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Creating a phenomena

This photograph was altered using Fotosketcher to good effect.

I wrote about Neodigital art yesterday and did an update on my original blog. I spent a few hours taking photographs for that on Sunday and interest came from people who want to become involved and also people who naturally just want to just look at the pictures. This could be the beginnings of phenomena; you never know. I may even start a group for people who are interested on Facebook.

It was just a few artists who got together in Parisian cafes and bars that started the impressionist movement and then they got lucky when a satirist gave them a little publicity. We have the internet for publicity to tell people about our art and so why shouldn’t the beginning of the 21st century be about a new period in art; Neodigital.

I enhanced the colours on this because they were muted by the bright sun.

I was asked if I could write a blog about being thrifty and frugal especially for students. I thought about it and many people write frugal tips on the internet; where to go for bargains and such information. That isn’t really practical for my blogs because I have readers in different countries and I also think being frugal is a life style and not just passing on money saving tips. You get into the habit of being careful with money and you seem to acquire more and more of it.

It helps of course if you set goals in life. I wanted a holiday and it wasn’t going to be thrifty or frugal. I planned on a top hotel and all mod cons! I have changed my mind, I think living in luxury and wasting money wouldn’t really be enjoyable. I would like a holiday living simply and quietly taking more photographs. I have an idea of where to go because I like the English countryside and it would not only inspire my art but my writing too. I take photographs of the canals a lot and so somewhere by the river would be good.

I wrote recently that life isn’t a rehearsal; it’s like sky diving, you are better with an instructor! I help students and I hope I set an example and help to give them a start at the beginning of what can be an adventure. I encourage them to set goals in life and think about what they want and at the same time what they can contribute to society. I hope I am like the sky diving instructor who gives them a better chance of success. If at first you don’t succeed; don’t take up sky diving! 🙂

I also try to advise students to be tolerant of one another. Recent sociological research showed that people achieve more by cooperation and working together than by competing. I think some competition in business is healthy but not to the point of destruction. You only have to look at the way countries and governments behave, they do much better when they can reach accords and agreements than when they are competitive and hostile. Students too have to learn to be cooperative and learn to work as part of a team and treat each other with respect. They can also treat their ‘instructors’ with respect. It is easy sometimes for young people to write older people off as behind the times or ‘old fashioned’ and dismiss their years of experience as unimportant. This is like ignoring your instructor and jumping out of a plane for the first time when the instructor is still checking your parachute!

Young people can create phenomenal things like new school of art but so can the more experienced older people. The artist mixes paints to get new and original colours; the more variety of colours used the more complex and original the new colour. We have to mix knowledge, style and create a new style that is ours; while appreciating the styles of others. This is what the Parisian artists did and in doing so created that phenomenon that was later to be called impressionism. I’ll continue with Neodigital Art updates and writing; young people have more time and so can create even better phenomena.

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Even a fairly ugly industrial image can look interested.


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