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Farmville for beginners…. No 1

Farmville Millions level 300

Someone mentioned Farmville to me last year and I thought I would have a go at playing. Now I’m past level 300 and have a castle! Most of the stuff in the picture is either only available on the higher levels or a limited edition that has finished like the castle towers. You can get off the bottom of the levels and level up quite fast by understanding the game, then using a few tricks and strategies.


The tools are bottom right of your screen near the market and other things. The plow tool is the first one to become familiar with. You have to grow crops and harvest them to make coins. So use the plow tool to plow from the one side of your land to the other; this costs 15 coins per plot! You will be left with a strip of land on the other side not wide enough to plow; it’s OK, plant trees there! Don’t spend all your coins plowing; you need seed! Probably the best thing to plant is soya beans. They cost 15 coins and sell for 63 coins. This takes 1 day and you also get 2 XP. XP are the points you have to get to level up and are experience points. When it says 1 day, this usually means 23 hours and so you have time to harvest using the multi-tool (left of the plow tool). Simply click each plot to harvest and you make a profit of 33 coins on each plot. You make 3 XP in all on each plot; 2 XP for seeding and 1 XP when you plow. You have made a start with building up coins to re-invest in growing more stuff!

Move and recycle

These tools are on the same menu as the multi-tool that you use to harvest. Recycle means simply selling stuff. You can click a box to recycle stuff quickly. When you have enough coins to buy crops you will find when you spend money, you get 1XP for every 100 coins you spend. Think of it as one cent on the dollar or a penny in the pound if you’re in the UK. There is an exception! Gold hay bales give 5 XP when you spend 100 coins and so you can buy loads of gold hay bales and recycle them and get more XP. I remember when I was making 100,000 coins a day doing that and getting 5,000 XP in a day. That will probably take you up a level (I need 100,000XP to go up a level!).

The Greenhouse

When you have some coins you can get a greenhouse and cross various seeds. The strawberries cross with raspberries to make Straspberries! This costs 1,500 coins and you get 2 XP and 91 coins in 2 hours and so they are worth growing to level up fast.

You can’t grow stuff in a mansion

You want a mansion, a tractor and lots of other cool stuff… You need to wait until you have loads of coins and an established farm because you can’t grow stuff in a mansion or a farmhouse for that matter! The need to make coins means you need a bigger farm and you usually need neighbours to get a bigger farm. I need to spend FV cash (no chance) to expand my English farm but I needed more neighbours initially. If your friends aren’t playing Farmville and you get desperate for more neighbours look at the comments on the Farmville updates as you begin to log into Farmville; people there need neighbours and use the comments to ask “Add Me!”

Combine Harvester

The combine harvester is useful because it seeds, harvests and plows. I’m not sure if you can get one on the lower levels but try to get a chassis and vehicle parts as soon as you can. If you can’t get one, a seeder is useful. You need to seed as quickly as possible so all your crops are ready at the same time.

Cows and Horses

You should save any cows or horses given to you and of course collect gifts. You collect gifts by going to that globe thing right at the top of your screen and and there should be a message. It tells you how many friends have sent you requests in Farmville. You click there and collect your gifts. I have 60 so far today and no chance of finding the time to collect them all! There are tricks you can try with cows in the dairy to get XP and the same applies to horses. Try to get a stable when you have a bigger farm and a dairy. You only need one dairy but try to get your neighbours to help you expand it to huge.

If this blog seems popular, as in people read it and comment; I’ll write part two! This blog is free and so I expect the readers to at least share with friends or comment; ask a question even!

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4 responses

  1. Jackie Paulson Author

    I am just not into games of any sort so i don’t play farm ville. I guess it’s my analytic mind, which would rather learn and read. You did cover it very well. Thank you as your readers will love it.

    5, June 2011 at 7:33 pm

  2. You really need to analyse at Farmville and so you are better off not playing; it is very time consuming! 🙂

    5, June 2011 at 8:01 pm

  3. Oh hello! I like your farm! I think your farmvile is also my ideal place where I can have cows and horses and plots! lol You surely enjoy decorating your farm! Thanks for sharing!

    21, June 2011 at 3:46 pm

  4. Hi John,

    Thanks for commenting. There are a lot of Farmville blogs now, just look around!

    21, June 2011 at 6:09 pm

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