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Windows Live


I’ve started with a picture from a photograph that I took yesterday. We took around 400 photographs yesterday afternoon for my Neodigital Art blogs and the light wasn’t very good. I ‘improve’ the photographs with Windows Live Photo gallery. I also use Windows Live Instant messenger to share photographs with my friends. I talked to a student in China last week using the instant messenger and she was able to talk into a microphone; it isn’t as clear over thousands of miles as it is connecting locally; but it works. I also shared photographs with a friend who came with me to take photographs yesterday.  In fact he just shared a photo with me and I can switch from one program to another.

Another useful program is the Live Mail program for doing email; although I use Outlook. Windows Live movie maker is also useful for editing and making movies from a webcam or photographs. The suite of programs is free from Windows Live and you can just download all the programs easily.

My friend Shari teaches Social Media at a college and online and she want to do a blog at Blogger even though she has a WordPress blog and one on her own web space. She needs to become familiar with Blogger so she can offer tuition in that as well as WordPress. It can be made much easier for her to post to Blogger and WordPress; by using Windows Live Writer. I don’t normally use it, but it will link to Blogger and WordPress and so today I have linked it up to WordPress to try it out. So far it has downloaded my theme and I’m having no problems, I have added a picture, chosen a Category and entered tags for the blog. I was also more easily able to choose my font and font size.

I have word count just like I usually have using Microsoft Word and so if this uploads OK then I have a much better way of posting my blogs. I can also do headings with out any problems and so the only thing left I haven’t found is the ‘more’ tag. I have  a view site option and so may have to use that. This option for posting Blogger or WordPress blogs appears to be good one and it has a spell checker, if not a grammar checker.

You may like to check out the Neodigital Art blog I posted at the weekend.



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