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Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal.

T. S. Eliot

A good writer steals just like the poet or the artist. I read a story by a writer some time ago and knew what she watched on TV many years ago; she had used the same ideas. I saw the work of an artist and could see the impressionism of the last century and influences from this century. The artist’s work has since changed, I can’t see the influences so much; it is still impressionist but the influences are more diverse and more complex. She steals her ideas from many sources.

Some writers think they are good and never try to really improve and so will never be great. I always keep trying to improve and look back on some of the work I did in the past and wish sometimes I could delete it from the internet; but it reminds me that I constantly improve and I have been compared to writers that I think are great. I have started manipulating photographs to do Neodigital art and the people who judge whether it is good or not are the people who view it online and comment. I get good reviews from everyone and it’s particularly satisfying when a positive comment comes from an artist that I respect for their talent.

I hear writers complain of ‘writers block’ and they are not sure what to write about. I have written a few blogs this week and I didn’t know what to write about today; but I was sort of spoiled for choice. The readers give me ideas and I know people want to write and blog and so this is a good subject; I could also write another blog about social media or a blog about Neodigital art. Those other subjects will be used over the next week probably.

Where do I get my inspiration? I read a lot and I help students. I worked on a essay for a university student that was about a international airline and that required me to go through the companies annual reports. There was an assignment about travel that needed me to use PowerPoint. I did some ideas on three more assignments for a student here in the UK on humanities (maths and science) then a question on globalisation. All this was mixed in with reading lots of blogs and articles on the internet. I actually logged what I did one day because my computer was unstable and I was surprised how many websites I went on and chatted to a friend on an instant messenger too. I also took photographs on Sunday for my Neodigital Art and then we went to around six locations on Monday to take more photographs when the weather and the light were better. The locations ranged from a demolition site to a nature reserve; amazingly very close to one another. I have just decided on which picture to use on this blog!

I actually have two demolition site photographs that I like. My friend wasn’t very impressed when I stopped to take those but he liked the idea once he could see how interesting the place was. He has also become more interested since an artist said those were the best. I gave my friend recognition for one photograph in one of my blogs too. It is surprising how satisfying it can be to become involved even when there is no other reward than recognition.

I suppose it helps to recognise true wealth and recognition and acceptance coupled with understanding is what all sensible people aspire to. I was asked on an online form if I was a successful writer; of course I am, I enjoy it and I’m recognised by the people that matter. The questioner of course meant do I make a lot of money; I assume they are not successful but perhaps do make a lot of money.

It seems everything now has to make money to be seen as successful. It would appear some people even see their personal relationships as a means to making money and unsuccessful if they only bring about emotional rewards.

I like writing blogs and treasure comments, the feedback is important even though sometimes it can be funny. I think one comment yesterday was meant to be an April fool giving me advice on Farmville!

If you would like to have a go at writing, then a WordPress blog is a good place to start. There are tutorials you can go through to get used to the technical bits. I started last October and I’m just getting used to all the technical bits! I am also finding ways to attract more readers and get page views. That is good practice because I have to think up titles and be careful of the first paragraph because that is all some readers will see before deciding whether to read on; that and  the photograph.

You can start writing just by using your word processor and seeing what you can come up with. If you struggle, then use keywords. If you have an idea to write about cooking, that can be your first keyword followed by kitchen, saucepan and the ingredients of the food. You can just write about each keyword and then read it back and edit it. Using a word processor also helps to edit out the mistakes and you can copy and paste it into the WordPress blog. Setting up the blog is free and it easy just click the link to WordPress!

You will need a name for you blog, using a number like me isn’t a good idea. I used that number after my name when I was first on the net about 11 years ago and so it seems sensible to keep it – people can find my work and me using Google. You can also use search engines and social media to help get your work read. I link to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and even the best of my photographs get shared on Facebook. I also share on Windows live and some are on my Skydrive.

You may like to read these blogs that I prepared earlier. ‘My Exhibition’ was one of my April Fool’s day blogs, ‘Daylight robbery’ was very popular and ‘the Dreamless ones’ was funny. I also wrote a blog about ‘Social media and democracy that you may like.



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  3. “…A good writer steals just like the poet or the artist…”

    Have to take exception w/ that one, old dad. A good writer comes up w/ their own material, like a good artist or poet. The only ones that steal are thieves and charlatans.

    16, May 2011 at 12:13 pm

  4. I didn’t mean plagiarism, but we constantly patch together ideas from lots of sources. They say no one has an original idea, we just adapt existing ideas; I tend to agree. Inspiration doesn’t always come from the written word, I get inspiration when I go to hospital for an appointment. It comes from television, the internet, books, newspapers, magazines, films, conversation, social media even and it’s all a copy and paste job in our minds and we come up with something ‘new’.

    It’s important to understand this because the more diverse your sources the better; I get a lot of ideas from my Chinese students.

    16, May 2011 at 12:31 pm

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