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Neodigital Art – Update Eight

MILL 072

Today’s picture is of two bridges. The river flows under the road and down towards the bridge shown in the second picture. To the left on this picture a brook appears to join with the main river but it may be simply coming from ground water drainage. We followed the river up stream over the road and it was fed by a brook and it appears to have many sources. It’s obviously interesting to look at the geography and trace the river. It flows to the right and then under a eighteenth century bridge. The road is call Bentley Mill Way and the river would have provided power for a mill at some time.

MILL 001

In this picture you can see the eighteenth century bridge but much of it is obscured by the trees. The river flows under the arches that you can see, but there is a much bigger bridge behind that one! There are two big arches behind that tree and cars go under one and people can walk under the other arch. On top of the bigger bridge there is a canal; it runs over the river and over the road. The canal took over fifty years to complete and there is yet another huge eighteenth century bridge just across the field, again it’s a aqueduct carrying the canal. In the first picture you can see the iron or steel structure of the railings and that is typical because the canals served the iron and steel industry.


This next picture was taken by Simon James and has been digitally altered to produce quite a striking picture. I can’t say where this one is, because I don’t know!

Neodigital Art - England

In the final picture, you can see I have chosen the canal again. It shows both a natural view but it’s basically all man-made. There are apartments on the left and there are a couple of guys fishing and you can also see a lock where the canal leaves the canal basin. The canal basin is where its much wider and narrow boats can turn around or moor. I think the canal here is wide because it splits in two directions. New buildings facing onto the canal are now considered desirable because of the view; a few years ago the canal would have ben dirty and polluted.

You may like to read recent blogs; Bank Holiday Monday was yesterday’s ramble and Exploding Head Syndrome! was a little humour I wrote on Sunday. You can of course simply click the home page at the top of this page. You may like to download the Windows Live suite of programs and have a go at Neodigital Art yourself! Do comment and let us know how you get on!

2 responses

  1. Pictures are great, I have always wanted to visit Europe! Your pictures make me want to walk down Bentley Mill road 🙂

    3, June 2011 at 1:13 am

  2. Thanks Emily. You got the name wrong too! I have always known it as Bentley Mill Lane and it seems part of it has had a name change to Bentley Mill Way! I like it there, there is so much intriguing history. There are much bigger rivers in England, that one is only six inches deep in places but we keep following it and finding the various sources. The combination of road, rail, canal and river in that area is fascinating. You can find graffiti and quite stark ugly landscape there and then find beauty a stone’s throw away!

    3, June 2011 at 10:00 am

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