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The Secrets of Success

Success means following many small steps. One step at a time.

The secrets of success

“Be a dreamer; for a dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight and then see the dawn before the rest of the world.”- Oscar Wilde

I would like to thank Robin and Judy for bringing that quote to my attention. They started following me on Twitter today; I have no idea who they are; but they must be smart! 🙂

You want to know the secrets of success? In science, when we have a problem, we first of all define what the problem is. What is success? Some people think success is lots of money and to others success is lots of power. I just think I’ll be successful, if and when I’m happy; in the meantime I settle for contentment. So decide what success is; that is the first step.


We need motivation to do anything, even to get out of bed in the morning and so you have to give this some thought. What is it that would make you happy? I asked my friend this and he said a girl friend and a job. He may be right, but did he get the order right? Does he have his priorities right; should the job come first so he has money to go on dates? So we do need to set priorities. We also need to set goals; success won’t come with just one step, it will probably come with many small steps.

One small step…

As the man said; one small step can be one giant leap for mankind. You have to decide in advance the many small steps that may lead to happiness. Some steps you may not like and you may have to decide on goals that you are not exactly thrilled about. My horoscope today advised me to get out in the fresh air and relax; I intend to do that this afternoon. This morning I did a few things I was avoiding; a trip to my doctors and I had a phone call to make. The phone call; I expected would be taken by a dreamless one and I also expected voice mail. I got the voice mail system but then someone answered who understood what I wanted and it only took a few minutes; we always imagine and expect things to be worse than what actually happens. On Sunday, I went out to take photographs and before that, went for a drive on unfamiliar roads. I do hate wasting fuel but wanted to familiarise myself with these roads in preparation for a trip that I don’t really want to make. It is not just that the roads are unfamiliar, they are also narrow and awkward and then when I arrive things may get worse. I have a better route now so I took one small step towards my goal; all I have to do now is convince myself I am imagining things will be bad when I reach my destination when in reality they probably won’t be.

Diversity and alternatives

I had some news about an investment last week; it has been dropping fast; did I make a mistake with this investment? I believed that I was investing in a promising company with good returns and it hasn’t done so good. I have been diverse and if I lose all the money it’s not the end of the world; but the shares went up 49% in one day last week. It isn’t time to celebrate but it’s a step in the right direction and perhaps proves that I was right in my initial analysis of the company.  I also try to be diverse in the news I read, I do read right wing stuff but also liberal news and even left wing news – not that there is much left wing news any more. I try to be diverse in what affects my opinion and keep my opinion open. I try to be open minded, open to new ideas and new challenges. I wrote about social media the other day; that is useful for being diverse and provides useful tools to help you achieve goals.


What is more important? The new designer clothes, the new car or just enjoying the day? I am quite happy with my car; it’s not a status symbol. If you are competing with other people; trying to keep up with the Joneses; you will never find success, you are like a dog chasing its own tail that is a never ending pursuit.

Be social

People can achieve more when they work collectively rather than when they work in competition. A little competition can be healthy; too much can be destructive. I tell my friends about my blogs by sending out links on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and good friends share those links and help me get more readers. I’m not even in the lead at Farmville even though I have 1,000,000,000 coins! I try to compete against myself not others and writing about Farmville is more important than playing it. One of my many goals is to get a spot writing a weekly satirical column for a website, newspaper or magazine. If I am successful then my friends will be more successful – success breeds success.

Success breeds success

My friend wants a job and a girl friend, if he had a high paid job they would probably head hunt him and if he was dating a beautiful girl they would all want to date him; success breeds success; it’s sod’s law. People often say that they just need a start, to get on the first rung of the ladder. Graduates with degrees can’t get a job because the people in Human Remains say they need ‘experience’. I see successful companies now actually giving away their new products! I get a ‘free’ anti-virus from Microsoft and it makes good business sense – it virtually puts the competition in anti virus software out of business; the same applies to music players and programming software. Google gives away maps, Streetview, email and so on for the same reason. They are successful and are perceived as being generous and so for them success breeds success as they elbow out the competition.

Even having a successful friend can help you be successful as their success breeds your success. You may like to follow me on Twitter… 🙂


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