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Neodigital Art – Update Three

Neodigital Art can be found everywhere - this was a nature reserve.

Nature reserve

In previous blogs I have said that anyone can be a Neodigital artist who has a computer and a digital camera. We took these photographs two days ago and they were edited with Windows Live Photo gallery which you can download with the Windows Live suite of programs for free. The first picture was taken in a nature reserve and it was quite sunny. The intense light made the colours quite muted and so the software was used to adjust them later and bring out the reds, oranges and more interesting colours of winter. The very early signs of spring were apparent and people were fishing in the pool. We don’t have lakes, we have pools and canals. I also took photographs of the canals and even a demolition site. I’ll send the demolition photographs to my artist friend. The photographs have been commented on because uploaded lots on to Facebook and the ‘pretty’ ones like this one aren’t always the most popular.  I do like this one though.

Neodigital Art - A bridge over the canal.

Bridge across the canal

The bridge across the canal was an interesting subject and it was a stretch that appeared to be well used with ‘new’ reproduction benches and mooring for narrow boats. This is quite an unusual view and again I enhanced the muted colours. The large truck in the background doesn’t look that out of place!

Neodigital Art - photograph by Simon James.

The Lodge

The final photograph hasn’t been changed very much. It’s the lodge to the local Victorian park. Incidentally, I didn’t travel more than about 2 miles from home to take any of the photographs and we went to 8 different locations. There were several canal locations, a playing field, a demolition site, a nature reserve, a Victorian park and a church yard; they were all within easy reach and so I didn’t use much fuel getting us there.  We have sites of interest on our doorstep and so it’s frugal to use them. I do intend to go farther afield in the summer but not that often and usually when the roads are quiet! I don’t want to add to the congestion even for art. I wanted to take photographs of more Tudor style houses near this lodge but the traffic was that bad; it was virtually impossible.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will check out others including my first Neodigital blog and the Neodigital Update. You may also like to read a little humour, ‘The Dreamless Ones’ was my attempt at satirical humour.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful, Mike. You should start an online “digital” gallery for your work and that of other Neodigital artists. Would be easy to monetize, and could even link over to a real world project.

    31, March 2011 at 3:29 pm

    • There is a guy in Eastern Europe that has a program for a 3D art gallery that is amazing; I may email him when I have a bigger collection and try to do a deal. I had to buy a new graphics card for my old desktop to use it but it was very good. I messed it up somehow and my code doesn’t work; but he should be OK about it, I beta tested the original. It’s that good I would pay again but it needs converting for my gallery and the gallery needs to be bigger. I have a blog tomorrow about my first art exhibition that will be posted later – be sure to read it. It’s my April 1st blog! 🙂 You could join in the fun and use some of my pictures from that blog. Re-blog it and add some stuff – like where it will go when it hits the States!

      31, March 2011 at 5:54 pm

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