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Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Sunday afternoon

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. The light was reasonable but I did drive around a little when there was a shower.  It was a frugal day out despite the fact I wasted a little petrol. I take a coat in case it rains, a mobile phone just in case of emergencies and money just in case I want to buy something although I rarely do. My friend was walking around talking to someone on his mobile phone, I can’t see the point. I can’t see the point of travelling miles to take some photographs, when I have a lake like this less than a mile away. I have taken the photograph before, but this one is different. The light is different, there are more leaves on the trees than in winter and there is more water in the lake.  Many people want to come here to take photographs like this and many people here want to go somewhere else to laze on a beach and drink sangria. I can understand people wanting to come here and take photographs; but I never did understand the attraction of lying on a beach.


Money and politics have always gone together. Many people think I’m a communist because I defend ordinary people against the beliefs forced on them by the rich and powerful. The last edition of the News of the World went out yesterday, caught in it’s own scandal. It published garbage and pandered to the lowest common denominator. They would always blame minorities for the ills of the country; immigrants or claimants; people without a voice of their own in the media. This week, I read What would happen if the US went broke? The US won’t go broke of course, but the American people are being blamed for government debt. They didn’t have the power to avoid it and have no power to do anything about it. The people with the power are the politicians, bankers and the stinking rich. They are the people who own America, it’s corporations, it’s property and they have incredible wealth. The US spends enormous amounts on ‘policing the world’; does it ever solve a problem? Is it worth the money? Is Iraq a better place today after 2 wars than it was before? The US government is $14 trillion in debt and 7% of that, about $1 trillion is owed to the UK. You won’t read that the UK is owed $1 trillion by the US in a News International rag; no it’s your fault for wanting a decent NHS and a compassionate society.

I do try to put out some different information so that my readers can make  their own minds up about the politics of the economic problems. I certainly don’t blame the poor and the middle classes aren’t getting a good deal from this government either. The middle classes did get them elected though and so most of them can’t complain! The rich and powerful are getting an easy ride and we need to help people to get a better stake in society. We can all buy  shares on the stock market; right? The fact is very few people buy shares on the stock market because it is deliberately made exclusive and access made difficult. There are too many elitist groups in society that exclude the less affluent and powerful in society for me to include all of them in this blog; but they have too much power and ordinary people don’t have enough.

I do of course mean that I don’t have enough power. I will be accused of bias and envy and a few more things! I have been invited to join a very elite group that serves it’s members and is run by the rich and powerful. Should I join? I sometimes wonder about my membership of groups like LinkedIn but this one is really elitist. I do believe that there is nothing wrong with being elitist if that means great doctors, artists and writers; but social elitism? Are you nothing but an oik because you’re not an aristocrat? Incidentally, if you go back through the generations, you have two parents, four grand parents and so on. Go back just ten generations and identify all those ancestors (over a 1,000) and one is almost bound to be an aristocrat. I found royalty!

Smile with tongue out

I hope this blog made you think a little and you might like some of the others. People were reading lots over the weekend but my thrifty blogs were the most popular. You might also like I know… , do try to see the funny side of that. Money | Seeing the future was also interesting  and as always my latest Neodigital Art blog was popular; people look at the pictures!




4 responses

  1. Mike,

    The picture is very beautiful!And,if there can be a blue sky with it,it would be greater,right?

    12, July 2011 at 2:17 am

  2. Hi Ricelin,

    Yes, the sky was blue last time and the clouds very white against the blue sky and so reflected on the water. It looked sunny and bright this time but it gave us a very different picture. It is very relaxing there and we took close up photographs of the swans and geese! I also walked along a path behind those trees and the river runs there. There was a cricket match being played at the other side of those trees. We took some of buildings too and I have used one of those photographs in today’s blog.

    12, July 2011 at 12:02 pm

  3. Oh….I hope to enjoy it too….

    13, July 2011 at 2:05 am

  4. Hi Ricelin,

    A lot of people are enjoying photography now with their digital cameras. It’s cheap and easy to go out and explore! 🙂

    13, July 2011 at 10:57 am

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