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Another Sunday Ramble…

The Lodge - East Park - Wolverhampton

I like this photograph. I took it last week in East Park, Wolverhampton. It’s the lodge at the entrance. This is a common feature of English parks. I might take a photograph of the lodge at George Rose park today. That is a much better name for a park than East Park. The dreamless ones have no imagination sometimes.

Smile with tongue out

Content Management System

WordPress is a kind of Content Management System (CMS) and is suited to doing blogs. I am considering putting WordPress on my own web space but I need a name! If you have a suggestion for a creative name that’s suitable short and available; please email me! I want it to be a generally creative site so I can write blogs and put my art on like I am now but much more in the future. I checked out the price of webspace and buying a domain last night and it’s not expensive. I might have to put some plugins on it and checking the statistics to see how many readers I have won’t be so easy. On the plus side I can get links to other sites. I’m thinking of ordering a television for my bedroom tomorrow. When I buy something like that; I could do a review on my website and even ‘advertise’ it with a link to the retailer I bought it off! This one records to a flash drive through a USB port and I’m sure people would be interested to know how that works and how good it is. I could make money too…


Is it summer yet?

The sun is shining in England today and I can hear the sound of a hover mower. The Jehovah’s Witnesses will be round later. I’ll be out taking photos – maybe the nature reserve today.  It’s up to 24 C now, this must be summer. I might go mad and put a T shirt on! They have forecast storms in a few days and so I won’t get too excited.

Smile with tongue out

I’m off out, you lot can read the blog I wrote yesterday; Need or Greed was a good one. I think I need that new website. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow; I’ll take a photo. There is a Victorian building over the road I want to photograph too. If you haven’t read my latest Neodigital Art blog that was interesting and had a few good pictures.  You can always check out my Home page and take your pick too. That’s it, this weather is too good to waste – I’m off…

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3 responses

  1. Mike’s Musings? Mike’s Masterpieces? Mulling Mike’s Mastery? Those are what come to mind. I will definitely give it some thought…

    I’m excited about your new website. Make sure to leave a link on this site so we readers don’t get lost. The internet is a big place you know.

    I moved from over to my current site and was very happy to make the switch. So much more you can do from your own site!

    Can’t wait to learn about the tv too. Make sure you get a tv licence! The fine is pretty steep if you forget about that little detail. Don’t you love it when Yanks give you advice about your own country? 😉

    30, June 2011 at 3:33 pm

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    I have a TV licence, I used to be in technology and once worked for the government department that does the detector vans! I am thinking about the new website. I don’t think I’ll use my own name but a name that I can put sub-domains on later for other people. I have thought of a name but it’s hyphenated. I think I can install WordPress on my own site but may need to fiddle around to get plug ins to work and will have to use Google analytics for stats. I am a little concerned about the speed of a site too; WordPress is quite fast. I looked at webspace and I can have 100 Gb bandwidth or unlimited – so have to choose that too. I hope to involve my friends more and use their pictures too. I’ll get around to it when it goes to the top of my priorities list! I don’t need to hurry because I’m still trying to get this blog popular, I won’t wait too long though. I will have to link this blog to the new one and have all new content I think. I can avoid all the mistakes I made with this one! I’ll reuse all the best pictures though! 🙂

    30, June 2011 at 3:53 pm

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