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Neodigital Art Update

Neodigital Art - A simple bridge can make an interesting picture

My first picture today was taken locally. You don’t normally have to travel far unless you live in the middle of a desert. This was just a bridge over a railway and I added some contrast and cropped the original picture. I think the blue railing make the picture look more interesting.

You can get into Neodigital Art with just about any digital camera and Windows Live Photo gallery will be good enough to manipulate the images. There appears to be growing interest and although some people want to do more complex things with Photoshop or Gimp; that’s fine but more complex and possibly expensive and so generally speaking you are better off keeping it simple. The challenge is to look for interesting subjects, get a good shot and then make something aesthetically pleasing with simple software.

For this next picture I used Fotosketcher, its Freeware and not complicated to use. The photograph was virtually monochrome and so I have made an interesting picture. The original was simply a bridge over a motorway but more interesting than the photographs of the park that was close by. The program has brought out the shadows and textures and made for an interesting picture.

Neodigital - concrete can be artistic

The next picture was taken in the same place and this picture has minimal editing.  I added contrast to this photograph and tried to bring out the railway lines clearly. It made the sky look even whiter than it did before.  The photograph was taken into the sun and the sky is bluer on the shots down the line away from the sun; but they aren’t quite such interesting photographs.

Neodigital Art - The railway made an interesting shot

The final picture has even less editing and is the same railways line taken away from the sun. The picture appears to have less depth but I still interesting and the electrical overhead lines make the photograph more interesting.

Neodigital Art - Overhead lines make it interesting


4 responses

  1. Hi Mike, So glad I found your blog through LinkedIn! You clearly have the eye and talent of an artist. I lived in England for 3 1/2 years but never saw these scenes as art. Now I do!

    I also checked out your Farmville blog. Great pointers! Your artistry shows in your farm too. Well done.

    11, May 2011 at 7:26 pm

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