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Farmville for beginners | Update 2

Farmville Winery

I’ve used a picture from my winery today to show crafts. I also have a bakery and of course a pub on the English countryside farm! You can see in this picture that I am making 3 lots of wine and the blackberry wine is on level 43. It is a good idea to get one craft item on a high level; I have red wine on level 110.

The formula for working out how much you get for each craft item is usually to multiple the level by 100 and add 900 and so my blackberry wine is on level 53; multiply by 100 and add 900 and it should sell for 6,200 coins! I can check by clicking my sales and that says I have 83 lots at 6,200 coins. When they sell I will get 6,200 less 20% deducted by Farmville. I ran out of the best wine I sell; red wine and that is the one that is exchanged for the most fuel for tractors and the like. It is important to try to have enough of that on sale but I also want to make blackberry and raspberry wine and get those on a high level too. The formula changes after level 100 and  I now get 10,900 for level 110 red wine and so the formula isn’t so good. I only have 3 red wine too and so need more! I have a lot of friends and the ones who know the red wine will exchange for the most fuel and have lots of coins will obviously buy that one.

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I am considering starting a co-op for blackberry wine; I haven’t done one before so I know what to grow but not how many. I need 1 black grapes, 3 white grapes and 3 blackberry. They take 23 hours, 12 hours and 4 hours respectively.  I can cheat! I can plant black grapes 23 hours in advance (1 day crops take 23 hours) then use the combine harvester to harvest, plow and plant more black grapes. If i have too many, I can just delete them. Deleting them seems like a waste but that will give me a good chance of getting gold and my friends will probably join – they know I cheat! It is worth joining a co-op if you can only contribute a little to it because you usually get the equivalent in bushels of 3 lots of wine or whatever craft you’re doing.

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When you harvest your stables, move a horse into the stable – the same as the dairy trick and then harvest with the multi tool. You don’t have to wait for the horse to be ready to harvest; if it’s on 33% or better move it into the stable and it will make the stable 100% ready to harvest! cool…


You can read more blogs, Farmville for Beginners was the first one in this series and then there was Farmville for Beginners | Update 1. You can also read the Farmville Millions series of blogs starting with Farmville Millions No 1 then I did Farmville Millions No 2 – that one is about the Dairy trick – ignore the stuff about needing a bull – you only need cows. The belted cow is available after level 75.

Farmville Millions No 3 also has additional info and you can see when I wrote that I was on level 109; I’m on level 332 now with close to 25 million XP; doesn’t time fly…

There is also a whole page of Farmville info that I have written since.

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Does Farmville make your computer overheat?

Yes, it uses flash graphics and also lots of data is sent to the server. If you’re running a virus scan or doing an update while playing Farmville that will make it worse and with some computers they will cut out when it overheats. ou can run task manager and see what is actually in memory – I just used task manager to stop Winword running. It was still running from earlier and didn’t stop when I stopped using Word.

How are my neighbours levelling up so fast?

If they are on level 75 they probably have a huge dairy stuffed with belted cows. You move a belted cow in and harvest to get 120,000 coins every time. Lower than level 75 use whatever cows you can get and use the same trick to harvest stables. See Farmville Millions Part two.

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