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The Dreamless Ones

It's not that time really - we are now on dreamless time...

The Dreamless Ones

One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas I’ll never know: Groucho Marx. 🙂

Which do you think is the predator and which the prey, the man or the elephant with its great strength and huge brain.

The man is the predator because he is smart enough to have the gun! Research by scientists and anthropologists found that the prey tend to sleep anywhere; well elephants can can’t they? The predators are smarter and find somewhere safe to sleep; they sleep much better. The scientists can tell whether people are in a deep sleep or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep in sleep laboratories using instruments that detect REM. They have found that prey has less or even no REM and we know that dreaming causes REM sleep. Prey doesn’t dream; but predators who have found themselves somewhere safe to sleep go into a deep sleep followed by dreaming or REM sleep. It appears there are people who dream a lot, people who dream less and the dreamless. Like the animals the dreamless are the prey, the stupid ones, who aren’t smart enough to find somewhere safe to sleep. The genetics of the dreamless ones suggest they are genetically linked to the Neanderthals. It would appear that early humans did mate with the Neanderthals and hence we now have the dreamless ones. 😦

We have special educational facilities at places in the U.K.  like Oxford and Cambridge for the dreamless ones.  The Prime Minister David Cameron went to Oxford and the deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg went to Cambridge. It would appear certain occupations are reserved for the dreamless ones; politics, the civil service, human resources and military intelligence (there’s an oxymoron) to name but a few. 🙂

Why do I bring this up today? They have been at it again. The dreamless ones are trying to ‘save daylight’ again. I had to set my clock forward an hour this morning. My heating came on at the usual bloody time and it was cold when I got out of bed. The dreamless ones don’t feel the cold; where there is no sense; there is no feeling. 🙂

It was just as well I was up early. I had a message from China and one of my students needed help with her assignment. I tried explaining the ‘daylight saving’ phenomenon to Chinese students; they said they don’t do that it would confuse people; too right. 🙂

You would think after their dreamless experiments with sundials in the Middle Ages; they would know you cannot ‘save daylight’. It is as much of a failure as their experiment to turn lead into gold; it doesn’t work. If you want more daylight, just get up early! 🙂

If you like this week’s Sunday rant; you may like to read last weeks. My rant last week was controversial but supporters out numbered critics by two to one. I did my Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday blogs as usual to try to encourage people to take control of their destiny by taking control of their finances. My Neodigital Art update has some readers this weekend too. In fact the page views for March of all my blogs are five times as many as in February and still four days to go until the end of the month. My first blog as a Farmville Billionaire didn’t do as well as expected but they are all playing Farmville – there is a second English farm now. 🙂

Please, do bookmark my blog, follow me on Twitter or even comment. You can’t make this stuff up… 🙂


11 responses

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  2. The “Dreamless” ones!…Love it! 🙂

    31, March 2011 at 7:02 am

    • You know some of them too? God must love them; he made so many! 🙂

      31, March 2011 at 10:47 am

  3. Rob

    Or it could be that the dreamless ones, incapable of climbing a tree, like a leopard, are in a state of semi-sleep, half awake in case a predator attacks?

    31, March 2011 at 6:02 pm

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