This site is English – get used to it…

My first blog.

Making a start.

This is my first blog on but I do write a 1,000 word guest blog every day. I would actually like this on my own web space. I have a small website that you may like to visit. I usually write comedy and so come back and read more blogs as I get funnier! Today I am just sorting out the technical stuff and trying to apply the theme I want. I have noticed I can switch to HTML to put links in and so can link it to the WordPress blog I guest write on. I have written a novel and there are details of that on my tiny website. There is a video on my home page with a pre-publication promo slide show style video.  also did some videos for Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones. I am also webmaster on that site, you can find that here. That is a fantasy novel published on Authorhouse and written by M. J. Webb a newly published author who lives in central England, not too far from me.

I am also co-writing ‘Chrisma’ with author Jane Cooper and you can read the ‘Coop’ blog here I have started a psychological thriller that I have called ‘Abduction’ for the time being. Jane says it’s “Raunchy, raunchy, raunchy, keep writing it!” It may be too raunchy, it’s hard writing from the point of view of an 18 years old girl; especially when describing her sexuality. The novel is very ‘adult’ and erotic to say the least. I’ll need some nerve to have that published.

I am now waiting to hear if I have a junior editor interested in my first novel ‘Captain Jack: A Ship’s Log.’ I sent the synopsis off to Penguin who were accepting submissions and I saw this ‘window of opportunity’ and wrote an email and synopsis that must be the best thing I have ever written.

Come back and read my next blog, it will be more interesting and funny.




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