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Money - Seeing the future

Futures and Forwards

Futures and Forwards are contracts that relate to the price of commodities in the future. In the movie ‘Trading Places’ they refer to ‘frozen orange juice’ and make a fortune because they trade on what the future price might be. In that movie they think frozen orange juice will go up in price because of a government report; but the report of a forgery. Being able to predict the future can make you a lot of money but ‘insider’ information relating to futures markets or stock markets is illegal.


There has been some speculation about what shares in Facebook are really worth. The speculation has suggested that Facebook could be worth as much as $100 billion. The profits of the well known social networking site don’t suggest it’s worth this much; but what of future profits? I have seen new advertising on my ‘news feed’ on Facebook and in the sidebar. This suggests that Facebook will carry much more advertising in the future. It is also attracting older users in more countries so is set to expand in a number of ways. If we compare it to Qzone in China we can also see what it might do in the future, it could add more pages like Qzone; a music page and  a blogging page perhaps? This makes the future value of Facebook, that much more and people are willing to invest now and so the present value is adjusted to take into account future potential.


Many people have told me that I could put my blogs on my own hosted web space and use advertising to make money. I could also exploit the future potential of my blog. Advertising can now be country specific and I can see an advertisement on a blog in English and someone else reading the same page can see a different advertisement in French. The same blog can go out to 100 different countries with different advertising. The blogs aren’t yet that popular but people often read 30 different blogs each day and so there is the potential for 3,000 pages being read every day that all have different messages and advertising. The blogs could also be sponsored. This potentially could mean well over 100,000 advertisements a month could be added to my blogs! Even at a modest cost that would produce a lot of revenue and the value of the blog could be substantial and very attractive to an advertising company. This is looking at the future, at potential and evaluating what something will be worth in the future.

There is a lot of competition in blogging and everyone wants to make a name for themselves and make their blog a success. It isn’t that easy and adding advertising can make the blog look quite unprofessional. I don’t see the advertising on this blog because I’m ‘logged’ in when I read it. I hope it isn’t too intrusive! I won’t have any advertising when I host it myself. I want to build potential value in the blog and write blogs every day until I have a large collection. This is my 100th blog and I expect one day to be writing my 500th blog and I hope people will be reading over 100 of them every day. I don’t think anyone can be good at writing a blog; I try to be diverse and write on a number of subjects from Thrifty to Farmville! I also write some comedy and write from my own experiences. I find inspiration in life itself. I had an appointment come today for the hospital; that will give me inspiration, I always write something good after a hospital appointment! I have been short of inspiration this past week because I’ve had a cold; I still managed to write a blog every day. I was told I wander off the subject; I do, I admit it. I wandered off when I wrote about my cold and wrote about the previous evening’s lottery draw. I didn’t win, no, not a bloody sniff!

Smile with tongue out

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4 responses

  1. With the pace that technology is advancing, these social networking sites will be the main source of communication, not just on a personal but also on a professional level. If you notice, there a lot of professional groups on Facebook that bring together people from all over the world. This also increases our knowledge of other cultures. I had to just share that as I find it fascinating to meet others with similar interest but I have also noted groupings with ones own culture even there.

    It is very interesting your discussed advertising because I rather get annoyed with something always popping out on my screen. I would not have advertising on my blog either or anywhere else for that matter unless it is an advertising website itself.

    Neha 🙂

    9, July 2011 at 10:10 pm

  2. Hi Neha,

    I would accept a little advertising if it complemented my blogs; but that is very difficult to do. Affiliate links to Amazon could be a possibility. I agree social networking is powerful. I belong to that many now, I forget what I do belong to! I’ve just been invited to join an elitist social network and I’m having to think about it. I like the freedom to criticise the rich and powerful and defend the weak and so anything that may compromise my principles I avoid. I think the whole internet helps us understand other cultures. I have been chatting to people around the world for about 10 years and it started before social media; in fact the students in China are blocked from most social media in the west. I find it difficult to remember when I write blogs that my readers are so diverse. Most of my readers are in the UK but I have to remember the ones in Asia, America and Australia!

    10, July 2011 at 9:24 am

  3. Hey, Mike, I completely agree with you about advertising. People have told me I should accept advertising on my blog, but then people might question my recommendations. Right now people know I’m not being paid to tell you when tech is awesome.

    One idea I came across yesterday which might be a good idea for you is publishing articles on the Kindle. You can publish the articles you have already written and people buy them for their Kindle devices and apps. Or you could compile a bunch of your articles for eBooks or Kindle Shorts. You could publish on so many topics: Farmville, Frugality, etc. I don’t think your photography would show well on the Kindle as it’s black and white. But your advice on photography would be very popular.

    Publishing on the Kindle would be a great way for you to get income from your writing without having to accept advertisements or move your blog.

    By the way, you don’t need a Kindle to publish on the Kindle. Just a computer.

    10, July 2011 at 2:20 pm

  4. I have done an EBook with some of my photos – last year and the photo have improved since. I shall have to think of another for people to download. The Kindle for articles is something I’ll consider when I have blogs on my own webspace. I think making the blog suitable for advertising and then looking at affiliates later could work. If someone offers me an obscene amount of money for it in a few years time; it would allow me to do something even more exciting! I would hire a web programmer! Whatever you do don’t have adsense on your blog. It is truly horrible.

    10, July 2011 at 2:39 pm

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