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Role models.

Wednesbury in sepia

I like to start my blogs with a picture and I have chosen one in sepia; well I chose sepia and then added a little more colour.  This is where I live in Central England You can see the twin spires of the churches and if you look carefully you may see the windmill. It was an industrial area and we made all kinds of things; the industrial revolution started in central England. People came from everywhere to work here and it became smoky and black, this was one of the reasons it is known as the Black Country. It also produced musicians and creative people and still does, but we aren’t recognised for that.

I read a blog that asked the reader to remember a role model and list their attributes and then think of someone who is the exact opposite. I’ll try anything and so went back to my childhood and could think of one or two people. I tried to think of someone I would regard as a good role model who I have met in the past few years and then my mind wandered onto well known people.  I couldn’t think of anyone! I could think of lots of people who I would definitely rate as the exact opposite of a good role model! I eventually thought of a couple of people. The role model was a doctor and the opposite was nurse who had set up his own company; talked rubbish and made lots of money.  I chose the doctor because he is personable and treats everyone equally regardless of age, disability, status or whatever. He is a highly paid consultant, but when a nurse wasn’t around to push a elderly patient in a wheelchair he got on and did it himself. He naturally has a reputation and people queue up to see him.

Do such people produce wealth who provide a valuable service or is the production of wealth only done by companies and people that actually make something. I remember Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman’ playing a businessman who made money, but didn’t produce anything and he decided to help to ‘make ships’. You can produce something society will value if you create something of value; even if it is only to sing and record a song. I checked out a profile on Qzone – it’s like Facebook but Chinese, a Justin Bieber song was playing. I think with the right marketing his music, could sell in China. That would make a few quid, it begs the question though; why isn’t it?

I would like to see more opportunities for people in Britain. I would like to see more than one winner on Britain’s got talent. They could do a show on TV with ten winners who could entertain us, instead of making fun of the ones with no talent who enter. There can be only one…

I also read this week that young people can be better off flipping burgers at McDonalds than going to university. We do need young people to go to university of course, we need doctors, nurses, computer programmers, engineers and even singers to make CDs to tell to China. I have my doubts about some subjects like media studies, social networking, humanities, political science, human resource studies, sociology, anthropology and similar courses. I think we need those courses but do we need so many people studying those subjects. I get the impression that some young people see medicine as a difficult choice and media studies as the easy choice and so go for the latter.  I wonder what they do when they study media? Play Justin Bieber CDs? Worship Lady Gaga?

Thinking smile

I have written a few blogs this week that you may like to read. I have also updated the thrifty and frugal pages. I’m on a quest to save you all money! I wrote Wealthy Brits – want to move abroad, that was about the plight of the better off in British society. I also updated my Neodigital Art blog and that proved popular. Chinese ambitions was a nice blog and featured a Chinese student that I help sometimes with her studies. What would you do? asked what you would do if you were running your country or the UK for that matter. I had  a few suggestions! Last weekend there was Derby Day and A Sunday ramble in June… In a 19th century play the phrase ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ was used. I think the written word is still influential and I hope my blogs are becoming more influential because they make some sense. They make more sense than Cameron’s idea of putting ex-army officers in charge of ‘motivating’ disabled people into work. Will we see inner city ‘boot camps’?

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4 responses

  1. Mike, you know I always enjoy your pictures (even the ones you tell us aren’t so good), but this one is exceptional. Your use of sepia with added color is magnificent. I’m glad you pointed out the windmill, it really adds to the picture. I’m so glad it isn’t one of those modern windmills that are a blight on the landscape.

    Thank you very much for sharing your artistry with us! I feel like I’m at a gallery when I visit your blog, except better because you explain your work.

    17, June 2011 at 1:47 am

  2. From that canal bridge I got that photograph and the photograph I used for the header at the top of the page. I had to use the zoom for that one though, you won’t get shots like that with you Iphone!

    17, June 2011 at 10:38 am

  3. Marie Cadavieco

    You ask about role models: what better model than Jesus Christ? He lived frugally, showed respect to everyone, wasn’t afraid to express himself even in front of so-called ‘authorities’, and his advice could never be faulted. If we all lived by the Sermon on the Mount the world would be a much pleasanter and safer place. Don’t take my word for it – Gandhi also was of the same opinion.

    9, May 2012 at 10:02 am

    • Hi Marie,

      I tend to agree, but unfortunately religions can’t agree. It seems greed still motivates much of human behaviour. We do need modern day role models who are motivated by more altruistic ideas and the world could be a pleasanter place.

      9, May 2012 at 10:27 am

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