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A Sunday ramble in July

the Metro

Sunday afternoon in summer

I still have a cold but I think my throat is better; I’m not coughing so much. The picture is the Metro, it runs from Birmingham to Wolverhampton. This is a an artistic impression. I can control my coughing now, but still not sure about the sneezing. One sneeze while I’m driving and we could have a pile up. It would be like something out of last night’s film on TV where they wrecked half the town. No, I didn’t win the lottery, not a sniff… It’s a typical Sunday afternoon in summer; boring…

Smile with tongue out

It’s enough to make your blood boil.

I played Farmville this morning and went pass level 400;  I thought that would be enough but still had to do a few more levels to keep the lead. Then I talked to a student at Xiaogan University in China using Instant Messenger. I tried to do an English version of a Chinese saying; I got it eventually. It’s 21C here and warm enough for me, a little too warm in China at 38C (100F) and no air conditioning. That’s enough to make your blood boil, they should have air conditioning.  I have cooked and eaten lunch and now I would like to go to the cash machine; I need cash to pay the garage to maintain my car. I’ll see if I can go for a while without sneezing. I’m worse outside though; I wonder if it’s hay fever?

Popular blogging

Some students read my blogs looking for help with homework; they must be desperate! It is popular this week and I have started July with more page views. Most people are reading Thrifty and Frugal blogs this weekend but today a few people are reading Farmville. I suppose many people are still suffering because of the recession or credit crunch – whatever you want to call it. We all need to save some money! My Neodigital Art blogs are popular some days and not so popular on weekends. I have no idea why that is. I haven’t sneezed for a while, maybe I can drive?  I could stop at the Victorian sweet shop and buy sweets! The locals reading this will know Teddy Gray’s and will post ‘bring me some’ on Facebook! Get your own!

Smile with tongue out

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4 responses

  1. HI Mike,

    I am ricelin and come here to enjoy your photos and words again.
    It seems so good your life is and I hope I can also like that.

    4, July 2011 at 6:53 am

  2. Hi Ricelin,

    Thank you for visiting again. I’ve been sick with this cold all through the weekend but still managed to laugh. I talked to a student using instant messaging at Xiaogan University and even she made me laugh. A Chinese saying when translated to English made no sense and so it was funny! Good luck with your life, we can see beauty all around. I look for it when I take photographs and even the Mozart I’m listening to is beautiful.

    4, July 2011 at 10:05 am

    • Dear Mike,

      Please do take care to yourself and also thanks for your wishes.
      Do you know that I am also the Chinese?^^
      I like your words as it always makes people know that life is really beautiful!

      5, July 2011 at 4:31 am

  3. Welcome back Ricelin,

    I looked at your website, I talked to a student in Xiaogan about it but she couldn’t view it. It was blocked from China. We are trying to think of ways for her to make money. She does teach English and might stay at university through the holiday to teach. Her earnings from teaching are very good by Chinese standards. I know you are Chinese, I checked out your Facebook page! 🙂

    You can add me on Facebook if you would like, I have over 500 photographs on there. I’m also on Windows Live (MSN) and use the same user name – Mike10613.

    I liked the Chinese knots and calligraphy on you website. There is a student at Xiaogan that makes the Chinese knots good apparently.

    5, July 2011 at 10:16 am

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