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A Sunday Ramble

Bentley Mill from the aqueduct

In my last Neodigital Art blog I used a picture of a bridge. The river goes under that bridge and the canal goes over the top through an aqueduct. I took this photograph after walking across the field and up on to the aqueduct. I was standing at the side of the canal. It was a bit windy and I was a little worried about falling in the water! Wherever we go there seems to always be a canal and we often get the twin spires of the churches in the background and I can see them in this picture too. 

I wouldn’t say this picture was beautiful but it’s not ugly either and that scene could be improved if the land was evened out.  I read the notice down below after I had walked across the field! It had been vandalised; it warned of mine shafts. At one time there was a water mill and people mined for coal that was quite near the surface. I have a picture of underground fire near my home around 1900. The bridge dates back to 1797 and was built in the reign of George III. In those days they had a little more pride and spent over 50 years building the canal; there was an elite however and a lot of poverty.

No one starves any more but there isn’t equality either. Many people still receive a very poor education. Education has always been elitist with the toffs going to Eton; a stones throw from Windsor Castle; which guarantees them a place in the ‘best’ universities. While at Oxford and Cambridge they are taught or brain washed into thinking they are better than ‘we oiks’ and later go into politics where they carry on the tradition of discrimination against the ‘lower classes’.

You can read my blog about how unhappy these ‘rich’ people are in Wealthy Brits – want to move abroad, they are stressed and unhappy; poor things. Maybe they need good role models? I read a little earlier about  workers in Haiti before their devastating earthquake trying to get a pay rise to $5 a day; that’s about three quid if you’re a British oik. The US government tried to block the rise by putting pressure on the then president of Haiti. The rich get richer by keeping the poor of Haiti poor; then they send in troops to stop looting and crime.

What would you do? If you were running your country or the UK for that matter? That was what I asked in a blog earlier this week, you may want to read that; I had a few ideas on running the UK and was nominated as advisor to Cameron a couple of times!


You may like to read Cliché that was an interesting blog and my weekly Neodigital Art blogs are increasingly popular. I am struggling to get new pictures for those blogs because the weather is always bad on a Sunday when I want to take photographs. The average speed of traffic here is down to about 15 MPH and that includes the quiet times. i think typically in rush hour, you can walk faster. They build new roads to speed things up and give in to parents who wants ‘traffic calming’ measures near schools. There hasn’t been an accident near my local school, still parents, children, teachers and governors moan. I went to that school and I survived; well it was the older school before they spent a hundred million on it or whatever. We didn’t have IPhones with GPS on them to help us get home. We had a zebra crossing and a lollipop lady; not good enough for the kids today; innit?



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