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Exploding alarm clocks and killer cucumbers

Exploding Alarm Clocks!

Small explosives concealed in alarm clocks detonated at Ikea furniture stores in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Belgian authorities said on Tuesday.The explosions in stores in the Belgian city of Ghent, Lille in northern France and Eindhoven in The Netherlands caused no damage or injuries.

When I read this I thought, ‘ah, time bombs’. I was wrong, they were set off by remote control. I wonder where the guy was with the remote controller? Maybe he was lurking in the television department waiting his chance to change channels? It makes a change from suicide bombers though. The explosives were designed to cause alarm I suspect; why else would he use alarm clocks? He could have been sitting on the car park with the remote controller for the locks on his car; unlock car and bang! It was nearly closing time when they went off and so no one was injured. If they were triggered by remote control, that means he either travelled to each country to set them off or had a very powerful remote control! He travelled to each country anyway to plant the things; unless, he works in the warehouse that distributes them? The mind boggles…

Killer cucumbers!

AFP – EU agricultural ministers; Monday, struggled to come to terms with a deadly bacteria outbreak suspected of stemming from contaminated cucumbers that has already killed 12 in Germany.

“One problem with Spanish cucumbers, and all of Europe is trembling,” Belgium’s minister Sabine Laruelle said on the sidelines of an informal meeting in Debrecen, eastern Hungary.

At least 12 people have died in Germany following an outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) found on imported cucumbers.

And several hundred more are being treated in hospitals for the highly virulent strain of bacteria, which can result in full-blown haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS), a disease that causes bloody diarrhoea and serious liver damage and which can result in death.

Around Europe, other cases — real or suspected — have been reported in Denmark, Sweden, Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, France and Switzerland, all of them apparently stemming from Germany.

No one seems to be too sure where these cucumbers are coming from. Are they Spanish or German? I haven’t heard of anyone dying from cucumber toxicity in Britain; but people do strange things with cucumbers here, they don’t always eat them. I haven’t eaten any or bananas for that matter.

It appears they were probably organic cucumbers grown in Spain and distributed around Europe from Germany. That would explain it, organic cucumbers don’t contain enough nasty chemicals to kill all the deadly bacteria.

I’ve got enough to worry about with exploding head syndrome; you may like to read about that, it’s always a good idea to know about a syndrome before you get it. 

My blogs are like alarm clocks now, I can set the date and time and they not only publish themselves, they Tweet themselves, publicise on Facebook and LinkedIn and it gets posted on Windows Live too. I just saw a post on Windows Live for Qzone in China, I have no idea what it said; I wouldn’t would I? It was in Chinese…


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