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A mid-week ramble


Russia arrests man who ate human liver with potatoes – Reuters

Quite right too, everyone knows you should have onions with liver…

The picture I started this blog with is one of around 240 I took last Sunday. I take photographs for my Neodigital Art blogs. They are proving more popular all the time. It’s a photograph of a canal, we have a lot of them. They were built in the 18th and 19th centuries to provide a transport system prior to the building of the railway system. They are still popular and are now largely used for leisure. I am trying to write a blog every day. Someone asked how I managed it and it requires inspiration and dedication. I have written one already today. I wrote the Thrifty Thursday blog a day early. I’m not sure if it’s good or not and so I’ll edit it and proof read it tomorrow.

I’ve also chatted online today with students in China and a friend here who usually comes with me when I take photographs and he ‘shared’ his photos with me using Windows Live Instant messenger. I don’t feel like I have had a productive day and it’s nearly over; but at least I have written a blog and I may just finish this one. I wrote a blog earlier in the week about using this Windows Live writer and the other programs in the Windows Live suite of programs. I also wrote too scared to live (too young to die); that was about anxiety. I got a comment about that when someone said I described how they felt or said what they wanted to say; words to that effect. My blog  the wise ones was  an attempt at humour.

I have to admit, I’m not in a very humorous mood this week. I was expecting an email from a publisher who will remain nameless but promised a response within 3 working days. It has been a lot longer than that and I have heard nothing. I am a little tired of publishers and editors. I would like to write a humorous, satirical story or blog once a week for a website, newspaper or magazine and spend the rest of the week taking photographs for it and doing the research. I would also like to get my novel published so I’m motivated to write another. I can publish it myself but I’ve seen that done and I’d prefer to go through the full editorial process to get it perfect or as near perfect as we can. The novel is of course a ridiculous comedy. I think people need fantasy and need to laugh and so I try to write comedy. I have a lot of friends on the social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; I need to learn how to persuade them to spread the word about my blogs. Share the url and re-tweet the links to my blogs!  I am getting more readers that play Farmville just lately. I am good at it though. I have a billion coins and I will probably have another 100 million by the end of this week; I have nothing to spend them on!

I bet on a few horses this afternoon; that made a change. One of them nearly won at 42 to 1, I was excited for at least a second. I did actually pick two winners out of about 14 horses and so it was a inexpensive afternoon. It was more exciting than watching television. We have all these Freeview television channels but I’ve seen all the movies that are on tonight. They can apparently transmit about 100 channels on Freeview now; we already have 40 channels of crap; why would we want more?

The dreamless ones like it though and tomorrow they can read all about it in a newspaper produced by News international. They specialise in newspapers for the dreamless ones. News International is a subsidiary of News Corporation who own papers in Australia and the New York Post.  They also own Myspace, which was one of the original social networks but appears to be concentrating on music now. they describe themselves as a diversified global media company worth around 60 billion. They own American Idol; I didn’t know that, but then I wouldn’t, would I?

I think I’ll go to bed and watch a digitised crap film… You may like to follow me on Twitter it’s more interesting than watching television. You may have missed my last Neodigital Art blog too?


3 responses

  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for including your beautiful photo. Your amazing art enhances your fascinating writing.

    When I lived in England, our Freeview box got just six channels. Never anything entertaining so I gave away the box. Sounds like it’s not much better even with more channels.

    I just shared this post on StumbleUpon. Hopefully the world will see it and enjoy it as much as I have.

    I’m not a liver fan.

    18, May 2011 at 9:08 pm

    • I liked chicken livers but can’t get them now. I have Lara Croft on; but am only really listening to it! lol I thought about buying a TV for my bedroom today but I really want it so I can do a slide show of art from a USB flash drive – maybe with music. There is a video on Facebook of a lot of photos with classical music. I also have a lot of photos, many not edited as much. I save the best for blogs.

      18, May 2011 at 10:06 pm

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