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A Sunday rant!

To appreciate art you need imagination; even more to become involved.

A Sunday rant!

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein.

I think we are only limited by our imaginations. My Neodigital Art appears to be appreciated by more people both online and offline. I can of course share it easily and it’s easy to do and so very socially inclusive. The people who rabbit on about social inclusion tend to be the people who think they are all so; exclusive. They deserve a super-obscene salary and a 35 hours week with maternity pay and an overseas vacation several times a year. They deserve that new luxury car and used isn’t quite good enough.

I would be happy to buy a work of art from a student exhibition but for some people that isn’t ‘good’ enough. They tell us how to live our lives and if we aren’t 9 till 4:30 desk jocks like them; we just aren’t ‘getting it’.

I looked at this page on Facebook and supported the cause. Sacha Hall was arrested and handcuffed by the police for ‘stealing’ food that Tesco had thrown out. They would rather it go to a tip than to someone hungry, we have a food surplus in the world but people still starve because of the pathetic mentality of these moronic desk jocks. They can’t even make it until their 4:30 finish time on a Friday; they are in such a rush to get home the M6 motorway near my home is peak rush hour well before 4 on a Friday afternoon.

I read this week that people are driving less because of the price of fuel; the roads are still congested. They have maybe cut the odd day out and so fuel price does affect consumption. Remember the Lib Dem promise to scrap car tax and add it to fuel; what happened to that promise? I personally would like to see pay as you drive and a few quiet roads on a Sunday. The roads did actually seem quieter last Sunday when I went out to take photographs but there were still morons doing 60 in a 30 zone; they aren’t short of a few quid. They can afford the BMW and the fuel to go with it.

The country is broke though, we need to cut the NHS, services for children and of course students need to take out bigger loans to pay for their education! Take a walk around Knightsbridge and then tell me that the UK is broke or the embassy district of London with their Mercedes and their diplomatic immunity stickers. The police of course do what they are paid to do by the rich and powerful and the student protests were high-jacked by the stupid. I think that could have been a peaceful Ghandi style protest with a co-ordinated online protest and the government may have been forced to think again on student fees and loans. It’s amazing that the uneducated can tweet a protest into life in some God forsaken bit of desert somewhere and British students who are supposed to be smart stuff their protest up.

Students may have knowledge but in this case they appear to have lacked imagination. I didn’t even see a student fan page on Facebook. I don’t blame young people though, they were organised by their teachers and professors; that as their main mistake. I have read some papers written by professors. The professors wrote papers about management after being consultant on Human resources to a NHS trust (health care in England). The language of the paper was very socially inclusive and politically correct on paper; but in practice some of the ideas included spending valuable resources on policing car parks to make sure people didn’t smoke cigarettes in their cars. The outsourcing meant phone numbers with a connection charge and people being put on hold for half an hour, meanwhile the staff answering phones was cut and the people dealing with enquiries tripled. They knew management in theory but not in practice. They would be better staying in the university teaching theory and then learning the practical side of management by taking a year actually working outside the university in a managed environment.  They ‘teach’ students management when they only have ‘theories’ that have never been properly tested.

Politically correct thinking can have far reaching effects. People get jobs because of ‘positive’ discrimination; they get the job because they are female or because of their race or sexuality. This can mean people that aren’t qualified or experienced getting jobs that they aren’t suitable for and the white, heterosexual tends to be frustrated by being discriminated against!

The world is changing and modern ‘culture’ may be fashionable but is it fair? Is it democratic? In the UK people from all over the European Union come to work and they can be a great asset. Their language skills can be an asset, but should they be given preferential treatment because they are not British? This appears to be happening and a positive discrimination approach is practised. The excuse that the British ‘don’t want to work’ for bringing in cheap labour from overseas doesn’t wash. We have minimum statutory wages and often it is just fashionable to employ someone from overseas. Some directors are immigrants themselves and see this as desirable and ‘fair’ while people remain unemployed for years because they just don’t fit an image of the required person.

I have criticised a few people in this blog and some will say, “yeah, I know professors like that, all theory and no experience,” and the same applies to people in Human resources. Then you get the desk jocks who will try to defend their position by attacking mine. Its Sunday, they have time on their hands, they have time on their hands every day of the week; they never do any useful work.

I’ve had my rant; if you fancy a rant there is a comment box below; feel free. Try not to sound like a prat that works in HR… 🙂


7 responses

  1. Great stuff, Mike, edgy, timely, on point. Really enjoyed your stand on the Sacha Hall (unbelievable!) issue. Another niche found here… ?

    20, March 2011 at 2:37 pm

    • I wrote it yesterday and wasn’t quite happy with it; but it seemed OK today with a little editing and gave me a blog to post. I had an afternoon off being Sunday and we took photographs. It was warmer and I found interesting places again; but the light wasn’t so good. We talked about doing guided tours of the hidden places that we go! 🙂

      20, March 2011 at 6:11 pm

  2. Vanessa Jensen

    As I was reading I could feel your frusterations. Beautiful post! I am unaware of the Sacha Hall issue, I will research that next.

    -Will you be posting the photos of these hidden places you speak of?? 🙂 From your previous photos I have seen I am assuming they will be amazing.

    22, March 2011 at 3:13 am

    • There is a link to the Sacha Hall’s Facebook page. I think that is about her taking advantage of the manager of Tesco’s misfortune when a fridge broke down. Even so the top management could intervene. I shall post more Neodigital Art. I hope to write on Social media today; it seems to interest a few people.:) My friend drove hundred’s of miles yesterday and didn’t get more interesting pictures than on Sunday when we didn’t go too far. The grass is always greener somewhere else! Unless I’m paying for the gasoline! 🙂

      22, March 2011 at 1:50 pm

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