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Close Encounters!

Neodigital Art - Do you see this when you look at a cloud?

Horoscope Aquarius

Monday 04 April

Words can be your currency this week, and if they are used in a measured, thoughtful way, your communication can make a major impact. However, equally others can feel passionate about their views and someone may spring something on you that will come as a major surprise, like hearing from an old flame, perhaps by email or text message.

If you missed yesterday’s Spooky blog; I started with my horoscope for the day. I have done so again today. If you read yesterday’s effort you will know I had plans to go out and take photographs. So, what did I do? You might think I did as planned but my horoscope said I would have brilliant ideas! It also said I would be quick witted! It got that right; it rained and I found myself giving advice over the Internet. My friend who usually comes with me went on a trip to take photographs, I was invited but declined. I don’t see why you need to travel fifty miles to photograph cows and horses or anything else when there is lots to photograph close by that we haven’t yet discovered.

I ended up giving advice to friends over the internet and that was more important than an afternoon out. There was a sudden downpour of rain and so I made the right decision. I thought I would have dinner early and maybe still take some photographs while it was still light. I did and I didn’t have to go far to take a few good photographs. You have to just look and see what is there; rather than going looking for it. I saw spooky clouds after the rain and got some good shots from the garden. I used Windows Live photo gallery to make a little adjustment to the photograph above and the cloud turned into something that looks like it’s from Close Encounters! It isn’t difficult to do; the difficult part is recognising what will make a good picture.

Today, words are supposed to make an impact. I looked for yesterday’s blog on my computer and couldn’t find it; maybe I forgot to save it.  I searched for spooky! I didn’t find the blog and so just read it off the website but I did find a spooky MP3! It had spooky in the title anyway. This was strange because I thought that MP3 didn’t transfer from my old computer to this one. I decided to search for more music and found it hidden deep in a folder in a folder in a folder; Windows 7 is weird. I have now moved several hundred MP3’s into a folder that is part of the Windows 7 libraries so I can find them. I have no interest in the pop music really, but have some more classical to play and a couple of Nina Simone albums for when I get bored with classical. 🙂

I have to hear from someone by email or text now. It will have to be email or instant message because my mobile phone is turned off and I am refusing to answer my home phone; someone is calling to try to sell me something! I’m informed of emails as they come in and so I have that eventuality covered. You are wondering who it could be aren’t you? I am too! 🙂

I intend to write a blog devoted to pre-cognitive dreams. I came across a guy last year who calls himself a visionary and has pre-cognitive dreams. I have them too and scientists say it’s cause and effect. We work out what is likely to happen in our dreams and it quite often does. That is seriously; spooky. It does work though, if you can remember your dreams. I get flashbacks and feelings of déjà vu; I can never fully remember them. It is all about cause and effect. I intended to take photographs on a Sunday and have done so cause was my intention and effect was when I went out and took photographs but consciously I didn’t take into account it would pour with rain. My friend didn’t either or he would have taken a coat! 🙂 In our dreams though, our minds work at ten times the normal speed, hence the rapid eye movement that the dreamless ones lack. I had to mention the dreamless ones, if only to get a link in to my blog about them… the fact that I didn’t go out yesterday shows that our predictions about the future can’t be 100% accurate even in our dreams but it is worth paying attention to pre-cognitive dreams. They appear to be very lucid, they appear real and we think they may come true when we wake and remember them. I think some pre-cognitive dreams can be day dreams and they can come true as well. If you don’t have dreams – how can they come true?

I hope you enjoyed today’s close encounter with my words and perhaps you would like to comment? If you missed yesterday’s spooky blog it’s worth looking at just for the Neodigital Art.


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