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To sleep, perchance to dream… II

Sketcher - HARTLEYS 1

Aquarius horoscope, Wednesday, 25/5/2011

Life is not all about work, but we have to do it. Try to find a way to make what you do more fun and interesting. The Sun in your creative zone aspects revolutionary Uranus. All it needs is a change in your thinking to bring you more enthusiasm, more playfulness and greater inquisitiveness. Mix this together and pure magic is possible.

I am a little creative today. That is my horoscope for today and I got a little inquisitive last night and took a few photographs for my Neodigital Art blogs. Andy Warhol did a screen print of a Campbell’s tomato soup can, amongst other things and so I had a go and started with a Hartley’s raspberry jelly. I did some more pictures but this one will do for a start. It’s more fun and interesting and I have some more close up pictures for my next blog about art.

I survived ‘the end of the world’ on Saturday; it appears to have been postponed until October. We have had a few natural disasters in the past few months; I’m having nightmares! I dreamt that the earth was struck by a meteor last night. I have had inquiries about whether lucid dreams predict the future. They can be precognitive according to some researchers. My dream won’t come true there were inaccuracies in it that can’t come true. I have had precognitive dreams that have come true though and one in particular after surgery while I was still under the influence of drugs. Occasionally, I get feelings of Déjà vu and remember them. I did remember a lucid dream last week but it was just a feeling of Déjà vu as I drove down a road. I hadn’t driven down there before but remembered it from a recurring dream. It wasn’t very significant except for the same uncomfortable feeling I had in the dream.  I know now what is at the end of that road; in the dream I never get to the end. It was just a narrow winding lane and a pain; I won’t drive there again.

I think these lucid dreams could be useful if I could remember them. I am getting more interested in investments and forecasting the future is quite useful when you are investing money! I predicted the Alternative Investments Market of the London Stock Exchange would do well this year and maybe next. I’m not the only one, I saw someone else predicting a lot of mergers and acquisitions. That could be interesting and profitable. It is a risky market though and so I’ll keep on researching. There are signs of so called ‘green shoots’ in the stock markets now as more initial public offering are made but there is a long way to go. 

I thought I was getting feelings of Déjà vu when I wrote the title of this blog; I have used it before; this can be my second one…

It could be worse, I could be dreamless. I have dreams when I sleep and when I’m awake! Someone wants to know how to use Windows Live Photo gallery. You click a picture and it should open in Windows live photo gallery; if it doesn’t you can right click the picture and set the default program. Once it has opened you can view your pictures and you can use the scroll function on your computer (mouse) if you have one, to zoom in and then drag the picture to zoom in on something in particular. Then click edit, organise or share to edit the picture. I tend to add contrast to most of my pictures. Moving the slider on the histogram gives quite spectacular effects too. When you print them out try printing postcard size. Jean-Michel Basquiat became famous by selling postcard sized pictures to Andy Warhol; size doesn’t matter when it comes to art.

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There is also the original To Sleep, perchance to dream blog from last November!


4 responses

  1. Of all the world’s bloggers, you happen to be one… I just play the role on the Internet.

    27, May 2011 at 10:13 am

  2. The latest news that I have heard is Microsoft is going to change Windows Sky drive and make it more useful. I certainly like Windows Live writer, it can’t do updates to ‘pages’ but I did this blog with it. I have an advantage in that I can write on a few different subjects. I may even add a fictional page.

    27, May 2011 at 11:14 am

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