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Leadership and Wikileaks

If you are new to my blogs, research has shown that stupid people dream less, if at all; they are the dreamless ones…

A lesson in leadership

You are CEO of a large company or organisation and you have severe problems. How do you lead the organisation out of difficulty?


1.Give all the executives and managers a pay rise.

2.Cut back and make workers redundant.

3.Talk to all staff; ask (nicely) for efficiency, a pay freeze and extra unpaid work.


The US government has just given all executives in the economy a pay rise by way of tax cuts. The British government is cutting back just like the Canadian government. The question is where did the leaders learn how to lead so badly? It was of course in the top universities where they have no leadership.

When a little maths can be useful

Many years ago in England, mathematicians from Britain and America worked together to try to crack the code used by the German’s Enigma machine. They did it eventually by using a computer designed by a lowly telephone exchange technician. They called the computers Colossus; this was smart thinking. After the war the prime minister ordered the computers to be destroyed; this wasn’t smart thinking. Britain could have led the world into the computer age with the Colossus computers, but Churchill decided against it. He also decided against bombing German synthetic oil terminals to end the war; he thought bombing Berlin and killing innocent people was a better option. Politicians have always been dreamless

We still needed to crack encryption codes and that job went to GCHQ, a top secret facility where mathematicians worked to crack new codes. One mathematician got a job there and the work was explained to him on his first day. He was living as a lodger at a nearby house. That evening he thought about the codes and wrote down a formula that was something like this:

A = 8 mod 3

The answer to that equation is 2, mod returns the remainder. So divide 8 by 2 and the remainder is 2. Now imagine really big numbers the size of numbers that a computer like Colossus could handle; numbers higher than a million. The password to a computer is just a number, it may appear to be numbers and letters; but every key we press on a keyboard sends a number to the processor. If we send a number that is a key (a password) and the recipient has the other key; then we can combine the two keys with this formula to give a remainder and the answer can be the same every time. The key we send can be different every time though! If the key in Nova Scotia is 3 and we send 8 then the remainder is 2. We could send 14 and the computer would divide 14 by 3 and the remainder is still 2! These are small numbers, in practice huge numbers are used; higher than a trillion.

We needed computers though; sod, some dreamless one scrapped them! The system was used successfully to send information to British Embassies around the world for 30 years and by some small miracle it was kept secret! We didn’t tell the dreamless ones how it worked! We didn’t even tell our friends on the other side of the pond how it worked. Unfortunately, a couple of kids came up with the same system in United States and that system is used for secure computer communication even now. You may see a padlock on your screen when doing internet banking for example. The question you should ask is with such a powerful encryption code at the disposal of the US government how did all that ‘top secret’ information get into the hands of Wikileaks? Did they really hack computers or did someone purposely give them the information to expose dreamlessness in government?

The most annoying word of 2010

The most annoying word of 2010 was; whatever. I think the most annoying word of 2011 will probably be dreamless I don’t really care; whatever

Webby on the radio

My friend who wrote Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones is being interviewed on BBC radio on Wednesday. I like the presenter who is interviewing him too; I didn’t even know she had defected to the BBC. I have a radio on my MP3 player, I think I could do a recording; it would be cool to put that on his website. I put a Merry Christmas graphic on yesterday and a video of Slade singing ‘Merry Christmas everybody’. Slade is a local band from Wolverhampton or they were in the 1970’s. I saw them practice at a local disused school where all the bands practised in those days. I used to get asked to manage bands in those days!


I saw an eBook on a website for sale ‘Farmville secrets’, it was out of date and lots of people are trying to sell it because the affiliates make $20 or something. It helps you get past level thirty and up to the highest level 70. I’m on level 101 and my friends are on even higher levels. Farmville keeps changing and so a book isn’t a great idea; maybe a blog? I may do an update of my Farmville secrets as soon as  I get a bull. You put a bull in with your cows before milking and they produce more milk apparently; I know you can’t make this stuff up. You need a gingerbread house on you farm now and there are snowballs fights. I’m about to get a gold award and bonus for doing a co-op in just over 3 days. There is a WordPress theme that looks very much like a Facebook page; even the comments look like the comments on Facebook. There are so many scams associated with Facebook and Farmville in particular.


Yes, it’s snowing again. I cooked homemade soup yesterday and it was delicious; but the photographs weren’t so good. I want those photographs for a website. The trick to getting a good colour is to add washed onion skins to your stock pot when making the chicken stock. That gives the stock a nice golden colour; but I wasn’t using onions!

I haven’t driven on snow yet this winter, but I have ridden a motorbike on snow and come off! It will be harder with all the parked cars and speed humps. The dreamless ones love their speed humps. If they hadn’t spent millions on those, the traffic wouldn’t be so bad and they wouldn’t be in so much trouble and having to cut local spending by around fifty million. They have entered into a contract with a private company so they will collect garbage and do recycling and the contract is worth 300 million. I thought ‘300 million’?  It turned out its 300 million over 25 years; you have to be particularly dreamless to enter into a 25 year contract…

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