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A Monday morning ramble.

Monday, 08 November 2010,



Farmville I was told changed at the weekend, I can’t see any changes. There is a new spirit of cooperation though as a result. I am even in a co-op with my closest rival. She doesn’t appear to sleep and caught me up nearly at the weekend, but as usual I stayed ahead of the game. I made a mistake this morning; I have made mistakes all weekend. I planted the wrong coloured grapes this morning, I should have planted black grapes and that would have given me a slight advantage with the co-op. I planted white – whoops…  🙂

I am as usual using MS Word to write this and intend to paste it later, if I can connect; I am having trouble connecting with servers across the pond this morning and the problem appears to be with other servers they are connected to. This happens a lot, especially with servers run by advertisers. I spent a lot of time helping my Chinese friend with her paper. I was still unhappy with it late last night but she was up until 4 am working on it and missed dinner. I have just sent a PDF, a paper written by the university professors here – that may help. My photographs of Chinese stir fry impressed her, she said it looked nice; it was a shame she missed dinner!



I wrote about Hilts in the movie the Great Escape in a recent post, he was sent to the ‘cooler’ and passed the time while imprisoned bouncing a ball of the wall. Of course if you throw a ball at a wall, it does bounce and you get your own back. The same applies to photons, those particles of light that bounce everywhere. They bounce off you and hit the mirror and bounce back and you see a reflection. What do you see though? It varies, you see an image and that is interpreted by your brain and the interpretation depends on mood. The more positive the mood is; the better the image. I had a Monday morning, cold and wet mood this morning and my image matched perfectly. I won’t allow my poor self image and general miserable mood to impact on my writing; it will be as irreverent and as sarcastic as usual.

Other people are of course a mirror on the soul and I don’t have to have any contact with the dreamless ones this morning. You can change the beliefs of others with a simple comment, such as “I like that, you’re a genius,” I get that a lot; my ego depends on it.  A comment like that boosts the ego and then when we look in the mirror; we look much better, our self image is transformed and is far more positive because of you. You are however a mirror on your soul and what you give to others you are likely to receive back; just like those photons bouncing back of the mirror. The image you get, just like the mirror has to be interpreted and the way it is interpreted depends on your mood. If it’s Monday morning and you look like I do this morning and someone says, “You look good this morning.” You tend to think, ‘Sarcastic sod,’ and although it may have been intended as a compliment and positive, it is interpreted by your negatively mood controlled brain as negative and sarcasm. You have to see everyone as mirrors that you will bounce off, both offline and online and so you should always consider carefully what you post online. You should be extra careful on a cold, wet, miserable Monday morning; be careful what you write! You could even Tweet something negative and spend the whole week getting negative Tweets back in return. Tweets like, “How’s the diet going? Lost anything yet, ha ha,” 🙂 This could be interpreted as sarcasm if you’re still a bit moody.

Oh, yeah, Chekhov’s lottery story, I read that a while ago. I shall win the lottery, when it’s a super draw or a double rollover or something and the jackpot is an amazing £15,000,000 and then it will become the closest guarded secret since Bill Gates bought an Apple Mac. I’m writing a short story about a lottery winner who does that and keeps it a secret; I need a funny ending that should also serve as the climax to the story. I’m having a bigger bed when I win the lottery – I nearly fell out last night. I was restless. I lost my pillows at 7 this morning and had to get out and sort out my bed and retrieve my pillows. I may have a car or have the one I own improved. I could do both, have a new car and then send my current car in for major improvement. I need a new stereo, a paint job, wheel arches, alloy wheels, wide wheels, turbo charger, those brakes they have on rally cars, low profile tyres, a satellite navigation system, a new clutch and I will need the engine race tuned. 🙂

I tried Google street view yesterday, cool! 🙂  I looked at the route from here to the super-hospital where my clone lives in the basement. It is 2.6 miles if you want to go the horrendous way over the humps, through the busiest motorway junction in the UK and risk life and limb. You can go the way I go which is 3 miles, safer and quicker. I looked at Shakies birth place and had a good look around Stratford upon Avon. I can get there in 59 minutes according to Google; I thought if would take me an hour! 🙂  I even found the church and could see the gravestones in the churchyard; I couldn’t read them; that was a shame. I think some of my ancestors are buried there; I’ll look if I ever go there. Google street view is good but weird; I could see the can of air freshener that I left on my hall window sill when I looked at my house. That photograph was taken on a Saturday, last year – my brother’s car was parked outside. I checked out the Manor Hospital, Walsall. It was spooky; it is amazing it was only half built last year and in use this year. My clone lives there, in the basement. 🙂

The word count says just over 1,000; spooky…

If anyone has a question, post it in the comments. You can ask about anything, Chinese cooking, astrology, rocket science, quantum physics, I’ve been around. 🙂

If you want to ask why the guy in Las Vegas has a lump under his left armpit; send  a private message…    🙂

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