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Oiks and Toffs

The Black Country Forest by the railway...

Oiks and Toffs

If you don’t know what Oiks and Toffs are; I will explain. The Toffs are people like Cameron who went to Eton and of course Oxford and his mate Cleggy went to Cambridge. I probably qualify as an oik! I was one of those nasty rough lads from town, who spoke with a working class accent. I got my hands dirty at times too and actually did some work; I must be an oik. We oiks had our day though and we went a message to Cleggy in the elections.

The Lib Dems got pasted in the local elections; which had something to do with Cleggy going back on election promises; particularly to students. He is a toff and behaving like an Oxbridge toff; you don’t fool us Cleggy. He was a little disappointed in the referendum on the alternative vote too. Well what did they expect? AV – what the hell is that? I could have told them not to use an acronym people aren’t familiar with for an electoral system they are even less familiar with. The idea of the alternative vote was a single transferable vote that would be transferred to your second choice if you so wished. It was the, if you so wished part, they forgot to tell people; you don’t have to make a second choice. You can vote Labour or Conservative and say stuff the Liberal democrats if you want to. They made the second choice sound like it was compulsory. I got a lot of stuff by email but didn’t see leaflets. Maybe it was on the TV for the dreamless ones to watch? I didn’t see anything but I only watch a film in bed a few times a week. The campaign was a mess; better luck next time Cleggy; if there is a next time. I looked at Cleggy’s profile on LinkedIn; he has some ‘friends’; a damn sight more than Cameron anyway. I think it’s probably a waste of time sending him a message through LinkedIn or any other way unless you are a constituent; he was open to that sort of thing before he became deputy prime minister. Now he’s one of Cameron’s lackeys.

I haven’t posted a blog on my home page for nearly a month. I have done the Thrifty Thursday blog; the Frugal Friday blog and the Farmville updates! I was busy; what do you want for nothing!

While I was busy, Bin Laden was found. He was a rich Arab and they found him in a small mansion with his family; what a surprise! He should have been languishing in a cave full of explosives in Afghanistan; but he wasn’t. Someone compared him to Che Guevara; you know the guy the trendy kids have on their T – shirts sometimes when they are rebelling against something. I do see a similarity between them; Bin Laden pretended to represent Islam and suckered supporters and got them killed; Guevara pretended to be a Marxist and suckered people and got them killed. I remember Guevara, he hated most of the world; Americans, the British, Europeans, Japanese and even the Russian imperialists in the end. Russia did do a deal that robbed Guevara of a grand victory though. He had the Russians and Americans at each others throats over the Cuban missile affair; then when Kennedy stood firm; the Russians did a deal. Well, we were all a little concerned about mutually assured destruction. The next year, the world held its breath once again when President Kennedy was assassinated. It was a difficult time for me then; I had just started at a posh school and the local oiks were jealous… 🙂

I nearly forgot that wedding, I tried explaining how much those silly hats the women wore to someone; they found it hard to believe. I’ve forgotten how much it did cost now, but like Richard Gere said in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ it was obscene amounts of money. I read that the average income in the UK is £33,000 per household and the average wealth is £275,000. How do you save £275,000 when you are earning £33,000 a year? You buy a house for £10,000, scrimp to pay the mortgage for 25 years and then remortgage to ‘trade up’ and after you eventually pay off all you debts you retire to a life of poverty in a house worth £275,000. No, you can’t sell it and take the money; where would you live? 😦

When John Kennedy was shot in Dallas, a guy up the road told us. He had picked up a message on his amateur radio. We knew before the BBC; this time it was out on Twitter before the BBC knew. I knew; before Twitter knew; I have my sources… 🙂

I’ll mention the picture at the top; notice the trees on the right of the photograph. That is what we do in central England; plant trees anywhere we can get them; at the side of railway lines, the side of canals, in parks, in gardens and it all makes up the Black Country forest. It’s a bloody nuisance because I get hay fever from tree pollen, but it looks nice.

You may want to read the Thrifty Thursday update or Frugal Friday? You can also read the secrets of success or read more about Cameron and Cleggy in the dreamless ones… 🙂

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