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Farmville for Beginners | Update 3

home farm

I have given you a picture of my farm this week. I’m on level 350 and have 80 FV cash. I still have my billion coins and over 70 million I have added in the past few days. At this level it takes 10 million coins to get 100,000 XP and go up a level. I went up 18 levels last weekend and now my neighbour and I are both on level 350 and happy to be equal I think!


This week has seen the introduction of the trading post and we can now buy goods from our neighbours and sell them goods. I have been trying to do this but as usual it’s time consuming and not all my neighbours are producing the goods I order. It isn’t as clear as selling wine for crafts though and everything on Farmville is slow; then they expect us to play other games!

Smile with tongue out

It is worth growing crops for making crafts because you can exchange them for fuel and the co-ops are worth it if you have the time. The trading post may also help to get the goods needed for crafts.

In the picture you can see I have blackberries growing and I‘m trying to get level up my blackberry wine. I only have 2 black grapes and the recipe for blueberry wine requires blueberry, blackberry and white grapes and so I planted blue berries because I have more white grapes than black. I can choose later 3 blackberry or 4 blueberry. I shall probably plant more blackberry later and do both!


So far I have found the craft shop to be totally useless, who needs more bricks, nails and stuff? It easier to sell stuff from your gift box now and mine regularly gets full up to 500 gifts.

I just checked out a farm on level 1 and it basically needs plowing and planting. One on level 20 also needed planting and I saw one with no crops but 2 houses! I’ve un-withered one on level 57 and that one at least has a pub! It has no dairy though. I would get a dairy and start collecting cow and do the dairy trick for XP. I would also make beer or stout! I looked at a bigger farm on level 59 that was half plowed and not very tidy. I think keeping the farm well organised and tidy can help. All my cows are in nice close lines and I do help neighbours, so have a lot of requests to be neighbours.


You can ask question by using the comments box, be sure to click for a subscription to the comments – so you get an email when I comment a reply. Post a link to this blog for your friends to click on and your neighbours will get some ideas on how to play better. You can also read last weeks Farmville for beginners. The internet is also bringing out new domains next year and I wrote about that – can you think of a good one? I also updated my Neodigital Art blogs. Do you want more? You can search using the search box or click a tag or follow me on Twitter! Click home for more blogs…

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2 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I’ve been away from my farms for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been busy since the kids got out of school. I didn’t get the crafting cottages and it sounds now like I don’t have to worry about them too much. I hope to get back to my farms soon. Do you like the English farm?

    30, June 2011 at 4:04 pm

  2. I didn’t know you played. lol. the English farm is a little boring because they want 100 FV cash to expand the farm and there isn’t much to spend my coins on! Trading post is the latest thing and is probably in your gift box; it isn’t that useful. I’m still figuring it out and buying as many goods as possible! I went 1 level in the lead, but my friend will take that back. I can go up 100 levels if I spend all my coins! I still have 1,000,000,000 coins!

    30, June 2011 at 4:17 pm

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