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A Saturday Ramble…

Barnes Meadow Bridge

Today’s picture is another one in sepia and it’s a picture of Barnes Meadow Bridge, a Victorian bridge in the heart of England. We explored the heathland around there and found a small pool. It was raining or we would have explored more and maybe found the lake that was around 100 yards away. The bridge goes across the canal and I think it looks good in sepia being Victorian.

My horoscope for the 18th of June

Be honest Aquarius, you can be pretty outspoken, but what transpires now, can see other people telling you how they feel, and some of it may come as a huge surprise. Your zodiac sign is one of duality. Saturn sees you love routine but Uranus can see you more erratic. But the some very deep footings in your emotional foundations may be due for an update.

There has been some interest in my horoscope and in particular my Chinese horoscope that I have mentioned in my previous blog – the Year of the Ox. I wrote that in April, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! Anyway, someone wants to know when is a conspicuous time for us people born in The Year of the Ox. The conspicuous time for us is now! We should be lucky according to the Chinese horoscope between today and the end of the month and then we go into a new transitory phase of our lives that brings exciting new changes beginning on the 1st of July. This lucky 2 weeks is even more lucky if you happen to be an Aquarian like me! I bought an extra lottery ticket for tonight to make the most of it!


A few people seem to be reading my too scared to live (too young to die) blog. We all feel like that at some time in our lives and we have to take small steps to change our lives. I hope the advice in that blog helps. You can always ask a question using the comment box. Things can get that scary that it can interfere with our lives and cause problems like agoraphobia (fear of going out)  and that can mean you waste your life; that is a serious problem. The small step in that case could be a short walk, to a friends house or even to post a letter…

My recipe for Niente chicken and vegetable soup seems very popular. I cooked that a couple of weeks ago. I used chicken, herbs, and white cabbage and did it the same recipe but replaced the rest of the vegetables with frozen carrot and swede that I bought for £1 a kilogram. It made my mouth water so much as it was cooking it made my salivary gland swell up; it took several days before it returned to normal. I have sensitive salivary glands apparently! This seems to happen when I cook soup. I’ll be glad when I can do some salads and photograph them; the rain has to stop eventually. The salad is getting cheaper too with the e.coli outbreak in Europe.

Smile with tongue out

I’ve also updated my Thrifty and Frugal blogs and I’m up to T for Tax in my frugal A to Z of frugality. I have U for underwriting next week and I am not looking forward to that! Z for Zopa should be easy enough though!


If you came here from Facebook, Twitter or some other social media site, do please click the share button and share on social media; there is also stumble upon. You may like some of the other popular blogs like Coping in a commune or maybe Richmond – well off – but are they happy? that I published on Monday. I’m getting to be quite a prolific blogger now and building a portfolio of lots of blogs! I also do the Neodigital Art blogs and my latest one is worth checking out. They are getting more popular. I also liked A Sunday ramble that I posted last Sunday. The most popular one was about living in a commune and deciding political policy – how did you do?

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Smile with tongue out



5 responses

  1. Chinese Astrolog and Chinese Horoscope require people birthday and time to predict people’s fortune. Chinese Palmistry can do the fortunetelling without birthday. That’s why many Chinese Fortunetellers know Chinese Palm Reading.

    20, June 2011 at 2:19 am

  2. Nice picture!

    22, June 2011 at 12:14 am

  3. Thanks, I get more comments on the pictures than the writing! 😛

    22, June 2011 at 12:30 am

  4. Mike, they say a picture says a thousand words, so your pictures do say a lot!

    You certainly are becoming a prolific blogger. Thanks for the links to the other blogs. My kids are home from school now so my time is much more limited. Your links help me find your gems more quickly!

    I also love the picture and the message in this blog. How great that you have a time of good fortune now. Please keep us updated on your good luck in the coming days. I’m neither an Aquarius nor an Ox,, but I hope I have good times ahead as well!

    23, June 2011 at 2:06 am

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