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Neodigital Art Update Six

Brown Hills and Chase Water (14)

This is a photograph taken at Chasewater in Staffordshire, near Walsall. The photograph has been altered with Windows Live photo gallery. The original photograph was taken by Simon James.

Sheepwash 092

This next picture isn’t typical Neodigital Art and this this is from a photograph that I took a few weeks ago. The weather was just beginning to change to spring and although its a nice picture; the sky is very white and the picture isn’t particularly interesting. Photographs with something man made in the picture appears to work better.

Bentley Mill 058

This picture again is very pretty and looks like the English countryside (it isn’t); but not typical Neodigital Art. I tried to get this picture again today and get all three arches of that bridge across the river. The basic idea of Neodigital though is to take a photograph and alter it digitally to make a aesthetically pleasing picture; it doesn’t have to be too impressionist.

Sheepwash 038

The final picture is taken from a photograph of a bridge over the canal. This isn’t typical of Neodigital again; but has a man made structure and that adds to the interest of the picture. If you have a digital camera why not try producing a picture yourself; you can get Windows Live photo gallery free to manipulate the photograph with and then all you need is imagination!

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3 responses

  1. I just love your blog, Mike! It’s like taking a break from the mad world and visiting an art gallery or a museum.

    Thank you very much for explaining both Neodigital photography and what goes into making your pictures so special. I find it fascinating that a man made object in a picture of nature provides much needed contrast.

    Can’t wait for your next installment!

    20, May 2011 at 8:17 pm

  2. The brick built bridge is 18th century and we went there again this week. it has a plaque saying 1797 in Roman numerals and it’s fascinating to look at the geography, history and nature. The canal and bridges took 50 years to build and it’s elevated and the river runs parallel. I can’t figure the river out, we get access at points along the river. I found a brook as part of the source this week; but it flows in opposite directions and must go somewhere! The man made objects were largely made during the industrial revolution and so a real piece of engineering; we get great contrasts. I may get better pictures because I have changed the resolution on my camera and I’m going to try different settings. This isn’t my most popular blog but it’s getting there! Thanks for the support.

    20, May 2011 at 10:00 pm

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