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Daylight Robbery!

It’s Daylight Robbery!

It's Daylight Robbery! They had to brick up their windows!

Tuesday, 08 March 2011

It’s Daylight Robbery!

You have heard the term ‘it’s daylight robbery’ but where does it come from? I will explain! You may remember the dreamless ones are stupid because they are genetically descended from Neanderthals and they keep altering the clocks trying to save ‘daylight’. Anyway, way back in 1696 the King of England introduced a window tax. This was a very fair tax.

When the window tax was introduced, it consisted of two parts: a flat-rate house tax of 2 shillings per house (£11.12 as of 2011), and a variable tax for the number of windows above ten windows. Properties with between ten and twenty windows paid a total of four shillings (£22.25 as of 2011), and those above twenty windows paid eight shillings (£44.5 as of 2011). The number of windows that incurred tax was changed to seven in 1766 and eight in 1825. The flat-rate tax was changed to a variable rate, dependent on the property value, in 1778. People who were ineligible for church or poor rates, for reasons of poverty, were exempt from the window tax.] Window tax was relatively unintrusive and easy to assess. The bigger the house, the more windows it was likely to have and the more tax the occupants would pay. Nevertheless, the tax was unpopular, because it was seen by some as a tax on “light and air”.

This was a great tax because people like me would only pay 2 shilling because I live modestly as a poverty stricken writer with just ten windows and people who live in bigger houses paid more. The dreamless ones in their mansions paid even more. I know eight shillings isn’t that much to the rich and dreamless but they thought it was ‘daylight robbery’ it was depriving them of daylight! Why? The stingy sods bricked up their windows! The King’s response to this was of course to introduce a candle tax; they could put a tax on light bulbs…

I have a photograph! I clipped it from Streetview of a property owned by the dreamless ones. Yes, the windows are still bricked up! You can’t make this stuff up and I have a picture to prove it; over 200 years later and the windows are still bricked up! The building in question is just around the corner from Buckingham Palace gardens. My friend has an apartment near there and that is valued at £3,000,000 ($5,000,000) so imagine how much a whole building is worth; even allowing for the bricked up windows. I tried to check out the cars parked outside; isn’t it clean around there and there are parking spaces if you have diplomatic immunity. I think they do, I couldn’t see properly but it looked like diplomatic immunity thingies on the wind screens where the car tax usually goes. I bet there are a few candles in those buildings, they would have stocked up to last a few hundred years. It must have been a bummer when electricity was invented.

If this was brought back today to replace council tax, it wouldn’t affect members of parliament; we all know who they think the sun shines out of. Talking of Cameron; he has these Big Society ideas because the people running the country, as in civil servants, not politicians; are bloody useless and private enterprise can not only do it better, they can make a profit at it and pay themselves obscene bonuses. Did you see the bonus the CEO of Barclay’s Bank got?  Will he have chips for dinner? He can afford caviar. I think Cameronism is just Thatcherism revisited; the building societies went last time. We got lots of stuff outsourced by HR departments to China and Indian call centres in Bangalore. This time, it will be have your heart surgery while on holiday in some God forsaken hole in Asia or Africa. They fix your heart and you come back with malaria.

Michael Moore wrote a good piece about America not being broke, like the politicians and bankers keep saying. It is true of course. Do you imagine for one minute that the Chinese secretly own Apple, Microsoft and Facebook? They are still American and still owned by the rich and the banks. Those tall buildings in New York, have the Chinese bought them all? If no one owns all that property give me one!

America is not broke – Michael Moore

Barclays CEO; Bob Diamond gets £6.5 million bonus

America is not broke; neither is the UK – the rich are just bricking up windows again and screaming it’s ‘daylight robbery!’

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  1. Hilarious and informative at the same time. “You can’t make this stuff up…” So true.

    9, March 2011 at 5:54 am

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