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Neodigital Art Update Seven

Neodigital Bridge

The first picture is a simple bridge. I crossed this bridge and was a little confused about what it was for. I worked it out eventually; the river runs at the side of the bridge and when it floods the flood water goes under the bridge. The white flowers in the background line the river bank and this was an important river a few hundred years ago supplying power for water wheels. It’s interesting to look at the geography and history of the places we go. This bridge looks modern but there are eighteen century bridges nearby carrying the canal. The canal too was an important piece of engineering at the end of the eighteenth century taking around fifty years to complete.

You can double click the picture and bring it up in a new window and then right click and saveas; then you can either display it on you computer screen, on a digital picture frame or even on your television if it has a USB port and allows slideshows. You can even print it out; but it has to be compressed to go on this site and so the resolution may not be high enough for a large print. Art does come in all shapes and sizes though. We tend to think of art as quite big pictures but it can be postage stamp size or postcard size or as big as the side of a building.

MILL 109

The next picture looks like typical English countryside; it isn’t! On the other side of the field are Mexican and Indian style restaurants, a cinema and a casino. The river with those white flowers on the banks meanders across the field and is fed from a brook close by then it goes under a seventeenth century bridge that carries the man-made canal over the top.

This picture will probably print to A4 without much of a loss of resolution. I have the original file of course and could print as many as I wanted to. That file is 2.29 Mb and so in practice would print quite large. I wouldn’t print copies indiscriminately though; it is better printed in limited editions. The originals would be quite valuable; as you can imagine, if 10,000 copies were printed for world wide distribution to collectors and galleries. In the UK even student art fetches quite high prices because so much work goes into them. It appears less work goes into Neodigital Art, but to get a really good picture I have to take a good photograph and then manipulate it. I have gone through hundreds today to find just a few for this blog.


The next picture is the same river but a different section and a point where your can walk across, if you’re careful!


Here you can see that the man-made canal can be just as attractive as the river. They have made use of that by building apartments overlooking the canal. The canal doesn’t flow of course and was built level, where the level varies locks were installed; you can see a lock as the canal leaves the canal basin. You can just see a couple of guys fishing the canal. That used to be very popular but I still see it wherever we go. You need a licence to fish but I talked to someone this week who didn’t have one! I posted a blog yesterday Highway Robbery which you may like; previous posts include word-recall, Neodigital Art Update six, a midweek ramble, the wise ones and too scared to live which was about stress and coping with anxiety. The usual pages are on links at the top of the page and are thrifty, frugal and Farmville!

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2 responses

  1. Mike, thanks for giving your permission for us to download these pics. I like the bridge pic of the canal and the field better. The one with the building doesn’t speak to me as much.

    Could you post a before and after of one of your digitally altered images to demonstrate the difference between the two? Just an idea.

    6, June 2011 at 8:21 pm

  2. You read my mind! I was thinking of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ with a tutorial. I need a new photo taken on a day when the light is good. I think the next Neodigital blog may feature my friends pictures and maybe one or two of mine; but I’ll try for a tutorial soon.

    6, June 2011 at 10:14 pm

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