - Seeing the future


I find fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in the discount supermarkets but you should try outdoor markets too when you’re searching for bargains. This week I found grapes at 1.25, down from 1.99 and fresh vegetables to make a chicken stew. I also bought fresh chicken on offer for 1.99 a kilo and I had 400 grams of diced lean pork for just 1.34. The pork will make a nice stir fry later if I add rice, bean sprouts, soy sauce and 5 spice! I’ll add some finely chopped red onion to my stir fry too. I bought a basil plant that I now keep on my windowsill that adds a fresh flavour to soups and stews now. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Christmas Shopping

MISC 038

The goodies in the picture were mostly bought last weekend. I have been to Lidl, Aldi and Asda this week. The thing that really bugs me is not being able to afford what you need when you’re out, especially if it’s a special occasion. Like not being able to buy what you need on a day out or on holiday. If you’re thrifty you can always afford what you need. (more…)

A Sunday Ramble

PARK 016

Brunswick Park

I took this photograph in Brunswick Park, yesterday afternoon. It’s still a nice park despite the alterations over the years. I like the colours in this photograph as the leaves on the trees change to Autumn colours.  You can find out more about Brunswick park and Wednesbury on Wikipedia. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 17

MM 3 023

We are into Autumn now and the colours of nature are changing; it’s getting cold! It was just 3C this morning and so decidedly chilly. Public buildings in the UK usually put heating on at the beginning of October but I was trying to delay until we change the clocks from British summer time back to GMT. I have insulation and draught proofing. I will probably save some energy by not getting up so early too! My contract ends this month with my energy supplier and so I can try to get a switch to a better tariff. (more…)

Frugal Friday | Cooking

chicken, potato and cabbage

Waste not want not

I was reading how many billions of pounds people waste by throwing away food. The meal in the picture was made from left over boiled potato fried to golden brown and I added some veggies and a chicken drumstick. Very frugal, quick, easy and delicious. I wish I had browned that chicken drumstick a little more though… (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 6

Chicken, chips and veggies

Colourful food

I’ve used my photograph of colourful chicken and chips again to remind you to buy colourful food when shopping this week. Broccoli and carrots are loaded with vitamins and you should also look out for colourful fruits too. At Asda (UK equivalent of Wal-Mart) this week the bananas and apples seem a bargain, choose the Smart price ones. I compared fresh vegetables with frozen and the frozen looked cheaper until I checked the fresh smart price ones and they were cheaper still. The potatoes were all different prices but the Smart Price British potatoes at just over 38p a kilogram were the cheapest. Check prices by the kilogram as a guide. According to their website Asda has around 30 different types of potato and over 200 products related to potatoes! I have to admit those chips in the photograph were oven chips and done with Asda’s own crinkle cut oven chips. (more…)

Need or Greed…

A Lake in England


You know how it is… You’re sitting in your cave and you wonder for a moment if you wouldn’t be better off down the valley living in a hut. They do have windows, but they are more draughty. The village with the huts also have the woods close by and a ready supply of logs and  things. We do have water though and that is essential. The village people have a long walk several times a day for water. We have a long walk for logs to keep warm and of course all the fauna and flora of the woodland. I am glad we have water… (more…)

Frugal Friday


I’m trying to save and make money as usual. Yesterday was a good day for making it; today I’ll try to save a little on shopping.  I checked out prices at the local supermarket last night and I eat a lot of chicken so checked out the prices. The halal chicken drumsticks were the cheapest at £2.87 per kilogram; the most expensive was £3.84 a Kg. Strangely enough the price has changed today and the cheapest is now; £2.42 a kg and that is frozen as opposed to fresh. I asked my neighbour to get me a bag of those; I didn’t fancy halal; I thought it may be imported and more likely to have salmonella in it. I read that chickens in this country are mostly vaccinated against salmonella and the eggs with a lion printed on them are salmonella free; I had some of those the other day. The most frugal meal is egg and chips with salad or vegetables; it tastes good and costs less than a £1.00. I cooked soup last night and that is waiting in the fridge for me to heat it up for lunch; it has loads of chicken and vegetables in and I suppose it’s more like a stew. It is very frugal anyway. I think tomorrow, I may do stir fried rice with chicken and vegetables. I had sardines, chips, broccoli and salad last night. The oily fish is loaded with vitamins and goodies that are essential to good health. Incidentally, the lecithin in eggs impedes the absorption of cholesterol which is handy.


Learning to cook a decent meal isn’t difficult; it ain’t rocket science! It can save you a fortune though and be a lot healthier than eating out. The fries that are served in many fast food places are loaded with fat; it is usually vegetable in origin and so low cholesterol but high in calories. I cooked my super soup yesterday; quite easily. I fried my chicken in a little sunflower oil, added some diced potato and then just kept adding vegetables. I use whatever I have but like to add white cabbage, a tin of carrots, frozen broccoli and I also added some frozen mixed vegetables. The mixed vegetables were peas, carrots, green beans and sweet corn. Then the herbs are added; thyme, marjoram, sage, parsley, oregano and basil; they come mixed and I just add a couple of heaped teaspoons. To bring out the flavour I add tomato puree, then pour on chicken or vegetable stock; cook it for an hour topping up with stock occasionally and that’s it. I nearly forgot add salt and black pepper to taste. It is loaded with vitamins and balanced so there are fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. It also has tryptophan to help you cope with the stress and depress of modern life. To absorb the tryptophan you need fructose but that is in the potato and other veggies. The egg and chips is loaded with tryptophan; writers need all the brain food we can get. If you really want to look after your brain and nervous system eat sardines or some other oily fish at least once a week and of course 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day.

Check for prices online

At my local supermarket here in England (a part of Wal-Mart) I found apples were £1 for a bag containing around 700g. They say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ and apples have some good vitamins in a of course fructose. The root vegetable pack is ideal for soups, stews and casseroles and that was £1.00 too for 1Kg of veggies.  Iceberg lettuce wasn’t the cheapest but it keeps well and tastes delicious and a side salad is so healthy! Of course when people are in hospital it’s traditional to take grapes. They were nearly £5 a Kg but buy two packs and they were 20% off so if you have a friend who needs a pack, you can save 20% – form a little personal co-operative!

6 cans of chopped tomatoes was also on special offer and so was tomato ketchup and so it’s worth stocking up while they are on offer. I had tinned carrots for my super soup!

More Frugal Friday tips coming soon; please comment…


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