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Derby Day

The Leathern Bottle

I’ve used a photograph of the pub to begin this blog. I took a few photographs on the day I took this one and took this on my way home through the car windscreen! It’s not a typical English pub, but one of the oldest at just over 500 years since it was first established. It used to have a workshop at the back and was a coaching Inn. The workshop made parts for guns and they went by coach to the gun makers of Birmingham. The coaches regularly got robbed by that famous highwayman Dick Turpin who was said to be a regular in the ‘Sign of the Bottel’ as it was known then. He was eventually caught and they tried to hang him but he jumped from the gallows and committed suicide rather than give them the satisfaction. Nice one; Dick…

Dick Turpin of course rode his horse Black Bess along the highways of England committing Highway Robbery; a crime since taken over by the government.


This week

I wrote a blog on exploding alarm clocks and killer cucumbers at the beginning of the week. The news since has been just as weird. Following that news of exploding alarm clocks in Ikea stores in Europe and the e.coli infected cucumbers and possibly other salad things came a weird report from Russia. A Russian army officer uploaded a video to YouTube showing a warehouse full of dog food. It seems that is what the Russian army has been fed on. He peeled of the fake labels to reveal the dog food labels underneath. No wonder those guys have shiny coats that are in such good condition. I checked the story out with my contact in Russia; who prefers not to be named. You would prefer not to be named with a name like Ivor Bollokov! He said that it wasn’t all bad news, the army soccer team has won it’s first game in years. They were now hoping to get sponsorship for next season from Winalot!


Derby day

It was Derby Day in England today and the Epsom Derby. The Queen had a horse running. She didn’t win; no neither did the horse I backed… Never mind, it’s not the end of the world; that was last month…

It’s our National Lottery tonight for a few million; I would rather win that. We all have our dreams; mine involves writing and art, unless I win the lottery!  I bought a ticket for the Euro millions last night, I happened to be on the website renewing tickets. The jackpot was only forty millions; what would I do with that? I could probably think of something!



People are reading my blogs today, they have nothing to do on a Saturday! I wrote one called Cliché that people seemed to like; well, have a love/hate relationship with.   My blog about exploding head syndrome intrigued a lot of people. I’m getting more popular on Twitter. People follow me! I’m not too sure why they follow me; but there must be a reason. Most people who follow me have something to do with writing, photography, publishing or social media and so there is method in their madness. I shall make Twitter do something useful one day. I think one of the publishers want me to buy a book from them! I’m too frugal and thrifty. I might spend some money this month. A new cam belt for my car is an almost certainty. I am considering a television for my bedroom. I watch TV on my laptop now but the program crashes it. This TV has a USB input and DVD so I can watch the odd DVD and do spooky stuff, like slide show my photographs. I can’t get details on what exactly the USB interface does except a slide show. It may do time shift; that’s cool. I won’t miss a bit of the movie if I need to go to the bathroom!


I wrote a blog on Bank Holiday Monday, a sort of ramble; but an interesting ramble. I also did my usual Neodigital Art blog this week.  Cocking a deaf ‘un was the most popular blog last week; anyway you have plenty to choose from!




2 responses

  1. Dog food, buried alive, selling kidneys, exploding heads, jumping from the gallows…This blog is like a visit to the Tower, only better! 😉

    I’m not surprised your following on Twitter is growing. Hopefully all of your followers will follow you to your tremendous blog and you don’t win the Lottery so you can keep enriching us with your many talents!

    6, June 2011 at 8:17 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I haven’t done fiction on this blog yet! I wrote about Michael the clone in a guest blog and got the response some time after, “we want more clone stories”! It’s the anniversary of D-Day today! That was what I intended to write about! I forgot. I’ve been chatting to students in China today; who knows what I will write about tomorrow? 🙂

    6, June 2011 at 10:27 pm

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