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What would you do?

Windsor Castle

Today’s picture is of Windsor Castle; one of the many ‘homes’ of the Queen. The government is making cuts to health and social security and so when the country is better off maybe we can do the castle up a bit. It could do with an extension; something in white UPVC would look good and stand out a little.

If you were Head of State in your country; had complete control, could make laws and decide economic policy. What would you do?

Economic policy

I have no objection to people inheriting a few quid but most property in the UK is handed down from the rich to their kids and generation after generation is so privileged that they don’t understand how normal, ordinary people live. We are simply around to serve them; our Lords and masters. I would make the transfer of assets taxable and close all the loop holes.

The poor also save money and buy insurance and the tax on insurance, pensions and savings is ludicrous.  I would stop the rich borrowing at rates below inflation (interest free) and make saving, insurance, pensions and investing; tax free up to a limit. Many people earning a minimum wage of around £6.00 an hour actually pay tax, then pay to tax their car, tax on car insurance, tax on life insurance, VAT on most of what they buy and live in virtual poverty. To add insult to injury they are taxed on their savings, if they have any; while other people swan around in bloody castles! This country is so broke it’s enough to make you weep! Of course if the minimum wage was increased to something reasonable; the rich would scream – “daylight robbery”.


Consumer Rights

In France they tried to do something about cheap crap being imported into the country by introducing a warranty of 2 years on consumer goods; what a good idea! It would be a start, but it would  have to be specific so as to include, washing machines, microwaves and anything that used gas, electric or water or counted as household furniture. It would be better as a 5 year warranty but we could build up to that and give the manufacturers and retailers a chance to improve quality. It would be good for people around the world as research and design departments tried to design products that would be more reliable and last longer than their competitors. I would also go as far as to say computer software must be fit for purpose and Windows must do everything that Windows 7 professional can do; no bloody premium version for the oiks!

Sad smile

Human Rights

Someone is always on about Human Rights, rights for immigrants, prisoners, in fact everyone but the ordinary people with real problems who were born in Britain and who stay out of trouble. We have a right to live in peace to have water (without getting ripped off), food and energy (without getting ripped off) and do what we want to do as long as we interfere with no one and contribute to society. People do tend to be treated like slaves and that attitude starts at the top with the rich in their ivory towers and castles.

Sad smile


If you buy shares on the stock market there is a ‘spread’, a difference between the ‘buy’ price and the ‘sell’ price; fair enough the stock market has to make a profit. The difference is often 20% or more! I would set it in stone at 5% and tell them to computerise the market properly and open 24 hours a day online – 7 days a week with direct access so ‘brokers’ can’t rip people off with fees.

Sad smile


We are proud in Britain of the National Health Service and rightly so; but there are some idiots working in it. It can be very politically correct and has a few too many committees. It has to be accountable but that costs money and it is constantly reorganised based on politics and not common sense. The present government will try to introduce private enterprise again; that will mean consultants for a new computer system that probably won’t bloody work. We need much more common sense in the health service and we need to stop our doctors and nurses going overseas to work and stop stealing doctors and nurses from developing countries; they need them too!

Sad smile

I have had my rant for a Monday and maybe upset one or two dreamless ones. I would scrap the tax disk on my car too and add a tax to petrol; it’s Highway Robbery.

That’s your lot…



2 responses

  1. Well, I could never vote there, even when I lived there, but I think you should be the next Prime Minister. Or at least advise the current one. David Cameron could certainly use some of your magnificent ideas, right? (With all credit due to you, of course!)

    6, June 2011 at 9:35 pm

  2. We have around 60 million people and 100 million voters; considering kids under 18 can’t vote, it makes you wonder who all the other voters are… I would stop that too! 🙂

    6, June 2011 at 10:08 pm

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