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Neodigital Art - this was taken at a nature reserve a week ago - a hidden treasure


Horoscope Aquarius

Sunday 03 April

Keep a pen and notepad handy, and a camera and your mobile. Today is all about thinking and having the most brilliant ideas you have ever had. Make sure you write them down, photograph them, talk them into a recording device and keep them to hand. Your mind is really operating at the very top of its gearing, and this can see you quick-witted too.

Isn’t that spooky! I had just finished writing some notes in a notepad and I checked my email and got this horoscope. I am planning to go out this afternoon to take photographs for my Neodigital Art blogs and so I checked my mobile (cell phone) was fully charged. Actually it rang, it was still on GMT and the alarm went off; that is my emergency alarm in case I sleep through the clock. It went off a hour late because I hadn’t altered it to dreamless time. I feel constantly tired since altering the clocks an hour; I wish the dreamless ones would leave them alone. You cannot save daylight! I say it every year, twice a year; it makes no difference.

Anyway, guess what is on the table next to me? I have a Sony dictating recording device that records to MP3! I keep it to hand in case I want to record something like a note. It would be handy for interviewing too. I saw next doors cat earlier, I could have asked for an interview. I think it has an eBook out on social media.

I wrote a blog yesterday about how to write, no one appears to be reading it yet. My Daylight Robbery blog was popular and still is, people still read it. I had people from the Wall Street Journal Blog reading my blog about My Exhibition on April the first. The Public really exists and so does the pink café; I need a bloody miracle before they give me an exhibition. I may be crazy, but not crazy enough for them. I probably need a pink tattoo or something and a certificate certifying me as multi-culturally nuts.

Anyway, it’s Sunday so grab your camera go out and take pictures and join my school of art dedicated to Neodigital art! It is so inclusive even you can join; while being exclusive – I don’t let the people who don’t read my blogs join – morons… 🙂


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