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The wise ones


I have written about the dreamless ones before; they are of course the people who don’t dream and tend to be rather stupid.  God of course loves the dreamless ones; he made so many of them. There are also the hopeless, clueless, hapless, gormless and last but not least the chinless. The latter are mostly found in London and around Westminster. The wise ones are different; there is nothing stupid about the wise ones. They dream… 

It is also worth knowing that the wise ones also tend to be a little older and have gained their wisdom through a lifetime of experiences. I can also tell you besides having very vivid and lucid dreams that often come true; the wise ones also have flashes of brilliant white light as they try to sleep. Switch out the lights and close your eyes and out of the darkness comes momentary flashes of pure white light. The dreamless ones  don’t see these white flashes; they are way too dreamless.

The wise ones are not as common as the dreamless ones but they are every where. I was told about a monk in that temple in China; the one where the terracotta soldiers are. The monk was a Buddhist monk and he could see the future; he probably had vivid and lucid dreams of future events. He could have come from Tibet, many Buddhist monks do and they are considered to be very wise there. The wise ones aren’t taken so seriously here in the West; I’ve been having those bright white flashes for years now. Does anyone care? Lucid dreams tend to come true but they don’t predict the future with 100% accuracy; they are precognitive; some people say they are premonitions. I get a lot of people visit my blog in search of premonitions. No one seems to know how accurate these precognitions are but they seem to be memories of dreams. They are triggered by something that reminds the wise ones of their dreams and they experience an emotion that they can equate with an event; that is often in the future. It may be a good emotion, a happy feeling or a bad emotion as in a unhappy feeling.

The picture at the top of this blog could trigger just such an emotion and a wise one would remember a dream. It doesn’t really do a lot for me, I took that photograph on Sunday; the flowers growing at the side of the river looked nice. That isn’t too far from my home; maybe a half of a mile. I am not dreamless, why waste petrol going miles to take photographs? I took over 200 on Sunday; 282 to be exact but I did take a few scenes several times to get the different angles. That is the River Tame in the picture, it runs through Birmingham and the Black Country here in the Heart of England.

Did you know that many things used to be made here in the Black Country? It was very industrialised; many moons ago. We even made the anchor for the Titanic. They say we made it too heavy… I say it was the captain’s fault; who wants to go looking at icebergs when you can go looking at dolphins? We also made many other things because we had a lot of coal and we have more canals than Venice; they were used for transportation of goods before the railways were built. The River Tame was an important source of energy once upon a time, driving water mills; we even had windmills to grind the wheat and make flour. The wise ones were often in charge in those days; now everything is run by the dreamless ones. Things don’t always change for the better.

The future looks uncertain but the wise ones aren’t too worried. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dreamless one and end up running a small country like the UK? I worry about such things sometimes but it’s not really worth it. Some people are too scared to live (and too young to die). If you have enjoyed this blog you may like to share it with your friends on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You can also subscribe, follow me on Twitter or bookmark my blog. There are more blogs to read; the Thrifty  blog; Frugal Friday blog and of course my Neodigital Art blogs.


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