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Hypnosis, collective psychology and social networking.

Hypnosis, collective psychology and social networking

It is difficult to explain how hypnosis works in a blog but I can at least explain the basics and how it can be useful to understand it in the context of collective psychology and social networking. You may already know that blind people have more sensitive hearing as a result; because their other senses become more sensitive to compensate for their loss of sight. People close their eyes when they kiss to block out the sense of sight and make the sense of touch more sensual! People are more sensitive in a darkened room only lit by candle light or the flames of a log fire and that is considered romantic.  People make love in a dark room for the same reason. You can of course try putting a brown paper bag over your lovers head to enhance this effect. Please don’t use plastic; the heavy breathing is quite sexy but it can be dangerous. I also had problems with a brown paper bag; I could still remember what she looked like! 🙂  Anyway, to do hypnotherapy a darkened room and a comfortable chair or couch is a good idea. If the subject is still and can’t see or feel very much then their hearing will be much more sensitive. They will hear the slightest change in the therapist’s voice and so it’s important for the therapist to be relaxed and in giving the suggestions must be very honest. The subject will detect lies very easily as the vocal chords tense up with the anxiety. The therapist has to be careful what he or she says. If you have watched the Mentalist on television, they say he hypnotises people when he is just talking to them. Is this possible? In a way it is because what the therapist does is not tell the subject what to do or believe; they suggest things. It is the difference between a boss giving orders or suggesting to employees what they should do; the latter is done in a relaxed way and is more acceptable. The suggestions have to be acceptable and better still desirable. This can lead to problems. It is fine to help someone believe that they can be more confident if they lack confidence; but what is they have homicidal tendencies? You don’t have to hypnotise to suggest that they can be more confident and in turn make them more confident. If you suggest it in an honest way and you believe what you are saying then the suggestion is more likely to work.

Now how do you suggest things online? How do you suggest things to a large number of people? Let us look at the car salesman who shouts at us from the television. “Come on down,” he shouts, “and I’ll do you a great deal; I’m honest Fred!” We tend to think we have heard it all before. The psychological device of repetition may work, particularly on people who are as honest as ‘honest Fred’ who would take you to the cleaners for a quid. So influencing people means relaxing and being honest, certainly don’t shout like those awful salesmen. It means gentle suggestions and they should be an after thought sometimes. ‘You may like this car, isn’t it a nice colour?’ There are two suggestions in that sentence and the second one is the effective suggestion. They tend to think, ‘yes, it is a nice colour’ then they think ‘yes, I do like that.’

To use a cliché, ‘honesty is the best policy’. If you say ‘can I help you,’ have the intention of helping them and not yourself. This is of course offline suggestion and they can’t hear you online if you are blogging or tweeting. Then it gets harder and you have to be repetitive without being boring. You have to be consistent and a good liar needs a good memory and so it’s better to be honest. Never use upper case it’s considered SHOUTING! The car salesman shouts to cover his dishonesty. If you are writing a blog then it should be clear and it should flow with a natural flow. It should read like a relaxed conversation. You shouldn’t attempt to tell the reader anything but suggest things; perhaps changes in what they believe. They may have fixed views about social networking and you want to sell them on the idea of a fan page on Facebook. Don’t try to sell the idea, suggest it is worth considering and then try to add weight to your idea. You may be able to add weight to you idea by giving an example. Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth started a Fan Page last week; is that weighty enough? The same applies of course to LinkedIn profiles with one of the most visited profiles being the very weighty one of the President of the United States. I read the other day that you should keep a blog concise and use bullets and numbering – that will kill the flow dead. That is also a mistake in a resume or CV which also needs honesty, integrity and a nice flow to the writing. I start CV’s with a short story, very short less than 100 words. I do the education, past experience and end with a short story. The ending is usually about interests that invariably include caring for the community and the environment. Being socially responsible is not only a good thing, it’s quite fashionable and if there is a band wagon going your way; why not hitch a ride?

Remember not to try too hard, you will get tense and it will show when you speak and it may show in your writing. We tend to be less afraid when we are relaxed or relaxed when we are less afraid! We joke more when we are less afraid because it takes courage to joke about things. All jokes are at someone’s expense and can offend and so they are risky. Tweets will be more effective if they are funny and people will be more likely to click a short URL to your blog. This is a good way to get people to read your blogs!

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment. I am thinking of serialising a novel in a blog and I will answer questions and blog about things I am asked about.


2 responses

  1. Hi Mike,
    This is excellent advice and great insight into networking. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I will be applying a couple of your suggestions to my own strategies…..ronnie

    23, November 2010 at 4:46 pm

  2. Thank you for the really cool insights. They make complete sense.

    25, December 2010 at 4:27 pm

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