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Thrifty Thursday 2

St Paul's chruch, Wednesbury

I took this photograph not far from my home and it’s of a particularly well maintained church. Don’t get the idea that this is the English Countryside. The cars just visible to the left of that tree were streaming off the M6 motorway at rush hour! Junction 9 is probably the busiest in the country but we still found somewhere to go to take photographs that was interesting. Earlier that afternoon it was very cloudy and the light was bad but we still took some photographs of a railway. This was near my old school and so I took a few photographs of that too. This shows you can find places to go that doesn’t cost a fortune and why not take the kids?

IPhones and Proms

I don’t have any children but I recognise that they can be expensive. My nieces and great nieces all have IPhones. I tend to think this is a little stupid; but there doesn’t appear to be an app for stupidity. They do need to keep up with their peers to some extent, no kid likes to be left out; but what lesson do they learn from it? Will they, later in life, feel the need to keep up with their neighbours and the Joneses at number 13? I have difficulty keeping up with the Joneses, he has more vitamin B12 injections than me! Should we give in to every demand from young people? Should they have completely unrestrained internet access and be able like Mark Zuckerberg suggests to be on Facebook while still in elementary school?

I think they should have everything they need for school like sports kit and school uniform. High tech stuff like IPhones are a luxury and if we give in constantly we just raise the stakes of the game and that will come back to haunt us next year. Give in to an IPhone this year and you let yourself in for IPhone 2 next year and a IPad in the Christmas stocking; it is never ending and sets a bad example.

Kids on Diets

Diets are a fact of life these days and kids are getting fat. I see these girls wearing ‘tights as pants’ and if that isn’t bad enough; their rear ends are a little on the large size to wobble that much! My local health authority is going to give kids free diet drinks and meal replacements. Is this the way to go, or should you just say it’s frugal Friday we are going to eat cheap and cut down? Make a habit of eating less every day of the week but make it cheap too on Friday with junk food banned! Fat kids get bullied – protect your kid now; put them on a regime of sensible eating.

99 pence is that all?

99 pence may sound cheaper than a pound but in reality it is very expensive. Commerce around the world wastes trillions by pricing like this and it isn’t necessary; they don’t do it in Japan. Have you been in Poundland where everything is a pound and the cash register only registers in multiples of a pound. Even at Christmas when it gets really busy, they don’t get long queues for long! They get them through the checkout quickly and efficiently. The added cost of this stupidity is added to our shopping bills and it means more staff, longer queues and highly complex point of sale equipment. It invades all types of business with cars being advertised at £4,999.99 instead of £5,000 – like we are stupid. The worse scenario and most stupid prize must go to petrol and diesel retailers that go that one step farther and price petrol at 129.9 pence! That obviously doesn’t make sense because they can’t give correct change or even keep correct accounts. Do they pay the correct amount of duty and VAT? Who knows?

It may be legal but is it honest?

There are many things that are legal but dishonest like introductory rates. I looked at the interest rates on instant access ISA accounts earlier and all the rates were introductory dropping after the first 12 months – it’s a scam; pure and simple.

Smile with tongue out

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If on the other hand you’re worried about a forthcoming hospital appointment then don’t worry it’ll be fine. There are also a lot more blogs on the home page to choose from.


7 responses

  1. Mike,

    I dont know how to express my feeling of the picture this time.As one of my dreams is to live in such a place and then enjoy the nice view time to time!It would be great if I were you~:)

    8, July 2011 at 2:34 am

  2. Hi Ricelin,

    We don’t always see the beauty around us. I used to pass that church everyday going to school and again on the way home. I never really looked at it and was always in too much of a hurry. Now I stop and look and take photographs. I haven’t taken any photographs for a week because I have a cold and it keeps raining. I am making a mental list of buildings to photograph though. One is a Victorian library built with money from Andrew Carnegie. I might ask if I can photograph inside too. These buildings disappear and we don’t seem to notice. Maybe, one day you can visit England?

    8, July 2011 at 9:15 am

  3. What a beautiful shot with the flowers in bloom! I would not have noticed the car if you hadn’t mentioned it.

    I agree with you about kids with iPhones. The most expensive part of buying them isn’t the phone but the plan. If they lose the phone you still have to pay for the plan.

    My kids got phones when I needed them to have them. They kept asking me how old they had to be to get a phone as if it was a rite of passage. It’s the same with driving. I say when they can drive, not the government. If they aren’t ready to drive when they are old enough to, they won’t be driving.

    Please assure up that you will be a candidate for Prime Minister someday… You have common sense that should not be wasted!

    8, July 2011 at 6:02 pm

  4. I always thought kids should be allowed to drive when young, so I won’t be a hypocrite now. I was a government advanced driver at 19 years old; he had to pass me, he was too scared not to! I did work in a nuclear bunker hundreds of feet below ground when I was 16 – so probably advanced for my age.

    I’m waiting for the call from government, I won’t work for them again, but I could be an independent consultant at a suitably obscene fee. I’ll put it on my ‘bucket’ list; things to do before I kick it! 🙂

    8, July 2011 at 9:57 pm

  5. JanF

    Loved this photo, it is so typical of the lovely old churches around the U.K. I was born and raised in Wolverhampton but my parents moved to Bloxwich. This could have been a corner of the parish church there ( I was married there).
    I like your approach to a frugal and sensible life!

    10, July 2011 at 4:44 pm

  6. Hi Jan,

    It’s St Paul’s church in Wednesbury. We do most of the churches though. I took some of the gate house at East Park in Wolverhampton a few weeks ago.

    We will probably feature a few picture of Wolverhampton.

    Thanks for the comment.

    10, July 2011 at 5:41 pm

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