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sketcher - MILL 143

I have started today’s blog with a picture of the entrance to a church yard; for no particular reason, except it looks nice. It is a another attempt at Neodigital Art and I have a few blogs on that subject, complete with pictures. Neodigital Art is actually getting more popular and the originals to some pictures are in fact priceless. The original file size of this one is only 1.52 Mb; but they can be twice as large. You need a high resolution picture to make large copies and up to 10,000 copies can be made in a limited edition of a work of art and so the original file can be expensive.

I have written about the dreamless ones, who aren’t too bright. I have also written about the wise ones and there is nothing stupid about us! I’ll give you another example of how to to recognise a wise one though; besides those flashes of light and inspiration that we get; there is also word recall. This is more of a problem; we tend to have problems recalling just one word. I first experienced this writing a Christmas card; I couldn’t remember my neighbour’s name; I could remember his wife’s name! That didn’t really help and it was after Christmas by the time I recalled it. There have been other words, anxiolytic was one I couldn’t recall when it was needed. This week it was a very simple word; I was trying to remember the name of! A simple word like about! I had it bookmarked fortunately. The point is, if you have word recall problems; you shouldn’t worry, you are probably older and slowly becoming one of  the wise ones! To to become one of the wise ones you must learn by experience and this takes time and so you have no chance of achieving it while you are young; but you should start young! The wise ones will help; that is what we are here for! We are always here to give advice and tell you how dreamless you are… If you find yourself denying the existence of the wise ones; worry, because you are probably one of the dreamless ones

There is some more wisdom for a windy Sunday. The weather is actually improving and so I am going out to take photographs for my Neodigital Art and will post a blog using the new photographs in a day or two. I have actually read the manual for my camera and so will experiment with apertures and all sorts of technical stuff today.

You may like to read Neodigital Art – Update Six, the wise ones, the dreamless ones, a mid-week ramble or too scared to live; I was busy this week and blogged every day!



2 responses

  1. I love your church yard picture. The entrance is very similar to the entrance to a cemetery in Beaconsfield I walked through about a year ago. Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see what you shoot today!

    22, May 2011 at 3:29 pm

  2. Thanks, it wasn’t a great afternoon. My colour was better but the light wasn’t too good; too many black clouds. I am getting fussy though and looking for really good shots. I took a picture of a church through the entrance and i like that picture a lot, so I may use that one in my next Neodigital post. The best pictures today was when I set the camera to keep on shooting and held it close to the water at the side of a lake. The waves look enormous! I also found the river that feed the lake and it runs through it. It dries up every now and then and I can check the river now; we will be experts on that river and it’s sources soon. we found a source last week! 🙂 I used Fotosketcher to make that picture a little different and get more texture. I wrote that blog quickly after lunch using Windows Live writer and published it.

    22, May 2011 at 7:01 pm

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