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Farmville | Update 1

Farmville avatar


You can see my Farmville avatar in this screen picture and my avatar is trapped by hay bales. This stops the avatar from walking to where I am harvesting and it saves time. You can just use the move tool to move it to the middle of a square of hay bales.


There have been questions which I will try to answer. No, you can’t get a second stable at Farmville. I have upgraded my stable to hold 40 horses and can move a horse into the stable when the horse is on 33% or better. I then have a stable ready to harvest (on 100%) and can harvest by clicking on it with the multi tool. I then make 3660 coins and sometimes get a bonus like 100XP, farmhands or a arborist. I keep on moving horses in and harvesting at 3660 coins a time. You can do a similar thing with dairies but the cow (or bull) has to be on 100% before you move it in the dairy.

How do you go up 18 levels in an hour?

I’m on level 375 and so need 100,000 XP to go up a level. If I spend 10,000,000 coins on a couple of mansions (sell them after I buy them) I get 100,000 XP and go up a level. If I spend 180,000,000 coins, I go up 18 levels – easy!

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Where do you get the money from?

The belted cow trick – check through my blogs until you find an explanation! Basically you can buy belted cows when you reach level 75 and they cost 1,000,000 coins each. I have a huge dairy and so put 39 belted cows in there and then harvest using another cow. The cow used to harvest must be ready to harvest. then you use the move tool to move it into the dairy. Then use the multi tool and click the dairy to harvest it. Now remove a cow from the dairy and move another in there and harvest again; keep moving cows in and harvesting. I have 100 belted cows on home farm and I use those to harvest a dairy; it gives me 12,000,000 coins. I also do it on my English countryside farm.


How do you harvest so fast?

Practice! I have a group of cows and I take one from the front, move it into the dairy and then harvest; move it out to some spare land close by. Then move the next one in and keep everything close so my cursor isn’t all over the screen. Everything at Farmville needs to be tidy!

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