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Social Media – Cascading the portals

Neodigital Art being democratised by social media

I get my horoscope every day, emailed to me with the weather. It’s been spookily accurate this week. This morning it advised I should only confide my worries to someone I could trust; otherwise I could talk about something confidential and it could lead to gossip. Gossip can be destructive and it’s information or misinformation passing from one person to many and they keep on passing it on. It spreads like a virus to a whole community and sometimes beyond. You can spread gossip or information using social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. When it spreads like a virus this is cascading and the portals are Facebook, LinkedIn, email, Windows Live, blogs and every communication method on the internet. These portals of information are important and very powerful.

There are people that specialise in studying them and advise businesses on how to best use and cascade their information through the various portals. One blog written on the subject is Grannelle’s blog. This is written by Gregory Stringer who often comments on my blogs and is a ‘student’ of social media and with his family is building a business giving advice to business. He is helping with my friend Shari’s class in California where she teaches social media to journalism students and she also has her own blog on her Sharisax web site. I have just made this blog a portal to my friends’ blogs and there are many other ways I can make portals.


I wrote a blog earlier about Farmville, the popular Facebook game by Zynga and I posted a link to my blog on Facebook; naturally and that made a portal. I also embedded keywords into the blog and into the screenshot in the blog that the search engines could find and so I made the search engines portals to my blog. I then Tweeted a link to my blog with a short description and added a picture to the Tweet of a Farmville screenshot; more portals to my blog. If people re-tweet, the Tweet or share my link on Facebook then we are cascading information to a lot of people.


I frequently receive jokes in my email; people like to share the funnies and so that is a great way to cascade information. You can simply end your email with a link to your blog or website or put an image at the end with a hyperlink embedded in it. I like the banners at the end of an email or even at the beginning of an email if you’re forwarding an email on. I had different banners for different email accounts and that worked well until my computer crashed and deleted them all. You can also do a newsletter for people to subscribe to and all it needs to be is interesting serve as a portal to you blog or website. You can make it interesting by incorporating a joke or something interesting enough that it will be forwarded on. After that you simply need a few sentences with hyperlinks embedded in them that will take your readers to more information and you have a very effective portal. The email will cascade too if people forward it. You can use a service like Mailchimp for the emails or a client for bulk emails like The Bat; alternatively in Outlook use groups so you select one group and email the whole group. You may need to do a number of groups in alphabetical order if you server restricts the number of emails you can send in one upload. You may also do different groups for different interests.


I am yet to be convinced that Twitter is an effective portal but I did try adding an image to my tweets today in the hope that a ‘picture might paint a thousand words’. I use hash tags to try to communicate people to people who search for information and hopefully will use better ones as I get used to the medium.


LinkedIn is like the 19th hole (the bar) on the golf course. It is for executives, writers, artists and business owners but it is social. Some people forget that and are like the guy in the bar of the golf club who is always trying to sell you something and never gets a round of drinks in! You avoid him like the plague! You must remember that social media is social and ask not what social media can do for you but what you can do for social media. I hope I use it to change opinions and make for a culture and society that is more socially inclusive. We need to have exclusivity of course; we can’t all be brain surgeons or gynaecologists. In the case of the latter, I don’t mind taking a look… We do need experts and that suggests exclusivity but is the brain surgeon or politician so great that they can’t talk on a level playing field with their peers at the 19th hole? We need some professional exclusivity; not everyone can write like me (thankfully) but we need to be socially inclusive. This means accepting people outside of our usual colleagues, people who speak exotic languages, people of a different culture or colour and people who are less fortunate perhaps because of disability or sickness.


Being socially inclusive is good for business. I had some idiot try the ‘hard sell’ on me last week. He has tried to phone me, I know it’s him and so I ignore the phone and he wastes his time. You have to be transparent, honest and open in social media; then make friends with people and they ask to buy from you, as opposed to you selling to them.  Imagine for a moment the world coming to you wanting whatever product, service, skill or creative energy you have to offer? It is worth thinking about and you won’t be that pain at the 19th hole who is always trying to sell dodgy double glazing.

I wrote a few more popular blogs. The Neodigital Art ones are socially inclusive and getting more popular; the Year of the Ox was about my Chinese horoscope as opposed to the western one I wrote about in Close Encounters. I also updated my Thrifty Thursday and Frugal Friday blogs; read those and save a few quid. I appreciate comments too or you can follow me on Twitter.


5 responses

  1. Mike,
    I “hear” you. This is definitely the way to become even more social . . . and influential. Build and Maintain Community: offer and ask for support; rave about your cohorts; offer valuable info. You DO do it all. And we appreciate your efforts. Thanks

    9, April 2011 at 3:12 pm

  2. Cascading informational portals… what an intriguing concept! You may very well have defined the next online community buzzword/hpothesis, Mike. Excellent post, old friend! Many thanks for the plug and link. You da’ man.

    9, April 2011 at 6:44 pm

    • I’m glad I added to your social media vocabulary – portals is already used in social media; cascading is too but it’s more of a government term – it was secret! 🙂

      9, April 2011 at 6:50 pm

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  4. Added to my Social Media vocabulary. Yeah. Thanks Mike. That lobotomy thing has been messing with me lately. 😉

    12, May 2011 at 4:41 am

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