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Social Media – career enhancement

Neodigital Art - It shows creativity and possibly a respect for nature

Horoscope Aquarius

Sunday 10 April

Look towards your health and well-being. The Moon in your wellness zone is encouraging you to slow down, not so easy for someone who is currently whizzing around at a million MPH. So think about nurture and nourishment. You need the kind of foods that feed your nervous system, brain food, if you like. Eat well like this and you’ll feel so much better.

That’s my horoscope for today. I need some brain food; I have chicken for dinner that is loaded with tryptophan and I’ll have lots of veggies too. My health is the most important thing to me but we have to think about other things and make life interesting. Man cannot live by chicken and veggies alone!

Now I know some of you end the week with ‘thank God it’s Friday’; there are a lot of boring jobs. So you have spent your week cooking burgers in McDonald’s and feel that live is passing you by. You have outside interests but your job seems to dominate your life. Whispering ‘would you like fries with that?’ to your girl friend in bed last night hasn’t helped matters. Bill Gates advised young people that they should start at the bottom ‘flippin’ burgers’; not that he has ever done it.  You don’t have a career to enhance and so you really need to start one. You apply for jobs and some moron in HR (Human Remains)  asks you what you would do if you were invisible for a day; they ask stupid questions like that. My friend said he would go in the ladies changing room; he has no imagination. Personally, I would be torn between the girl’s showers and robbing a bank…

Have I mentioned that I collect things? I collect stamps, coins, postcards and interesting things. It may sound boring, but you show a 1966 World Cup stamp to a soccer fanatic and they are interested; the same applies to postcards. I have postcards going back over 100 years and people are nostalgic and fascinated by the past. I don’t mean images of boring beaches; I mean images showing buildings and cars and even art. I have a picture of a guy sitting on a beach reading a newspaper; that sounds boring until you notice the headline of the newspaper is about the Titanic sinking! They should have gone looking at dolphins; not icebergs… 🙂

I also take photographs for my Neodigital art and I do a little writing. I blog and I have written a novel; and half written a second novel. I also play Farmville and write about it! 🙂

I’ve been helping students too, some are in China and I enjoy that because they are business students and that is something I know about. They don’t just ask about business but about life and it’s good to give them advice when they are just starting their careers. I talk to them using Windows live Instant messenger. They are using social media to get better grades at university and also to be more interesting. Interests outside of work, make you more interesting…

You may be a ‘burger flipper’ but you’re an interesting ‘burger flipper’ who has lots to put in your resume.  The more interests you have outside of work; the more interesting you are! It could be Neodigital Art or writing like me; this shows creativity, but equally it could be sport. If you are interested in sport and participating in it as opposed to watching it on TV drinking beer; this will be seen by prospective employers as an healthy attitude to life. Cooking is a great interest too, I not only cook; I take photographs of the food! 🙂

You can use social media to share what you do and tell the world how interesting you are! Take photographs of your interests or make comments on Facebook or LinkedIn. Use Windows Live to chat to people and you may even like using the webcam. You can share photographs and music using Windows Live too. One of my students in China sleeps with a rag doll and has a mosquito net around her bed; I know this, she used social media to share the photograph.

I wrote about social media yesterday and you may like to read that. I also wrote about Neodigital Art with some tips on enhancing photographs and that is interesting. In the meantime check out my Thrifty and Frugal blogs; you need to save a bit until you get past the ‘burger and fries’ phase. I’ll write about enhancing your business, one of the days; social media has unlimited uses…


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