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My Exhibition

I wanted to have my exhibition here - it was handy for the supermarket

Victorian Art Gallery

If you have been following my Neodigital Art blogs, you will know that it is an art form based on photography and the finished images can be printed out for an exhibition or they can be uploaded to a server to be viewed online. When I thought about an exhibition, I thought about my local art gallery. It’s a traditional Victorian building and has the grandeur that the Victorians were so fond of creating.

I also thought it was a good venue because there is a supermarket over the road for the bubbly and nibbles (champagne and canapés). We would naturally have a premiere for the exhibition with suitably priced tickets. I expect all the local dignitaries will want to come. The town hall is next door to that art gallery although it isn’t used as a town hall any more. The town was absorbed into a socially inclusive, politically correct form of human resource known as a Metropolitan council.  I have nothing against social inclusion of course; my art is very socially inclusive, while being a little exclusive; of course. There are a handful of members in this school of art so far; but I believe in quality not quantity. 🙂

Modern Art gallery

I was getting used to the idea of that art gallery hosting my first art exhibition and then this one was suggested. The Public is only about four or five miles away and funded by the metropolitan council, the arts council and the National lottery and anyone else they can squeeze a few quid out of. They have some interesting things on at the moment; it may be worth you visiting. I know it looks a little weird in this photograph. It’s the windows, but it is easy to see from Google Earth! I think the architect had a thing about pink too; shocking pink to be exact… 🙂

I know... It's iconic, innit... Bubble shaped pink windows - it's iconic.

I wonder if it has a car park. I suppose I should go and have a look at it. I have reactalite lenses in my glasses, if they can cope with bright sunlight; they should cope with shocking pink. There is a new Tesco being built nearby where I could get the bubbly and nibbles. I wonder how much we should charge for a ticket for the première. I suppose it will be as much as we can get away with. I think David Cameron wants to come, but he might lower the tone. I’m not that keen on Royalty either, but I suppose I have to invite them; I’ll let anyone have a ticket that will pay. The Royals do try it on though, they never want to buy a ticket, half of them never carry cash and have multiple excuses for leaving all credit and debit cards at home. 😦

The Pink Café

I did an update to my Neodigital Art blog, that is interesting and I will do more updates. We find those hidden places as a source of inspiration and unusual photographs. They aren’t as unusual as the photograph of the inside of The Public though. 🙂

You want to come to my exhibition now you've seen this - don't you?

I think that is called the Pink Café; I wonder why? I think my Reactalite lenses will go dim when I go in there. They do react well to bright sunlight and so what is a bit of shocking pink and neon? You can’t make this stuff up. Check out my first Digital Art blog here.

If you’re a blogger and you want to download my pictures and add them to your blog; feel free. I plan to send my exhibition on tour and so you may want to mention your local art gallery in your blog; maybe you have a photograph? You could even add your own Neodigital Art to a blog and get really creative; that would be cool. This is a one day offer though, being April 1st and so get a move on. Please put a link into your April 1st blog back to this one… I’ll invite you to my exhibition; not the première of course; that will be ticket only for dignitaries and dreamless ones. 🙂

6 responses

  1. Cool Mike, have really put the mind reeling and to think that U have such a contribution…… is always a treasure U share, thanx!

    1, April 2011 at 10:04 am

  2. Incredible images! Beautiful!

    1, April 2011 at 9:46 pm

  3. Damn. Hope I made the deadline for the tour…

    1, April 2011 at 9:47 pm

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