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Thrifty Thursday 3

Art gallery and museum

The picture I have used is of my local Art gallery and museum. It’s free to go in and besides art there is lots of exhibits relating to local history. The same department on the council runs other museums and historic houses. You can’t get more thrifty than free for a day out!

Earlier this week most newspapers reported the results of  a survey by Alert Me the company that does energy usage monitoring. The survey reveals a lot of interesting ‘facts’. The average family gets up just before 7am,  lives in a semi detached house and drives a silver Ford Focus. This is average not typical, nearly all the houses in my street are semi detached but no one drives a Ford Focus, much less, a silver one! I think the average family food bill may be about right though at £76, but they probably spend more than £12 a week on alcohol. I looked at a leaflet earlier for Lidl, which is a budget supermarket. I wouldn’t shop at Lidl every week but it is worth a visit to get some bargains occasionally.

The survey showed that people tend to be creatures of habit. We shop at the same supermarket every week and tend to have the same meals every week. In the survey 28% of families said they had fish and chips on Friday. That seems an expensive option when they are trying to save money. I was cooking fish or chicken and then buying chips to go with it; but I now find I get cheaper and nicer chips by doing oven chips. Oven chips isn’t the cheapest but still about 6 times cheaper than the fish and chip shop.

On a Friday, I go more frugal than usual and tend to have egg and chips! That £76 at the supermarket included DVD’s and games to the value of £15. That leaves £61 for food for 2 adults and 2 children (average) which doesn’t seem enough; but I suspect that didn’t include the fish and chips and other food eaten out of the home. If you are cutting down, takeaway food is one of the first items to be looked at and pub meals too. The survey said the average adult has £10.31 in their wallet or purse; I have £40 but in these days of debit and credit cards, does it make a difference? You can find bargains better for cash than with a card and so I still like to  carry cash. It seems some people don’t think of paying with a card as spending ‘real’ money either; cash does have a certain feel to it!

Do you really need the DVD?

Despite buying DVD’s in the supermarket our average family watches 9 hours of TV a day. I wonder when they find the time? I suspect they watch breakfast TV! I tend to watch 2 hours of television at most and so do the average family ever read books or listen to decent music? It could be good for the kids to encourage them to use a public library and read the odd book away from school. It’s certainly an investment in a child’s future to encourage education and learning; are families doing that? You can also be more thrifty watching TV if you can record programs. I can record to a USB flash drive with my new Technika television but even a VCR will record for later viewing. It could save you buying the DVD’s in the supermarket. A frugal meal on Friday like egg and chips and cutting unnecessary spending could save 10% off the shopping bill. 

I have Morrison’s supermarket nearby and Asda (Wal-Mart) is about the same distance. I can also go to Lidl but that is a little more difficult. Tesco is too far away, I would waste petrol. It is worth thinking about the amount of fuel you use to go shopping and when you do go don’t go hungry – you buy more food. You should also think about buying in bulk; when certain products are on special offer. I am thinking of going to Lidl, many of their offers start tomorrow and continue for 7 days and so I will go tomorrow or Sunday. It’s always a good idea to make a list and Lidl appears to be good on fruit and vegetables.

You may like yesterday’s blog. Money | Investments; which was about savings and investments. Politics always affects the amount of money we have and I wrote a blog about that – Money | Politics is always involved. This week’s Neodigital Art blog popular as usual. I know was humorous and a few people got the joke! If you missed it last week’s Thrifty Thursday blog is still available.


4 responses

  1. Sometimes I also like to have a visit to such views,which are free but also nice enough to enjoy~I think it’s a good time for us to do so!

    15, July 2011 at 3:53 am

  2. It’s always a good time for me to go to free places! i looked at Stratford upon Avon here in Warwickshire and it’s expensive to go in Shakespeare’s house and then Anne hathaway’s cottage and then Warwick castle. It would cost me well over $100, but I can take photographs of the outside and all the other beautiful buildings, the river and the lake for free! I may go there next year, it’s about an hour’s drive from here. I might rent a cottage and stay for a week; I traced ancestors there and so I can check out the church yard.

    15, July 2011 at 10:51 am

  3. Great advice, Mike! Does your local library have DVD’s? Some do so that would be another way to save money. But I think the idea of going to a free museum for entertainment is a much better idea!

    16, July 2011 at 3:25 am

  4. Checking out the library for DVD’s is a good idea. I was considering to doing reviews of some DVD’s and getting them free would be great! My library has an history of free records, tapes and DVD. They has records when I was a child and was one of the few libraries to have a record library – I’ll have to see what they have. The parking is a nightmare though! 😦

    16, July 2011 at 10:34 am

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