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Don’t worry it will be fine…

Manor 039

I was a little nervous about going to the hospital. I thought to myself “Don’t worry it will be fine,” it always is. What can happen at a posh new hospital? I hadn’t had any tests and so couldn’t get any positive results. I ended up at a lake taking photographs while I waited for my appointment and even when I got to the hospital I took a few photos, I was early. It looks good though and only cost nearly four hundred million.

Smile with tongue out

Sod’s law

Sod’s Law basically says, if it can happen, it probably will. I was thirsty and expected a wait and so bought a Pepsi; an overpriced Pepsi, but that was the least of my worries. I booked in and found a magazine while I waited. The article I read was interesting, I nearly asked if I could keep the magazine so I could send in an opposing article. They only had one though and I felt guilty because no one else had a magazine to read. It’s boring waiting but you learn to take advantage of anything that is there, magazines or read all the posters telling you that you’ll die horribly if you don’t do as they say and listen to any conversation you can manage to overhear. I was quite interested in why all the health service staff talk the same. They all have an accent of sorts; strange.

Smile with tongue out

Then in to see the doctor, not my usual one he was off for the day and someone else was seeing his patients. He is enthusiastic; maybe this is his chance to shine while the specialist is away? My CT scan a few years ago didn’t show anything; was the diagnosis wrong? I asked about the MRI scan, the results from that appear to have disappeared. I forgot about the ultrasound scan, I wonder what that showed? I was given forms and sent off to pathology for a blood test. They are testing for a few things. The girl who took my blood lost count when she tried to count the phials! Blood tests don’t bother me, whose afraid of a hydodeemic nerdle? It’s not like years ago when they would blunt them on the bottom of a phial and stab you with them.

Smile with tongue out

Think Positive

I’ll think positive, my doctor could be back when I go back in three months and the blood tests could reveal something useful; every cloud has a silver lining. He did mention a possible endoscopy, I don’t fancy a video of my digestive system being made… Don’t worry it will be fine…


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2 responses

  1. Oh, I certainly hope everything turns out well for you. Hospitals, tests, doctors are all a nuisance, but often necessary.

    I’m glad you explained your photo was of a hospital. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one that looked like that, but perhaps that’s how they build them new these days.

    I suppose if you have to visit a hospital, it’s nice to be in a new one.

    Hope all is welll…

    30, June 2011 at 3:27 pm

  2. I went back yesterday and my friend came in with me. He said it was more like a shopping centre! It has a few cafe areas and a several shops. It is very big too. The cost was well over $500,000,000 but who’s counting! It’s on the site of a former Dickensian workhouse and there is a little of it left and so I photographed that and used it for a introduction to tomorrow’s Frugal Friday blog. My late grand mother as terrified of ended up in the workhouse. Strangely enough she did but by then it had been turned into a hospital. It was truly awful in those days!

    30, June 2011 at 3:40 pm

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