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Need or Greed…

A Lake in England


You know how it is… You’re sitting in your cave and you wonder for a moment if you wouldn’t be better off down the valley living in a hut. They do have windows, but they are more draughty. The village with the huts also have the woods close by and a ready supply of logs and  things. We do have water though and that is essential. The village people have a long walk several times a day for water. We have a long walk for logs to keep warm and of course all the fauna and flora of the woodland. I am glad we have water…


We have some food at hand, ducks, fish, goose and there is some fungi around here. There is more in the woods of course. The hunters go there for entire days and come back with wild boar and we have a pig roast. They do come back with rabbits sometimes; but a wild boar impresses the babes.


We have to have rules and the elders make the rules. The hunters aren’t allowed to chase the babes from the village or fighting may break out again. We need them to hunt, not chase babes and fight the village people. You can impress babes by offering them a string of beads but it’s not quite the same as skinning a dozen mink and getting someone to make them a coat. The elders have banned the hunting of mink too. Well we don’t eat those do we?


People often want luxuries but the elders have to put shelter, water, food and keeping warm first; that and pulling a hot babe. They have restricted the hunters to just the one woman though and they aren’t allowed to swap and change all the time; that leads to fighting too. It is women who demand luxuries most of the time, they want beads, fur, leather and even things to eat their food off! I keep telling them, logs are for burning, not for sitting on! They have started painting on the walls of their caves now. That is another luxury; they call it art!


We are starting to value those in the tribe that can make medicines. Our health is very important and anyone that can make medicine out of a mouldy mushroom deserves our support and a good cave. There are things we need like water, food, warmth, shelter and medicine and then things we want because of greed. It is simply greed that makes us want paintings on our walls, strings of beads, fur coats, better horses and carts, huts instead of caves, not to mention hot babes from the village. We should be grateful for what we have.


Travel is usually motivated by greed. Some warriors would be down the village all the time and then they want to go even further afield. They even want to go to the sea. What’s there? It’s just like the lake but very big and has more fish. They say some of those fish are that big they can eat a man alive; this doesn’t worry our boar hunting hunters. The grass is always greener somewhere else…

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2 responses

  1. Finally, a blog post about tech, lol! Yes, times they’re a changing. So glad I don’t have to trek to fetch water. We take so many advances for granted. Thanks for the reminder!

    30, June 2011 at 4:00 pm

  2. I liked this one, I was very inspired by the lake and my brother understood the analogy! I’m putting my pictures on the USB drive now and doing a slide show on my new TV! Very tech and they look good. I can see what they would look like printed out 20 inches wide too. An exhibition could feature a LCD display and print outs on canvas.

    30, June 2011 at 4:07 pm

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