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Farmville for Beginners | Update 1

Farmville Castle


You can see in the picture that I have a dairy near those belted cows and that is the main trick for making millions of coins. You can’t buy belted cows until you have reached level 75 but you can still do the trick with ordinary cows or the brown cows or whatever you can get.

You only need one dairy but try to upgrade it to huge; you need your neighbours to help to upgrade it. You need them to click your request 10 times in three days and so ask them to come back tomorrow. The request will go on you profile page and so watch or it gets buried under a lot of other stuff; delete other info on the page to keep it visible. The huge dairy holds 40 cows. The return on a belted cow is 3,000 coins but only 15 coins on a ordinary cow. If you have 39 cows in you dairy and harvest it with another cow that is 600 coins each harvest. You need as many cows in the dairy, up to 39 as you can and a lot outside. When the cow is ready to harvest, move it with the move tool into the dairy and then swap to the multi tool to do the harvest. Keep moving cows in one by one and harvesting. You can do 100 in a reasonable amount of time and get 60,000 coins.

Market stall

You can also see my stalls on that picture. Click look inside on a stall before you harvest and click use goods and use a bushel of whatever you are about to harvest. You use one bushel but get 1 XP for every plot harvested extra;  had 600 plots once and so was getting a lot of extra XP a day. I still have over 400 plots and plant to make crafts. You should plant to make whatever crafts you can get up to a high level. I started with a winery and so I make wine! The red wine is now up to over level 100 and so all my neighbours choose that one; they can exchange it for more fuel. I keep trying to make more red wine so my neighbours can buy a craft item that is on a high level. At the moment I am growing white grapes and red grapes for red wine. I have a few blackberries too. The white grapes are a problem, they take 12 hours and I planted early this morning. They will be ready to harvest around the same time (after 12 hours) this evening. I couldn’t harvest last night and so the harvest was late. I had to plant something else to grow overnight; I chose sugar beet because that takes 8 hours. I shall have to make blackberry wine after my next wine is finished, then I use less grapes.


I usually start a co-op or join a co-op to make red wine; it helps to get wine to exchange for fuel and levels up red wine. You get a bonus that is quite good for getting gold on a co-op. Always use the combine harvester (if you have one) to harvest the co-op.The sequence for starting a co-op is plow, seed, harvest and then repeat that. The combine sequence is harvest, plow seed and so after the harvest the sequence is the same if you’re planting the same thing again. I plant black grapes 24 hours in advance and then use the combine harvester to harvest, plow and seed more black grapes to get ahead with the co-op. You need a lot of plots to do a co-op to gold and so don’t waste land on unnecessary buildings like houses! Try to help neighbours with co-ops too.


If you help your friends, especially while you’re on the lower levels by giving gifts and copy the link to this blog from you address bar and click link in Facebook and paste it to share with your friends. You can just click the share button below and share with all your friends on Facebook or the other social networks.

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